Genshin Impact, Fainting Stars: Our Event Guide (Step 3)

Genshin Impact, Fainting Stars: Our Event Guide (Step 3)
The first big event of Update 1.1 is finally available on Genshin Impact. This event is divided into 3 parts, so we'll walk you through everything there is to do, the rewards, and how to maximize your winnings as well as your time. As with the rest of our comprehensive Genshin Impact guide, this page will be updated as additional content is added from other parts of the event.

Updated by Tridash on November 23, 2020 at 15:59:39 Addition of the "Predestined Stars" part To be able to participate in the event, you must have an Adventure level greater than or equal to 20, as well as having completed the quest Unknown Stars. The event will be available from November 16 to November 30, 2020. The store will remain for one more week until December 6, 2020

Note that on the challenges Recovering meteorite debris and Fallen star , the following characters will get a bonus damage increased by 60%: Tartaglia, Mona, Fischl, Lisa, Ningguang, Noëlle, Chongyun and Xiangling.

The event takes place in 3 stages, which we will describe yourself as you go.

Step 3 - Predestined stars

The quest "What the heavens hide, the water reveals

Go see Mona and chat with her. Then go to Qingce Village to see Jinglun, who will ask you to go and get rid of the meteorites in the fields. Once done, examine the victims nearby, then cook Rustic Delights of Qingce for her ( You can buy the recipe right next to the cauldron indicated on your map in Xiaobai. Go back to talk to Mona, then a Go to the Giant Meteorite to unlock the event for this 3rd phase

Multiplayer Event: The Fallen Star

Interact with the giant meteorite to start the event for this third phase, the fallen star.

The principle is simple. In solo or in multiplayer, you will have to defeat enemies in order to absorb their energy, to then go to the blue halos that appear in the area to drop it. This action takes 5 seconds, and if you get hit during this time, the transfer will be canceled and you will lose some energy.

During the event, effects called Heroic Radiation and Fertile Radiance may occur randomly. They grant bonuses to nearby characters. It is therefore ideal to stay close to the characters benefiting from these effects in order to facilitate the recovery of energy even more.

Finally, each challenge will start with one of the following astral anomalies: Sidereal turn: the location deposit changes Bad omen: enemies are more powerful Malignant clarity: you lose all energy accumulated with each interruption. And for 40 Resin, you will gain 200 Adventure EXP, 40 Affinity Points and 44 Astral Essences.

Quest: Unlimited Opportunities

Meet with Ivanovich at Liyue Harbor. This will ask you to go to the place indicated on the map to collect plants. Once done, return to him to complete his quest.

Quest: A Mysterious Loss

Meet with Victor at Mondstadt Cathedral. He has lost a box that he asks you to find. Go to the location marked on the map, and use your Elemental Sight just east of the teleporter to find a clue there. Then go hit the electric blobs and use your elemental sight again to see the box, collect it and return it to complete the quest.

Quest: A Hard Letter to Send

Talk to Jiayi at Liyue Port. You will have to deliver a letter to Qingce Village. Start by going to kill the monsters in the area indicated on the map, then go talk to the three villagers to find out where Little Liu is. This is located a little to the left in height, at the level of the ladders. Talk to him and return to his father to complete the quest.

Stage 2 - Chimeric stars

The quest "Things are getting worse"

You will have to complete the quest Things are getting worse to have access to the sequel (This will normally arrive automatically in your quest list), which will require you to go through Clearwater and the Dawn Domain. You will then have to interrogate 3 people around the Stone Gate '' ', then finally go to the place indicated on your map to fight the monsters that attack the first delivery man.

You will then have to go help Firtz, the second delivery man, at Dihua Marsh. This one is in a bad state. Then go and see him at Auberge Wangshu, and look for him among the people being treated. Then go in search of the meteorite debris.

Approach and monsters will appear. The principle is simple, you will have to kill them until the gauge at the top of the screen is full. To aid you, the meteor gives off elemental energy, which affects nearby enemies. Take the opportunity to chain the elementary reactions and overcome the threat. Then go talk to Catherine in Mondstadt, then at the place indicated by Mona. You will then have the right to perform the quests for this second part of the event, as well as


You can now speak to Mona, wherever you are. met him previously. This will then mark destinations for you on the map. You will find, as in the quest made just before, meteorite debris. You will have to kill the monsters around them, until the bar at the top of the screen is filled.

Once the bar is full, you can then, if you wish, spend 20 Resin points for have additional rewards. You will also earn additional rewards depending on the number of meteorite debris collected:

Fragments recovered Rewards 5 fragment 30 Primo-gems, 20,000 Moras, 10 Mucus of Blobs 10 fragments 30 Primo-gems, 20,000 Moras, 10 Dirty Masks 15 Shards 30 Primo-Gems, 20,000 Mora, 10 Sigil Scrolls 20 Shards 30 Primo-Gems, 20,000 Moras, 10 Sharp Arrowheads 25 Shards 30 First-Gems, 20,000 Moras, 10 Silver Raven Insignias 30 Shards 30 Primo -gemmes, 20,000 Moras, 10 sergeant badges

Event Shop

This contains fragments, advice from the adventurer and lessons from the hero as well as Mora, for the part redeemable for supernova energy, which you will recover by picking up Meteorite Shards

It also contains skill materials, a Crown of Wisdom as well as Mystical and Refined Reinforcement Ores, for the trade part eable for Astral essence, which will be available during the 3rd stage of this event.

See you soon for step 2 of this event!

The quest "Emergency measures"

Talk to Hoffman who is in Mondstadt. This will ask you to go in front of the city walls and deal with the bandits there. When finished, it will ask you to go to Clearwater to get rid of two camps of monsters. Go ahead and do the necessary. Then talk to Cowardly Moro and then to Hoffman to complete this quest Rewards: 40 First Gems, 25,000 Moras, 20 Supernova energy points

The quest "This Mister's Plan"

Speak to Val in the heart of Mondstadt. She will ask you to drop 3 letters in specific places. Return to her, and move the time forward to midnight. Go to the location marked on your map and deal with the bandits there. When finished, speak to Val again to complete the quest Rewards: 40 Primo Gems, 25,000 Moras, 20 Supernova Energy Points

The Quest "The Siege of Qingce"

Talk to Jinglun south of Qingce Village. It will ask you to go and defeat monsters at the location indicated on your map, as well as the obstacles (Tower, barriers ...). Once done, talk to her again and she will send you north to kill another monster. Return to her to complete the quest

Step 1 - Unknown Stars (November 16-18)

Start by talking to Catherine at the Adventurers Guild in Mondstadt. This one will tell you about meteorites that crashed in the world of Teyvat. Go to the location indicated, north of Clearwater and examine the 3 nearby victims, as requested by the quest. Then go a little further south, towards the place where the meteorite crashed.

Save Alan from the clutches of the monsters, then we will explain to you how to find the meteorite fragments: The ones that appear on your mini-map, but you can still find them more easily by using your divine eye (R1 / LB + left directional arrow depending on the controller). Once picked up, return to chat with Edna to complete this "introduction", and thus access the quests of the event. Accept them immediately on the event page, by pressing the down directional arrow to view them, and take them.

The quests

There are three of them: Celestial fall, duty above all and thoughts carried by the wind. These 3 quests are very simple, they will consist in going to see characters marked on your map and to talk to them, all embellished with two camps of monsters to empty. Each of its quests will bring you 40 Primo-gems, 20 of supernova energy & 25,000 Moras.

Collect meteorites

You will have 3 different locations that will require your passage in order to collect fragments of meteorites. Very important information: You are asked for 7, but collect all the fragments, because you will have more "points" in the end for the shop. Here is the location of the fragments, symbolized by the star signs' '':

Day 1

Day 2

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