Assassin's Creed Valhalla, PS5 VS Xbox Series X: which is the best version?

Assassin's Creed Valhalla, PS5 VS Xbox Series X: which is the best version?
Assassin's Creed Valhalla has been analyzed by NX Gamer, making a direct comparison between the PS5 version and the Xbox Series X version to see which is better, but the managers of the youtube channel have also reported some updates on the technical analysis carried out, which push to take it into consideration only on some aspects, leaving aside for the moment the direct comparison on the graphic quality.

It seems in fact that the capture card has not been adjusted to the best with regard to Xbox Series X, which has been reported in a message posted just below the video:

"Please ignore any direct comparisons in terms of graphics quality, the Xbox Series X output is quite different, with some issues in terms of color tone and sharpness. Both versions were captured with the same card and the same settings, but one is darker and less contrasted in some parts. n graphics comparison, this video is only about performance measurement and not the comparison between graphics, thank you. "

In practice, what reported below is valid as regards the frame-rate, while for the rest, probably at this point also as regards the analysis of the resolution, it must be revised and corrected later.

We have also added at the bottom of this news another video comparison released in these hours, by VGTech and always focused on the frame-rate which seems to confirm in large part what emerged from the NXGamer video, with performance very similar between PS5 and Xbox Series X which manage to maintain 60 fps most of the time, but with some tearing problems detected, in a slightly higher amount on the Microsoft console.

Original article: What is the best version of Assassin's Creed Valhalla? How does the game play on PS5 and Xbox Series X? The analysis of NX Gamer answers our questions, and the response is quite surprising.

After the comparison of the loading times, which saw the Sony console in an advantage albeit in an unmarked way, the video you find here above reveals how the performances on the two platforms are extremely similar.

Both run the game at 60 fps but using the expedient of dynamic resolution: the graphics are rarely rendered at 2160p, much more frequently we move in the range of 1620p to 1800p.

There are rare drops to 1440p on the Microsoft console, while the PS5 never dips below 1620p. The frame rate is generally stable in both cases, with small uncertainties and slightly higher performance on Xbox Series X during cutscenes.

The two consoles also adopt different systems for maintaining fluidity: Xbox Series X uses a adaptive vertical synchrony which, however, gives rise to tearing phenomena in the most agitated situations, while PS5 reduces tearing but loses some frames on such occasions.

In short, the first important next-gen third party comparison with a graphically game overall ends with a substantial breakeven. Why is this a surprising thing, as mentioned at the beginning?

Why so far Ubisoft's promotional communication has carried out a narrative that saw the Microsoft console technically ahead, but in reality this is not the case.

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