How to convert your mobility voucher and use it on Amazon

How to convert your mobility voucher and use it on Amazon
Those who managed to obtain the Mobility Voucher in recent days now have the opportunity to spend it also on Amazon. Simply follow the instructions on the store to convert the code received into a balance to be used for the purchase of one of the items covered by the initiative: bicycles (including electric), scooters and others.

To use the Amazon promotional code is required to have an Amazon account. The Amazon promotional code can be used to purchase eligible products such as electric scooters, electric bikes and bicycles, sold and shipped by Amazon on

Mobility voucher: redeem and spend it on Amazon

All you have to do is fill in a form (as in the screenshot below) in which to enter the code received from the Ministry, specify the type of product you intend to purchase and your email address.

These are the categories within which it is possible to spend the code.

bicycles with traditional frame; bicycles with folding frames; pedal assisted bicycles with traditional frames; pedal assisted bicycles with folding frames; scooters; segway; hoverboard; monowheel. We remind you that there is one month available to make the purchase.

You can use your Amazon code within 30 days from the issue of the mobility voucher on the Ministry portal and in any case within the end of the initiative, the December 31, 2020.

Finally, if the customer no longer wishes to use the amount converted into an Amazon promotional code, he can convert it back into the Mobility Voucher by switching to another module. For any other information or clarification, please consult the dedicated page.

Source: Amazon

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