Best Smartphone Controller | November 2020

Best Smartphone Controller | November 2020
For several years now, the world of gaming on mobile devices has begun to expand in a completely capillary way, so much so that smartphones today can be defined as a real gaming platform. There are already countless videogame experiences that can be found on mobile devices, and more and more videogame companies are focusing a lot on publishing their products on this type of market. Nintendo and Activision with their most famous brands, but also the various Fornite and Call of Duty are just some examples of the great giants and the most important productions of the moment that can be found on the various smartphone stores.

Quel which can be seen as a disadvantage for this type of videogame experience, are the controls proposed by different titles. Through the touch screen, in fact, that feeling of general ergonomics is lost and above all the precision in the movements and actions to be performed by the characters on the screen is lost. To help gamers on mobile, however, there are a whole series of controllers that allow you to play in comfort even on your smartphones.

Below you will find our buying guide on the best controllers for smartphone.

Best Mobile Controller

Razer Kishi PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller Rotor Riot Razer Raiju Mobile iPEGA PG 9025 8BitDo Zero 2 GameSir G6

Razer Kishi

One of the newest and most performing smartphone controllers is the Razer Kishi. Available and working with most Android and iOS devices, it's one of the best controllers out there. Ergonomics at the highest levels that allows you to play all types of experiences available on the mobile market thanks to an arrangement of analog sticks and buttons that are very similar to what is proposed even by the best console pads. All this at a fairly affordable price. In addition, the Razer Kishi is also available in a version entirely dedicated to Microsoft's new streaming gaming service xCloud.

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PlayStation DualShock 4 Wireless Controller

Maybe not everyone knows, but about most of the mobile devices it is also possible to play with the DualShock 4, the official PS4 controller. This pad is fully compatible with smartphones and offers all the quality that console gamers are already well accustomed to. In fact, we are talking about one of the most popular pads of this generation, and which can be purchased safely in various physical and online stores in various colors.

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Microsoft Xbox One Wireless Controller

The same goes for the Microsoft counterpart. The pad for Xbox One, if you want, is even more powerful and ergonomic than that of PS4. Also compatible with a multitude of mobile devices, this wireless controller is capable of bringing back all the excellent sensations already experienced on the current generation Microsoft console, even in the experiences on small smartphone screens. Similar speech also as regards the easy availability of the product, which is perfectly suited to the taste of the individual player not only for the quality of the materials but also for the aesthetics with various colors available.

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Rotor Riot

If you are looking for a pad for mobile devices very close to the qualities proposed by Sony and Microsoft controllers, and which features a stand to hold your smartphone, the right choice is the Rotor Riot. At a very similar price to the previous proposals, this controller allows you to play your mobile games in a more versatile way. The stand can also be removed if not needed, and the pad uses a cable connection to eliminate lag or loss of input in the controls. We are faced with an excellent smartphone controller at a not excessive price, also able to adapt to the player's needs.

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Razer Raiju Mobile

Let's go back to a Razer controller with the Raiju Mobile. We are talking about a decidedly more expensive pad than the proposals made previously, but also one of the best smartphone controllers currently on the market. With a key layout that favors comfort and advanced control customization, we are faced with a decidedly complete pad. It also features the Razer mecha-tactile buttons feature, which cushions the pressure of the keys while also giving the player a very high quality tactile feedback. If you want one of the best mobile gaming experiences, this is the right choice.

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iPEGA PG 9025

The iPEGA PG 9025 is one of the made in Italy smartphone controllers with a decidedly optimal price quality. The compact controller also features an adjustable stand depending on the size of the phone. In addition to the buttons and analog sticks that can be used during gaming sessions, this controller is also equipped with buttons used for music playback of video clips, giving a completeness that many other pads for mobile devices currently do not have. The price of the controller is also highly competitive for what the product offers. An excellent entry level that allows you to easily play various titles on your smartphone.

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8BitDo Zero 2

If you are looking for a controller that's beautiful to look at and more retro-gaming than modern titles, then your choice must necessarily be the 8BitDo Zero 2. Available in different colors, this small pad not only looks good, but is also functional to the needs of the players and nice compact. At a very affordable price you can take home a bluetooth controller that works not only on Andoid and Raspberry Pi mobile devices, but also on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, the 8BitDo Zero 2 can also be updated via firmware update on the official website of the product.

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GameSir G6

We close this guide to the best controllers for smartphones with the GameSir G6. This pad has the particularity of having only one analog stick (the left one), 6 action buttons and 2 backbones. A setting that we can define as hybrid and which gives a further choice to anyone who wants to approach gaming on mobile devices. All this allows you to play using both physical keys and the touch screen of your smartphone. This model is also followed by the GameSir G6s, which also incorporates a vibration system, so as to involve the player more in the gaming video experience on mobile devices.

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