Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Halloween event

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the Halloween event
Also this year, the night of the witches has passed. Now we are heading towards the fresh and festive Christmas season, but before we leave autumn behind, we want to tell you how we spent Halloween night in one of the most popular Nintendo Switch games.

This is it. that happened to us during the Halloween event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Let the celebrations begin

Given the peculiarity of the event, to accompany us during this short adventure you will find the other "tenants" of the island, who come in to tidy up their properties with relative frequency.

After having lent some costumes, we immediately headed towards the town square, where we imagined it might be the heart of the celebrations. We were right, which rarely happens. Here we find some of the residents getting scared among themselves wearing costumes far more sober than ours. We approach with caution and begin to converse with one of them, Grigilio.

The Hispanic gorilla does not get lost in gossip and immediately threatens us with the traditional trick or treat. Frightened by the size of the fellow citizen, we do not hesitate to deliver the first sweet of the evening. This thanks us as a bully would after extorting his schoolmate's lunch and giving us "thrill festoons". Grateful for the gift, we slip away with great agility and cross the path of other inhabitants, also eager for sweets.

Tsar Fifonio brings you his greetings

After quickly liquidating Semola and Geremia, we run into the guest of honor of this Halloween event: Fifonio.

The bizarre figure with the pumpkin head approaches with a voice coming from the afterlife, but with an extremely polite, almost affectionate manner. It was difficult to figure out how to take his "happy Halloween", whether as a joyful wish or the last words heard before meeting the grim reaper's scythe.

Delivered a candy, these thanks us and gives us a replica of his tunic. Then he orders us to bring him some lollipops, his favorite dessert. Obviously, we had just donated one to Semola, just to see what would happen (if we had given her a rock she would have accepted it with the same enthusiasm).

Annoyed and even a little annoyed by our craving for acquaintance, we start talking to the other inhabitants. Trick after trick, the beloved Prince finally gives us the sweet delicacy.

Let's go back to Fifonio, who repays us with a cart. But not just any wagon. This is just a Cinderella-style chariot, with pumpkin and all. Amazed by the size of this gift, we immediately start looking for new sweets.

Once collected we go back to the Halloween Tsar, who rewards us first with the wagon project, so that we can finally organize real races on track (we were starting to get tired of the usual rides with lawnmowers), then with other objects, much less exciting than the initial grand prize.

The hour of the treat

During our tours around the island, we even went to knock on some doors. One of the first who opened us was Alfonso, who immediately disgusted the costume, insinuating that it was not scary at all. So we sent on the witch of the group, who fared better, since he gave her a candy in exchange.

Suddenly, Grigilio approaches again, who teaches us the emotion "Terror". He realizes almost immediately that there was no need as it comes to us automatically whenever we saw him. A little annoyed he asks us again the ominous question "trick or treat". Somehow, we find the courage to refuse to give him a candy again and challenge him to trick us.

The gorilla's face transforms into that of a devilish hellish individual as he informs us that we shouldn't have thrown him. the ball. The energetic jumps on us and starts taking us to "pizzas" until we turn purple like the grapes we have on our heads, then he gives us a pat on the back that cracks three ribs and gives us a mirror so we can clean up. He just needed to spit on the ground to make us understand that we were in undefined places.

A little bruised, we go home with our tails between our legs and a few dozen sets for the table in our pockets, not even it was the lottery of the costicciola festival.

One costume, too many costumes

In the article dedicated to the October tour they promised you a closer look at our costume.

Since the undersigned cannot make up his mind, he promptly chose to use one of the magic wands unused for months, lost in the closet and covered with kilos of dust. In this way, we were able to create a beautiful rose of possibilities, which we are now going to dissect individually.

Let's start with "Uncle Mbi", a very classic undead suit, characterized by totally decontextualized patches and one of the the most abominable wigs in the game.

Let's proceed with "Sor Mascherato", a mixture of an eighteenth-century masked ball and a 1920s party.

Immediately after we find the "Sor Principe", a costume that would be more ideal for carnival than for Halloween (in fact we have used it very rarely).

Next is our favorite: "Me makes a Bacchus". It is certainly the most disturbing and, at the same time, most harmonious combination of different clothing items that we have found in our wardrobe. An ode to the bacchanals, the Dionysian and everything that goes beyond excess. A pan flute completes the outfit.

Let's go back to more controlled territories with the "Georgie", inspired by the little boy with the yellow raincoat from It, strictly to be accompanied with a red balloon.

We continue with the "Sor Mago", a mystical dress, full of mystery. We chose black because we had to use the orange cap for the "Georgie", given the absence of a yellow one.

A little homage to Stephen King's work again we find "Sor Pagliaccio", a suit which, looking at it closely, manages to make even more restless than the dancing clown.

Finally, another cinematic quote. The "Brendan Fraser" is a classic mummy costume, without makeup and without deceit.

The loot

But what did he get us this Halloween? We could say a nice evening with friends, or even a moment of leisure. But, let's face it, the only thing that pushed us to give away sweets accumulated one at a time with difficulty for each day of October was the desire to find out what were the rewards that Fifonio and the other inhabitants would have given us.

Well, we can say that, in addition to a very stylish floor and Cinderella's tarot carriage, everything else, from the two hundred creepy table sets, to the festoons, to the wallpapers and endless replicas of the costume of Fifonio, will remain to gather dust in the closet. There should be an empty space right next to the wands.

This was our experience with the first Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween event.

Hopefully to have entertained and amused you with our misadventures, including jokes, bad village fair gifts and costumes that only a couple of people will appreciate.

Let us know how the Halloween party went on your island, maybe sharing with us some shots, if you have made them.

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