LevlUp, the drink for gamers

LevlUp, the drink for gamers
Everyone knows that feeling: after a long day at school, at university or at work, one is destroyed. If you play with friends in the evening, energy drinks are often used. Because it is precisely in competitive online games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty or Fortnite that the combination of fatigue and lack of concentration leads to a defeat, thus making everyone pass the desire to play. But energy drinks also have many side effects - for example, they contain a lot of sugar. After a short kick comes sleepiness - which takes away concentration and reflexes.

LevlUp wants to change perspective and has therefore created an energy drink for gamers. What motivation drove us? To create a better energy drink that truly supports gamers during their gaming sessions.

What is LevlUp?

LevlUp's gamer drink is called Gaming Booster ® and it is a powder that dissolves in water. One package contains 320 grams, with which 40 portions can be obtained. To prepare the product in the recommended way (500ml of water with 8 grams of powder) LevlUp sells a special shaker of its brand.

LevlUp is tasty and has a wide range of flavors. Every Gaming Booster is tested and improved, until 93% of a group of people define it as good. In the LevlUp shop there are now more than 15 varieties to choose from: from classics such as tea to peach, through mix of tropical fruits to fantasy flavors like Galaxy. In short, there is something for everyone.

The Next-Generation energy drink

We have identified some critical elements in traditional energy drinks:

Classic energy drinks contain 55g of sugar for every 500ml, which corresponds to more than 15 lumps! The World Health Organization (WHO) advises adults not to consume more than 50g of sugar per day. With this quantity the recommended limit has therefore already been exceeded. The LevlUp Gaming Booster contains only 4 grams of sugar for the same portion, for this reason it is suitable for all those who pay attention to the amount of daily sugars ingested. The energy drinks of the most famous brands cost between € 1.50 and € 2.00 per serving (500ml). LevlUp's Gaming Booster is, as far as the quantity / price ratio is concerned, decidedly advantageous: a pack of 40 portions costs € 39.99 - so a portion of LevlUp costs less than € 1. Another advantage of the Gaming Booster is its sustainability. One pack contains 40 servings - for the same amount as other energy drinks you would need 40 cans. So a lot of waste.

What's in LevlUp?

What makes LevlUp unique? In addition to a small amount of sugar LevlUp contains caffeine - 250 mg to be exact. 250 mg of caffeine is equivalent to 3 cups of coffee. Despite the high caffeine content, the Gaming Booster does not exceed the daily dose recommended by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which is 400 mg.

In addition to caffeine, the Gaming Booster contains 8 ingredients, which make up a special formula, which improves concentration and reflexes. This formula is not present in classic energy drinks. Furthermore, the Gaming Booster is produced in Germany according to high quality standards. So we can also afford to apply the 'Made in Germany' seal to you.

An integral part of the gaming community

Since its founding in 2018 LevlUp has grown at the speed of light and has become an integral part of the gaming community. In 2019 she was the main sponsor of the first European TwitchCon. At Gamescom of the same year, LevlUp offered gaming enthusiasts, on a space of 300 square meters, a 6-day program with LevlUp influencer partners, who were able to use the brand's space to greet fans, organize minigames and sign autographs. .

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In Germany, where it is was founded, LevlUp collaborates with over 30 of the largest German content-creators and has entered the Italian market with a straight leg since October, already collaborating with some Italian streamers and youtubers such as ilMasseo, Velox, Nezak, Ezektoor and Teknoyd.

All LevlUp products are available exclusively on the company's web page.

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