Weddings, jealousies and 2 other curiosities about House of the Dragon Episode 5

Weddings, jealousies and 2 other curiosities about House of the Dragon Episode 5


The fifth episode of House of the Dragon represents the turning point for this first season by closing some plots as developed so far but above all it is a prelude to an important time jump that will lead, among other things, to the change of the actresses who play Alicent and Rhaenyra. Between marriages and jealousies we revisit together House of the Dragon Episode 5 - We Light the Way.

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Weddings, jealousies and 2 other curiosities about House of the Dragon Episode 5

Rhaenyra is the Crown Daemon the Widower A wedding in green Mice and blood Where to watch House of the Dragon in streaming

Rhaenyra is the Crown

The conversation between King Viserys Targaryen and his daughter Rhaenyra with whom House of the Dragon Episode 4 ended seems to have served to convince the heir to the Throne to take a husband. House of th Dragon 5 opens with the King and Princess heading towards Driftmark and Altamarea, the residence of the Velaryons. There the proposal is made official: Rhaenyra will marry Laenor with the great joy of Corlys Velaryon and Rhaenys.

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Daemon the Widower

For a marriage that is sealed, one is abruptly interrupted. In fact, Daemon returns to Rune Stone with intentions that are anything but good. There we make the acquaintance of his wife, addressed in an inelegant way in more than one episode, Lady Rhea Royce. The meeting between the two is caustic and the dialogue ends with Daemon who causes, not without too much effort to tell the truth, Rhea's fall from his horse, who sustains serious injuries and then dies. | zone: tag crm_srl-th_culturapop_d_mh3_1 slot id: th_culturapop_d_mh3 "); } Everything finally seems to be going the right way even if Viserys's condition deteriorates visibly. Alicent is convinced of Rhaenyra's innocence so much that she enters, for the first time, into conflict with her father who is about to abandon King's Landing. Larys Strong, the lame son of the new Hand, sows the seed of doubt in the Queen again. Lyonel Strong, who confesses to having seen the Grand Master Mellos personally bring the famous Moon Tea to Rhaenyra's room. The Queen's suspicions are confirmed by Criston Cole who, called to interview, confesses his "sin" to her.

Alicent understands that she has been deceived and that her father's words could prove to be true: when Rhaenyra will go up on the Iron Throne there will be no room for his children to be brutally murdered. However, by now it is too late to act, the wedding day is too close and all the Houses are arriving in King's Landing.

It is not the only declaration of intent during the banquet. Joffrey Lonmouth himself realizes that Rhaenyra's lover is Criston Cole and approaches him. The Knight does not react well to insinuations and dismisses Lonmouth hastily. The last to arrive, surprisingly, is Daemon who is trying for the umpteenth time to persuade his niece to marry him. The discussion is animated and at that moment a riot breaks out, we actually see a blade flashing in the confusion, the ending of which is brutal: Criston Cole punches Lonmouth's face into the chaos to save Laenor.

Mice and blood

The wedding is celebrated in a surreal atmosphere. Viserys can barely hear the ritual that unites Rhaenyra and Laenor uttered before collapsing to the ground. The last scene of the wedding is a mouse drinking from the pool of blood still fresh on the floor. This is not simply a morbid detail but a very precise reference to two mercenary assassins nicknamed Blood (blood) and Cheese (cheese) who will be hired by Daemon in one of the most delicate moments of the Dance of the Dragons.

The episode ends with another very strong image, the attempted suicide of Criston Cole who is ready to stab himself to death but is stopped by Alicent. As well as other characters introduced in these first 5 episodes, Criston Cole will also play a fundamental role in the Dance of the Dragons.

Where to see House of the Dragon in streaming

Where and how to see House of the Dragon streaming? The series is available exclusively on Sky and streaming only on NOW from 22 August, simultaneously with the airing in the United States on HBO Max at 3:00 am and in rerun at 22:15, in the original version with subtitles. in Italian. One episode per week will also be available on demand. Furthermore, the dubbed Italian version of the episode with double audio will be available every Monday from 29 August. One episode per week will also be available on demand.

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