High School Backpacks | The best of 2022

High School Backpacks | The best of 2022

Another school year has just ended but, you know, the holidays pass quickly and the month of September is closer than you think and, with it, the fateful bell that will mark the beginning of the new school year. As you know, in this period there is a tendency to buy everything you need to face the new school year in the best possible way, including books, pencils, erasers and backpacks. The latter plays an important role especially for high school students, who have to insert numerous books and notebooks inside, regardless of the chosen address. A backpack can last several years if maintained with care, but sooner or later it becomes necessary to change it with a new model and since there are many brands available on the market that could put the buyer in difficulty, we have selected those that we believe to be the best. backpacks for high school.

Read also: Back to school cases | The best of 2022 The main factor in choosing a good backpack for high school must not be limited only to the brand, but above all the capacity and comfort must be taken into consideration, as well as any other features, such as the ability to charge the smartphone. via a built-in USB port or a dedicated notebook compartment. Guys usually have a habit of buying the same backpack as a friend of theirs simply because they find it aesthetically nice, but most of the time this proves to be impractical, so we suggest you take a look at the items below. to be sure of buying a valid and modern product.

Best backpacks for high school

Eastpak Pinnacle Invicta Square Seven Advanced Upbeat Vans Old Skool Drop V Della Gao

Eastpak Pinnacle

This backpack comes with an internal organizer and a large front pocket and is perfect for storing all your things, like a charger in the front and notebooks or books in the back. It is made with extra padding both on the back and on the bottom and the capacity is 38 liters. The design of the shoulder straps is designed not only to make them very comfortable, but over time they adapt to the shape of your shoulders so as to be less heavy even when full.


Invicta Square

In the list of the best backpacks for high school you cannot miss an Invicta product, a leading Italian company in the production of bags and backpacks. This model offers a capacity of 27 liters, lower than Eastpak's previous proposal but it is still possible to carry a computer up to 14 inches, thanks to the dedicated internal compartment that includes a series of side pockets, excellent for carrying water bottles.

Seven Advanced Upbeat

Another company that made history by producing very good bags and backpacks and therefore deserves to be included in the list is Seven. This model has a capacity of 30 liters and, like all those reported by us in this guide, boasts a very high quality of materials and numerous compartments, including one dedicated to notebooks up to 15 inches. The padded shoulder straps and the Ergosystem backrest make it comfortable to carry even when full of books, notebooks and accessories, making this a suitable backpack for your busy days.


Vans Old Skool Drop V

Vans backpacks usually do not have the characteristic of being super capacious, but they have the advantage of being very compact and still offer enough space to insert several books and notebooks, as well as medium-small notebooks. The Old Skool III model features a large main compartment with a dedicated laptop pocket, a front pocket with zip and divider for quick access and straight-cut padded shoulder straps. Its capacity reaches 22 liters.


Della Gao

Della Gao's backpack is an excellent alternative to those reported so far, since it boasts a capacity of 35 liters, so it is ideal for carrying notebooks up to 17 inches. It is a fairly light model despite its size and the water-repellent fabric allows you to keep everything out of the rain. In addition, it is equipped with a password-based security system and there is also a USB port to recharge the smartphone.


How to choose the backpack for the high school

As mentioned in the initial stages, when you are about to buy a new backpack for school, you often tend to bet a lot on the brand, but this is not always the most suitable choice. Of course, brands like Invicta or Eastpak have made history and certainly produce interesting solutions, but we must not make the mistake of underestimating the proposals of the so-called emerging brands. A good backpack, in fact, should have certain characteristics so that it can be defined as excellent. Let's find out below!

How large should a backpack be for high school?

The brand is of little or no importance if the backpack is not large. High school students, in fact, need a backpack large enough to allow them to insert numerous books, accessories and objects. In this case, capacity comes first, which is why we suggest you consider a model with a high load capacity, greater than 25 liters.

Pockets and compartments

These are in close correlation with the capacity of the backpack and it is worth taking a look at how they are structured since there are cases in which it would be better to have few but large pockets and situations in which it would be preferable to have small but more numerous pockets. Going towards one or the other depends on the type of objects you intend or need to put in the backpack. Aside from the obvious books, notebooks and pencil cases, you could in fact bring with you a number of accessories such as keys and glasses. If the dimensions of your objects are not very large, then it is better to focus on a large backpack, but one that has as many pockets as possible, so that you can store the various objects so that they do not move from one part to another inside the backpack. If, on the other hand, you know you need to carry larger accessories than usual, then a single but large compartment might be the best choice, even at the cost of giving up a couple of pockets.

How much should a backpack weigh for high school?

Usually, a large backpack results in excessive weight, but if the backpack is well designed, it will prove to be quite light, despite its large size. And this is why our advice is not so much to dwell on weight, but rather to find the right ratio between weight and size, based on how many books or objects you plan to carry.

What materials it must have A high school backpack?

A high school backpack will be used most days, so the materials play a key role, especially if you want it to last for several years. That said, a great backpack must be waterproof, as there will be bad days that will force you to cross the road in the rain. In this regard, with a non-water resistant backpack, you risk wetting not only your books, but also a possible notebook, thus risking costly damage. As for the type of material, you should look for models made of nylon, reinforced polyester and canvas, since they tend to be the most resistant ones. By relying on the latter, it is very likely that the areas of the backpack will not be torn easily and that they will not fall apart at the seams after only a couple of months. be made of washable materials, also because we must never forget that these are items that you will use almost every day. It is therefore important to check the label and related instructions, in order to be sure to wash the backpack correctly. What has just been said also means that you should avoid buying leather backpacks or any other delicate material, since these are more suitable for bags.

What should be the back of a backpack for high school?

The weight of books and notebooks, you know, strains your back, which is why you have to pay attention to how the back of the backpack you are about to buy is made. In order to avoid spinal problems, we suggest that you only consider backpacks with a solid, contoured and ergonomic back, so that you can help your back stay straight.

Shoulder straps are equally important. they should be padded and adjustable, so they are not too stiff on the shoulders and suitable for your height. There are also single-shoulder backpacks but, as you may have noticed, we have not reported them in our guide as we believe they are not very comfortable, due to the fact that they tend to make you assume an incorrect posture.

What accessories it should include a backpack for high school?

Given the high use of mobile devices nowadays, it would be useful if the backpack had integrated a USB socket with cable to connect your portable devices to a charger or perhaps a earphone jack, useful for listening to music on the go. Furthermore, in the more expensive models, an anti-theft system or a series of anti-slip pockets should not be missing.

How much does a backpack cost for high school?

With about € 50 and paying attention to the various proposals on the market, you can buy excellent backpacks for high school. It is worth noting, however, that it may be necessary to add 20 or 30 euros if you want to be sure that the backpack will last well beyond the classic school year.

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