Mobility voucher: the website for the request is online

Mobility voucher: the website for the request is online
As expected, the official website went online this morning through which to request the so-called Mobility Voucher (Phase 2), a bonus with a maximum value of 500 euros that covers up to 60% of the expenditure made for the purchase of bicycles (pedal assisted or not), scooters, handbikes, hoverboards and segways, new or used. It is also possible to spend it online: for example, Amazon has a dedicated section. It can also be used for shared mobility services for individual use, excluding those using cars.

... interested parties must indicate on the Web application the vehicle or service they intend to purchase and the platform will generate the digital shopping voucher from deliver to authorized suppliers to collect the goods or enjoy the identified service.

Mobility voucher: the site is online

We remind you that the contribution is reserved for adult citizens residing in the regional capitals (also under 50,000 inhabitants), in the provincial capitals (even under 50,000 inhabitants), in municipalities with a population greater than 50,000 inhabitants and in the municipalities of metropolitan cities (even under 50,000 inhabitants). The authentication to carry out the procedure must be performed with SPID.

The vouchers will then be spent within 30 days, under penalty of cancellation. This can be done at one of the accredited resellers during Phase 1: for the complete list refer to the website of the Ministry of the Environment.

On the homepage a graph showing the amount of the fund paid out and the remaining amount : at the time this article is written and published, as the collection of questions has not yet begun, there are still all the 215 million euros allocated.

The start is set for 9:00 today (Tuesday 3 November). Since then it will be possible to access what is called a virtual waiting room. After exactly half an hour, those inside will be assigned a seat in the queue. This is how we read on the site:

Please note that the contribution can be paid until the available funds are exhausted; therefore, the entrance to the virtual waiting room and the place in the queue do not guarantee the reimbursement or the generation of the Mobility Voucher.

In short, in what has already been baptized Click Day, who for first arrives has more chance to reach out to the coupon. We will keep this article updated in the next few hours by monitoring the evolution of the situation.

Update (03/11/2020, 9.03): as expected, at 9 o'clock many have tried to connect to the site access the contribution, making it inaccessible or at least very slow for those who manage to load the homepage.

Update (03/11/2020, 9.10): this is the message faced by those who manage to load the homepage .

Update (03/11/2020, 9.20): the first step to make the request is to indicate the municipality of residence, and then move on to inserting the IBAN in the case of refund by uploading a receipt or invoice in the form of an image file.

Update (03/11/2020, 9.25): the list of merchants who have joined the initiative is online. hundreds throughout Italy.

Update (03/11/2020, 9.40): this is the message that is shown to those waiting to access the Beneficiaries Area of ​​the site, as soon as your turn comes you will have 20 minutes to do it.

Update (03/11/2020, 9.50): this is the message shown while you are in the queue, with a counter that indicates the number of users preceding us; to answer some of the questions in the comments, the page can be refreshed without losing the session.

Update (03/11/2020, 10.02): progress at the moment queue appears to be paused.

Update (03/11/2020, 10.14): queue progress seems to be restarted.

Update (03/11/2020, 10.27): although the page has reported the resumption of progress, after some time the "number of users in the queue in front of you" still does not change.

Update (03 / 11/2020, 10.45): many even among the comments claim to be "next" at the end of the queue, but we still have no news of anyone able to successfully complete the procedure.

Update (03/11/2020, 10.49): the residual ceiling of the available funds starts to fall, at this moment it marks 214.9 million euros.

Update (03/11/2020 , 10.55): the progress of the queue sem bra finally restarted.

Update (03/11/2020, 11.00): the first reports of those who managed to obtain the contribution finally arrive.

Update (03/11/2020, 11.20): with the disbursement of the first vouchers, the residual ceiling begins to fall.

Update (03/11/2020, 11.21): several users report problems during the authentication phase with SPID, in particular that of Poste Italiane.

Update (03/11/2020, 13.50): feedback is multiplied even from those who have problems in authenticating with Sielte ID credentials.

Update (03/11/2020, 13.55): about 17.3 of the 215 million euros allocated so far have been disbursed, 197.7 million remain.

Update (03/11 / 2020, 14.45): the assignment of the contribution continues, albeit still with disruptions related to the authentication phase with SPID: the residual ceiling is now 192.5 million.

Update (03/11/2020, 15.20): after several and hours, unfortunately, reports continue to arrive regarding malfunctions in the authentication phase via SPID, especially with the credentials of Poste Italiane and Sielte; meanwhile, the residual ceiling drops to 189.7 million euro.

Source: Voucher for Mobility

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