Demon's Souls, build tips

Demon's Souls, build tips
We may have already reviewed Demon's Souls - and written an inevitable advice article for newbies - but Bluepoint's work based on the classic from From Software remains an extremely elaborate action RPG, virtually impossible to dissect in a handful of videos and specials.

Today, therefore, we intend to continue with the tips, but going to address those who have already understood how the underlying systems of the game work, and simply want a basis for developing their alter ego and sue build. We do not intend to go into monstrous detail of each specialization - also because, once you have given a skeleton to follow, it becomes quite easy for the player to customize as desired - but we still intend to describe some of our favorite choices, with the due reasons. >

Build 1: magic take me away

Let's start, obviously, with the "easy" choice. We have repeated it until we are exhausted but we will tell you again: in Demon's Souls the magic is a sort of "easy mode" that makes the difficulty of the initial phases drop exponentially and is frighteningly effective throughout the campaign. Only a couple of bosses in the game will resist them, but usually the fire spells are enough to bypass them too.

The starting class must be one and only one for this build: the noble. In addition to having statistics very suitable for a wizard, in fact, this class starts with an excellent equipment, thanks to the Silver Catalyst and a scented ring that regenerates mana allowing you to abuse less expensive spells. Unlock the levels, try to immediately get a fire spell from Freke's apprentice, and then once the sage is freed in the tower of Latria appropriate the most powerful spells, not forgetting to bring the intelligence to at least 24 to have four free slots for magic. The stats you should aim for are 50 magic points (after 50 the damage bonus becomes limited), 40 intelligence points (after which you won't get any more slots), and thirty points of vitality or more to survive the better.

As far as spells go, Soul Ray and Fire Spray are more than enough to wreak havoc on everything, and Firestorm can really take out half the game if you can free Yuria the witch and get taught. Don't forget, however, that a spell like Warding, which protects you from much of the physical damage, can be a boon to a class that is a little more delicate than the others. The equipment should finally be designed to favor the magical damage to the maximum, so use the Kris Blade (which increases the power of the spells, in fact), the ring with effects similar to that blade that is located on the fourth floor of the Latria tower , and the Insanity Catalyst obtainable with the Yellow Monk Soul. If you need close combat damage, however, a "crescent" or "moon" weapon works great (and in the first area of ​​the storm sanctuary there is a very handy glaive of this type for you). br>

Build 2: Holy Warrior

Ah, the Paladin: incredibly abused class for a lot of very good reasons. In Demon's Souls a hybrid warrior capable of using sacred magic is not to be underestimated, and can easily take you to the end of the game without problems, even making holes in PVP if necessary. But let's see how.

Here the statistics are more complex, and the recommended starting class is the Temple Knight (the priest is fine too, but still it will be a massive class in terms of armor, so the first choice is preferable). Aim for 40 points of stamina, 50 points of faith, 40 points of vitality, and 20 points of strength, with an intelligence of at least 18 points per mana and slot. Now, you might as well invest in 10 points of magic to get some very useful spells from Freke, but it's up to you to decide whether or not to sacrifice other stats for a little more flexibility. A lot of people do it for PVP, because "poison fog" is very useful, and Warding makes an already heavily armored class with near-immortal regenerative abilities.

What about miracles? Well, it's easy: wrath of god is practically a must given its usefulness and power in any situation, the cure is very useful in the beginning, Evacuate is fantastic for farming souls and quickly returning to the nexus, and Second Chance gives you a fabulous extra life in battle. You don't need much else. The situation is different for the equipment, where the armor of the ancient king is recommended for its lightness and resistance, a Talisman of God until the Talisman of Beasts is found (which requires the completion of the Mephistopheles or Stonefang quest in black trend ), the Dark Silver Shield for protection from magic, and any blessed weapon of your choice. We love claymore, for example, but there are many effective alternative options. Ah, against the invaders having an upgraded Moonlight Sword is fantastic: it does less damage than the blessed claymore +5, but its hits are not parried ... so keep this in mind (also because it remains a beautiful weapon aesthetically). The regenerating ring and that of the eternal warrior close a build that is really difficult to eliminate.

Build 3: thank you Astraea

Blueblood Sword: one of the most devastating weapons in the game, obtainable with the soul of Astraea from the blacksmith. The statistics needed to use this sword are very high, but it has a devastating moveset, it is tremendous in PVP, it has a very high modifier if you raise the luck stat, and it is generally very efficient in everything. The beauty is that the weapon itself can also wait to get it, because until its recovery you will still have to deal with a very flexible build capable of doing more or less everything. Ah, the Blueblood Blade powers up with magic, so you can increase your damage even further knowing that.

You can choose any starting class for this build; However, keep in mind that you must reach 18 faith, 18 strength, 18 dexterity, and at least 15 intelligence to use the Light Weapon spell. 38 of resistance is recommended to be able to perform the complete combo of the blade (even if not essential), while luck can be left at 20/25 points for a massive bonus. We recommend magic to at least 30, because it greatly increases the damage of Light Weapon, and that spell is devastating with the Blueblood (also having high magic is very useful throughout the campaign, both to use other spells, and to use the Crescent Falchion until Astraea is eliminated). Vitality around 40/50 points is a boon to stay alive in PVP, finally.

For magic you can use whatever you want, but considering that it is a build designed for battles against other players, absolutely take second chance and Light Weapon. As armor, on the other hand, anything that does not create problems for your stamina regeneration is fine, whereas in the left hand the Talisman of Beasts is practically a must (until it is recovered, turn around talismans and catalysts as needed).

And then what?

These three builds are in our opinion some of the most useful of all, but keep in mind that all the choices you want are potentially functional if you handle them properly. Hiltless, ring of regeneration and shovelful dexterity? Very functional. Double Moon Uchigatana for powerful combos and powerful magic? Perfect. Super high strength, heavy armor, and a Crushing weapon (or the Dragon Bone Smasher)? Go and break everything. The beauty of the soulslike development system is the flexibility of approaches to action, and Demon's makes no difference even if it's a prototype of them. Our recommendations are just, play as you like.

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