The music of the Wired Next Fest in Milan

The music of the Wired Next Fest in Milan

Very little is missing from the Milanese appointment of Next Fest 2022, the main Italian festival on technology and innovation, dedicated this year to the future of democracy. The event, which boasts the participation of international and non-international guests with a schedule full of meetings and events, will take place from 7 to 8 October at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan. As in every edition, this time too, there will be appointments of the “music and words” format, concerts and DJ sets. Among the musicians there will also be Verdena, who on Saturday 8 October will release an exclusive interview on the new album, Volevo magic. On the website it is possible to consult the program of events and timetables.

Sign up to participate Friday 7 Saturday 8 Concerts and dj-sets

Friday 7

The “music and words” meetings will open Luigi Strangis, winner of the last edition of Amici in the singing category, and Alex, who took second place in the same category as the talent show. Following, Ditonellapiaga, stage name of Margherita Carducci, the 25-year-old Roman who conquered the audience of the Sanremo 2022 festival with the performance of the song Chimica together with Donatella Rettore, will close on Friday.

Saturday 8

She is only 22, but has been writing songs since she was 15: Emma Nolde released her first album, Toccaterra, right in the darkest moments of the pandemic in 2020 and Saturday 8th she will take the stage of the Next Fest with and a record that she herself has defined "a collection of personally necessary songs", with Francesco Motta at the production. At the end of the afternoon appointments on Saturday, there will be the panel of the Pisan band The Zen Circus, which in 2009 entered the music scene with the album Andate tutti affanc * lo, a true generational manifesto, which became a novel 10 years later. Among their collaborations, the band can also boast Talking Heads, Violent Femmes and Pixies, and Saturday 8th will bring to the Next Fest some of the most loved songs by the public, also contained in the latest album, Cari fottutissimi amici, released in May 2022. In addition, Verdena will be present, racconteran no in an interview their new and highly anticipated album - 7 years after the last release - Volevo magic.

Evening concerts and dj-sets

There will be evening appointments from 9 pm with concerts and dj-sets in the courtyard of the Fabbrica del Vapore, born from the collaboration between Wired, PianoB and APE, to sing and dance together. The protagonists of the evenings are Tutti Fenomeni, Ginevra, Popa and okgiorgio.

Geneva will perform on Friday 7th October, bringing to Next Fest some pieces of her new album, due out the following week. Turin by birth, she moved to Milan 10 years ago and began her career in electronic music with the album Ruins, in 2019, followed by Metropoli, in 2020. In the same year she also participated in the Sanremo Giovani festival with the song Vortice. Popa, the stage name of Maria Popadnicenko, a Lithuanian designer who makes Milan the protagonist of her music, will also take part in the evening. Mare di Milano is her first single, released in 2020, while this year, after the success of Sciura from Milan, Tocco di Lusso was released in June.

Saturday 8 October will be the turn of Tutti Fenomeni. Born in 1996, from Rome, he is one of the most innovative exponents of Italian indie music and will perform on the second evening of the Next Fest. His latest album, Privilegio Rare, was released in May 2022. The summer tour of his new album will end with the performance at the festival. To open the performance of Tutti Fenomeni, with unreleased songs, there will be okgiorgio, alias of Giorgio Pesenti, one of the major producers of the Italian indie music scene and member of the band Iside.

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