How the Trump campaign ended up accidentally speaking to the press in a parking lot

How the Trump campaign ended up accidentally speaking to the press in a parking lot

It really happened: Trump announced a press conference at the "Four Seasons Philadelphia", not knowing that he had booked a dilapidated parking lot of a suburban gardening company, located between a sex shop and a crematorium

The prestigious setting of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping (photo via Twitter) It could be seen as the worthy comic ending of a Rossinian crescendo of embarrassment: Donald Trump's team yesterday, November 7, called in reporters and cameras in Philadelphia to give the his version of the facts about the election that just awarded Joe Biden. It was Trump himself who announced it on his former favorite communication channel, Twitter, talking first about "Four Seasons Philadelphia" and then, deleting the previous tweet, about:

Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping - 11:30 am!

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 7, 2020

To the delight of young and old, however, Four Seasons Total Landscaping has nothing, but absolutely nothing to do with the hotel chain of the same name, which has denied any connection with the Trump campaign (and moreover in Philadelphia it is found somewhere else): it is a modest gardening enterprise of a via the suburbs, located between a sex shop and a crematorium. But the apparent mistake was now complete, and therefore Trump's lawyers, from Rudy Giuliani down, have actually spoken to the press in an incredible setting, which seems to come from an episode of Better Call Saul.

How was it possible that one of the greatest moguls in hotel history traded a dirty garage with the actual Four Seasons? Half of the world is trying to understand what happened, while the other half is busy laughing out loud. From the box set up in the dilapidated parking lot, for the record, Giuliani - just minutes before the announcement of Biden as president of the United States - repeated that Trump has no intention of recognizing the victory to his opponent, and has sworn that the Republican campaign will start several legal proceedings to overturn the verdict of the polls. We hope for them to be more precise than when they book the locations for meetings with journalists.

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