One Piece, Buggy The Clown Figuarts Zero: the review

One Piece, Buggy The Clown Figuarts Zero: the review
Among the new releases of Tamashii Nations arriving in stores in October 2020, there is the second release that continues the trio of characters taken from the first narrative arcs of One Piece.

The statue is dedicated to Buggy The Clown (in Italy known as Bagy), a bizarre pirate who appears from the first pages of the manga.

The product is part of the Figuarts Zero line of the Japanese company, this is the second release after Monkey D. Luffy that we have previously reviewed and Crocodile which will arrive soon.

Our video review

The character

Buggy is the co-leader of the Buggy Alliance and Alvida and the captain of the Buggy Pirates. The pirate is the main antagonist of the Orange Town Arch and the secondary antagonist of the Loguetown Arch.

Buggy carries in its body some cannonballs in reduced size called Magy Balls, and is endowed with the power to divide into many different pieces, without forgetting that it possesses great fighting power and has the specialty of holding in hand the soul of others.

With a growing number of men in tow, Buggy plots his revenge against Monkey D. Luffy.

Devil's fruit: After eating the devil's fruit Puzzle Puzzle has given you the ability to detach the parts of the body at will, thus allowing you to create original and effective attack and defense techniques. Unfortunately the separate parts can be controlled within a certain distance.

The packaging

The packaging is made partly of transparent plastic and partly of cardboard, allowing us to “peer” inside and appreciate the main characteristics that we are about to exhibit.

On the left and right side we find some pictures of the static, while going to the back, we can see some detailed illustrations of Buggy.

Once the blister has been extracted from the box, we can see that the statue is wrapped inside a transparent plastic sheet which has the task of safeguarding the product and the most delicate parts from any accidental damage.

Once this additional film has been removed, the figure is immediately ready to be exhibited. According to our space needs, and to our liking, we have the possibility to choose whether to show the pirate with the base or without.

How will you ask yourself? We will explain it to you immediately: the static is fixed on small pins that we can extract with a simple upward movement, thus giving us the feeling that the character is suspended in the air without the need for external supports.

Buggy The Clown

The technique used by Buggy is very unique and consists in separating one's body and attacking the opponent from different points, therefore even when we observe the statue, we have the impression that the parts are suspended for air thanks to a clever stratagem of Tamashii sculptors.

At the level of coloring and shading we are faced with a figure with attention to the smallest details, even if, going to flea the product, we find some smudging marks of the color but in the end it absolutely does not affect the final product.

As for the effect of the smoke and the final part of the jacket, everything is best highlighted and enhanced. As a detail we are on a higher step than usual and in particular we emphasize the great attention adopted for the creation of the clothes and hair.

The navy uniform, which he wears like a cloak, is endowed with an effect of movement towards the rear, in so doing it enhances the dynamic attack pose generated by his shot that he is about to launch.


Buggy The Clown Figuarts Zero by Tamashii Nations , second figure of the trio Paramount War, is undoubtedly a phenomenal statue, if you are a fan of One Piece and are collecting these representations of the various protagonists in action pose you will certainly not be disappointed.

The product is painted and sculpted in an optimal way and the method chosen to simulate the body that comes off suspended in the air was really a genius.

Buggy The Clown is already available in stores at an indicative price of 77.99 €.

Tamashii Nation is distributed in Italy by Cosmic Group.

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