Electric cars, the best apps for charging and traveling

Electric cars, the best apps for charging and traveling

Electric cars

The advent of electric mobility is bringing with it a series of important technological advances, capable of profoundly changing our habits and the way we move: when we talk about electric cars and long journeys, we almost always end up talking of autonomy and the so-called 'range anxiety', the anxiety given by the idea of ​​not being able to reach the destination before the car runs out, but fortunately the technology comes to meet us once again, providing us with several very useful smartphone applications to plan long journeys and in general to better manage our electric car; let's find out which are the most useful apps for those traveling by electric car.


The BeCharge application is free on iOS and Android and is able to mark on your map the nearest free charging stations, with the possibility of selecting those that only use energy from renewable sources. There are several filters available and they are very useful for navigating the integrated map, which is Google's: 24-hour accessibility, type of socket, power output, and much more. The green soul of this application can also be seen in the statistics it provides: after each recharge, the app will inform us of how much CO2 we have saved by recharging with clean energy. During recharging, in the 'Activity' section, you can monitor the status of your battery, the kWh delivered and the time needed to complete the recharge, as well as a list of all the recharges made and the related statistics.

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D-Mobility by Duferco Energia

Duferco Energia has developed D-Mobility, its app dedicated to electric cars available for Android and iOS systems. D-Mobility offers the possibility to check the status of the charging stations in real time, and will guide us to what it defines as "Friendly structures", a definition that refers to points where it is possible to recharge the car and have some sort of entertainment for the time needed to recharge. In addition to the classic map equipped with filters, D-Mobility allows us to manage a personal profile, save the most convenient charging points to our favorites, and receive notifications on the status of our recharge - all supported also by voice commands, very much useful when driving.

e-Moving by A2A


Evway is an all-round application dedicated to those who travel by electric propulsion vehicles: not just cars then , but also scooters, bicycles and electric scooters, all vehicles that have seen a very strong diffusion in recent months. Available for both Android and iOS systems, Evway is also able to report all charging points in hotels, restaurants and other customer reception facilities throughout Europe. Each station is equipped with technical information such as the power supplied, the type of sockets present, the distance from where you are and the actual availability at that time. Among the various payment methods available, Evway has also created a keyfob, a keychain equipped with RFiD that unlocks the column as soon as you approach it, allowing us to recharge: the cost of recharging is then charged to your personal account, and must be paid using the application's internal currency, which can be purchased via credit card, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Google Maps

No, it's not a mistake: the Google navigation app that we all know still finds its place in this list, because offers a good range of features dedicated to those who use an electric car, with the not indifferent detail of being pre-installed on almost all existing Android devices. Google Maps also offers the possibility to see on the map the charging stations closest to where we are, providing information on the type of connector available, the charging speed and the payment networks integrated in the column; moreover, it is able to interface with the column to provide us with information on the car's charging status.

EnelX JuicePass

JuicePass is the EnelX application dedicated to iOS and Android systems designed to provide the user with all the information available on the more than 110,000 public and private charging stations in the network in Italy and Europe. In addition to the columns in the street, it will be possible to find out about the columns present in shopping centers, in the parking lots of supermarkets and in the parking lots of certain large companies or office complexes. Unlike many competitors, JuicePass does not necessarily require registration and can be used as a host: once started, the application will be able to inform us about the charge status of our car, both in percentage and in terms of km loaded. Through the application it is also possible to select the type of payment desired, to be chosen between a pay-as-you-go plan and a monthly fee plan.


Nextcharge is another of the free applications available on Android and iPhone to better manage your recharges: the app tells us the nearest charging stations and provides us with all the technical information about it, as already seen on other apps competitors, but it also offers us the possibility to read the comments and look at the photos of the charging points published by the users of the app, so as to choose the charging point that best suits our needs. The Nextcharge account also allows you to directly manage the payment of the recharge, and by doing so you have access to a series of additional information such as the state of the charge, the kWh recharged, the remaining credit, and the possibility of interrupting the recharge remotely. without being physically present at the column.

Open Charge Map

Open Charge Map is a free app quite similar to the others, but which comes to our aid in those moments when everything seems to fail: it is another open source community of electric car users, and it is thanks to this detail that the Open Charge Map is so rich in "pins" that indicate charging stations. The application is only available in English but it could prove to be a very useful company, especially when you are traveling, away from home, in a place where you do not know the position of the most efficient columns, also offering the possibility of saving them among the favorites or see them displayed on your navigator. There is no type of integrated payment system, and the app is unable to make us book the use of the column.


Plugshare is undoubtedly one of the most complete apps among those made available to those who drive an electric car: it is equipped with the most complete map ever, where all the public charging stations in Europe, in the United States, are indicated. United States and Canada. The functions available are many, and the worldwide community allows the system to work very well and be always updated. The functions made available to the user are many, such as the ability to filter the search by type of connector - with the ability to filter only Tesla Superchargers, or to add new charging points just installed, or to check the state of use. of a column even from a distance. Furthermore, as already seen on other competing apps, you can decide to take advantage of the Pay with PlugShare function to pay your recharge directly from the app. Finally, Plugshare is equipped with a notification function, which will notify us if a new charging station is opened in our vicinity.

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