Lucca Changes: all Disney Panini ads

Lucca Changes: all Disney Panini ads
The conference with Panini was held on Friday. Disney illustrated on the occasion of Lucca Changes subtitled "Mickey & Co., towards a great 2021" the most important editorial news that we will see on the shelves starting from the first months of 2021 related to Mickey Mouse and publications Disney. Moderator of the conference was Alex Bertani assisted by numerous guests.

Among the announcements stand out the new editorial outfits of Mickey Mouse Gold and the Disney Classics as well as a box set for the 25th anniversary of PK!

The Disney Panini announcements in Lucca Changes

The novelties of 2021:

Red Leaves arrives on Topolino Extra: Claudio Sciarrone's saga will be re-proposed in large format director's cut with unpublished content and exclusive interviews Topolino Gold is transformed into an anthology of themed stories with variable frequency that will be released in conjunction with particular events or anniversaries. The first issue of this new look will be Romano Scarpa's Christmas Stories, it will obviously be released at Christmas, will be in deluxe format and will contain recent and older stories with unpublished insights. Disney classics are still changing by becoming an Author. In fact, each new classic will become thematic and dedicated to a single author. The first 6 new releases are already in preparation. PK turns 25:

To celebrate PK's 25th anniversary, a box set with 7 volumes of PK New Era will be released. The box will also be available empty. Inside a lithograph and a historical PKcard as a gift.

Pre-order the box set for PK's 25th anniversary!

Topolino, the volumes:

The Opera dedicated to the figure of Giuseppe Verdi arrives on Topolino Racconta. It will be a hardcover volume that will collect the stories and parodies having the opera as the theme.

On Topolino Fuoriserie there is the welcome return of Wizards of Mickey with Forbidden Kingdom (the first release is entitled The Dark Prophecy) and the new volume of PK New Era entitled UrEvron.

Buy Wizards of Mickey - Fobidden Kingdom: The Dark Prophecy.

Topolino, the next stories and news of the weekly:

About Topolino 3399 arrives Here, Quo Qua - Journey into the microworld At the studio 4 stories at crossroads for summer 2021 Fantomius: The beginning and La Fine starting from January 2021 Mickey Mouse: The Origins - "reboot" of the adventures of a young Mickey Mouse in the "post-academic" period Area 15 - relaunch with Marco Nucci on the texts and Libero Emetti and Claudio Sciarrone on the pencils Gadget: coming soon a collection of 10 designer coins with different cuts and ducks designed by Marco Rota The 2021 Calendar was also designed by Marco Rota Spring 2021: celebration of Uncle Scrooge's Deposit, details coming soon Buy History and glory of the duck dynasty

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