Washable masks | The best of 2022

Washable masks | The best of 2022

After more than two years, Covid-19 is still here among us and continues to complicate people's lives. Unlike in previous years, when the disease became dangerous especially in winter, now it seems that the danger can involve even the hottest months, which is why the use of the mask should not be underestimated, even if it is no longer mandatory in most of places. As you know, the methods to defend against this disease are different and for many, wearing a mask is the simplest and most immediate solution. Since the latter are not free, spending in the medium and long term could prove to be important and we are sure that we have all used the same mask at least once even when it was time to replace it, with the aim of reducing costs.

Read also: FFP2 Masks | The best of 2022 However, this is a procedure that should be avoided, also because the solution exists. As you know, in fact, there are many washable masks designed specifically to be reused. Their protection probably does not reach that of an FFP2 or FFP3 mask, but it is an excellent alternative to surgical ones. To be suitable, however, washable masks must be made with certain materials and, obviously, have the relevant certifications. In this regard, we will go into detail in the second part of this article, dedicating enough space below to find out which are the best washable masks to buy.

The best washable masks

Relaxsan Unima Home Koko Look 2022 Unica Honyaio H&S Professional Nuur

Relaxsan Unima

Relaxsan Unima are certainly among the safest and most comfortable washable masks and are 100% Made in Italy. Available in many colors, they boast a design that will allow you to keep them firmly on your face. This will allow eyeglass owners not to have the problem of fogging. This model also features a silver yarn, with antibacterial and anti-odor properties, which will remain unchanged even after several washes. As proof of their quality, they will arrive in a convenient satin pouch to store them in when not in use.


Home Koko Look 2022 Unique

Certificate as a class 1 medical device, the Home Koko Look 2022 Unica is undoubtedly one of the best washable masks. Thanks to the metal nose pad and the perfect fit on the face, eyeglass owners will finally be able to say goodbye to the annoying problem of fogging, which often forces you to lower the mask. The finishes are designed to last a long time, while as regards the filtering of bacteria, the company claims that they can be used even after 50 washes. Therefore excellent masks and, like the previous model, they are 100% Made in Italy.



Made with 5 layers, the Honyaio masks fit right on our list dedicated to the best washable models. Unlike the previous ones, these boast different active filters and the hook and loop closure, which will respectively guarantee optimal protection and a much better stability than an elastic model. Furthermore, their design makes them particularly suitable for use on motorcycles and they are offered with 8 additional filters.


H&S Professional

Moving on , the washable masks by H&S Professional deserve to be mentioned, which boast soft materials and know how to be gentle on the skin. With a 5-layer filtering system, you will have excellent protection from a range of contaminants in the air and are also ideal for craft projects and for gardening. In short, ideal devices for the necessary protection of this period.



To conclude the list of the best washable masks, we thought it appropriate to point out the Nuur , which boast a snap closure with adjustable loops which, combined with the excellent fit, will make them one of the most comfortable models you can buy. Ideal for any type of use, they are offered in a 5-piece pack at a price similar to the previous masks, sold individually, therefore ideal for those who want to save money. Furthermore, each mask has a different color and this will surely entice different people to opt for this solution.


How to choose washable masks

As you know, in this period, having a mask on hand is essential. The Covid-19 pandemic, in fact, seems to have to last a long time, which is why you might consider investing in a washable mask, that is, the one that will allow you to be worn more than once. While the best disposable masks can be effective, especially if you use FFP2 or FFP3, the worry about throwing out surgical models or the constant expense of getting new ones could make washable masks the way to go. walk.

Most washable models are cloth-based and fairly easy to clean, just like any other item of clothing that tends to get dirty. Although public health ministers recommend washing masks after each use, this does not mean that the models in question cannot be a convenient alternative to disposable ones. If used with care and properly cleaned, washable masks can last a long time and with good protection against airborne viral particles.

As you know, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 started from time, but public health guidelines still urge you to protect yourself and others when in public. It is therefore necessary to continue to wear a good quality mask, staying at a safe distance from other people and avoiding, if possible, crowds and poorly ventilated places. To help you choose an excellent washable and easy-to-clean mask, we have decided to give you some suggestions on which aspects to consider to make sure you are making a good purchase.

What are the certifications of washable masks?

A good mask cannot be without certification! The latter, if present, will certainly be mentioned in the description or in some cases it can be checked using a QR code located on the package. To be sure to enter public places, for example in an airport, with a washable mask, our advice is to consider models recognized as class 1 medical devices.

Which are the materials of the washable masks?

The materials are as important as the certification, since it is the latter that will then have an impact on the safety of the mask. In the case of washable solutions, a face mask should be made of cotton or TNT (non-woven fabric). Although both are good at the filtering level, our advice is to focus on cotton models, since the latter already have the characteristic of being antibacterial.

What should be the comfort of the masks Washable?

In certain circumstances, such as in the workplace, the mask must be worn for many hours, which is why buying a model capable of remaining firmly on the face and equipped with soft elastics will be essential, even for the speech concerning the prerogative of the lenses. Usually, the best mask manufacturers report in the description whether or not their models have particular precautions and details, aimed at improving wearability.

Other tips on washable masks

Said this, always check the label on your mask, as some companies use a mix of custom fabrics, especially to increase warmth during the winter or to retain moisture. One of the most important factors is the seal of the mask. This should fit snugly around the nose and mouth, leaving no gaps that could allow viruses to pass through. We therefore recommend that you rely on a mask that has adjustable ear straps and a cone shape that adapts to the contour of the nose. If the model you have purchased or are about to buy does not have these adjustable features, avoid buying it, focusing on models designed to move as little as possible once worn.

Washable masks are excellent alternative to disposable ones also because they can be customized, not only in color but also in structure, with the aim of improving their wearability. The best models have flexible nose strips that reduce fogging of the glasses. In the case of washable masks, it may be advantageous to wear two, especially if you wear the surgical model first and then apply a solution of cotton over them. In this way, protective layers will be added which, combined, can increase the protection of the device.

As anticipated, this type of mask can be washed in the washing machine or, if you prefer, by hand. While they won't last forever, they can be worn dozens of times and washing them will help prevent them from accumulating bacteria and germs on the surface.

How to clean washable masks?

We reiterate that masks washable should be washed as soon as they get dirty, or at least once a day. If you have a disposable model instead, throw it away after wearing it once. Also, always remember to wash your hands after handling or touching a used face mask. Having said that, let's find out how!

In the washing machine: put the mask together with the rest of the laundry and use a normal detergent, with the appropriate settings based on the label of the fabric. By hand: wash the mask with tap water and laundry detergent or soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water to remove everything. Once washed, you will then have to dry them. Let's find out how to do this.

In the dryer: use hot programs. By hand: hang the mask in direct sunlight. If this is not possible due to cold days, lay it out and let it dry normally.

How to store the washable masks?

If the mask is wet or dirty with sweat, saliva, make-up or other liquids or substances, keep it in a sealed plastic bag until you wash it. However, we suggest washing wet or dirty masks as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming moldy. We also remind you that when the latter are wet they could tire your breath, as well as become less effective.

If the mask is intact and dry and you want to reuse it later, wash your hands after removing it. and store it in a dry and breathable bag. This will allow you to recover it in excellent condition. It is also essential to always wear it on the same side. If you are taking off the mask to eat or drink on the go, you can place it in a safe place, such as your pocket, purse or paper bag. Again, be sure to wash or sanitize your hands after removing the mask. After eating, replace the mask with the same side as when you put it on.

Is the brand of washable masks important?

Since the quality of a washable mask is certifies with a few and small precautions, including certification, the brand takes on negligible importance if at all. Although there are excellent Italian brands such as Sicura Protection, therefore, our advice is not to focus too much on this aspect, paying attention to other factors reported in this article.

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