Mobility voucher: how to spend it on Amazon

Mobility voucher: how to spend it on Amazon
The Mobility Voucher that allows you to access a contribution of up to 500 euros can also be spent on Amazon for the purchase of bicycles, electric bikes, electric scooters, segways and hoverboards.

How to spend the Voucher Mobility on Amazon

The procedure to perform to do so is well described in the e-commerce section dedicated to the bonus.

For those who made the purchase during the so-called Phase 1, from 4 May to 2 November 2020, it is possible to obtain a refund by presenting the invoice on the website.

For Phase 2 which starts today, the possibility of converting the Mobility Voucher in an Amazon code of equal value, to be spent no later than December 31, 2020.

As written at the beginning, among the products that can be purchased with the contribution also bicycles, electric bikes, electric scooters and segways.

The contribution covers up to 60% of the expenditure made. We refer to the dedicated article with questions and answers on the Mobility Voucher, while for more information on how to use it through Amazon, see the dedicated page on the store.

Source: Amazon

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