The iOS 16 lock screen on the Galaxy? Yes, but Samsung came first!

The iOS 16 lock screen on the Galaxy? Yes, but Samsung came first!

The iOS 16 lock screen on the Galaxy? Yes

One of the main aesthetic novelties of iOS 16 is in fact the ability to customize the lock screen almost in all respects. It is possible to change the font and color of the clock, add widgets and customize the smartphone with different backgrounds.

Did you know that all these functions are already present on all Galaxy smartphones with One UI 4? Let's see how you can customize the lock screen of your Galaxy smartphone step by step!

Although it may probably also be true that from time to time the various companies look to the competition to "take a cue" , what usually happens most of the time (even more so with large and consolidated companies like those in question) is that different engineers and different hardware / software development teams arrive at the same solution to a similar problem.| ); } To give you an example, what appears to be a feature that Samsung may have borrowed from the newborn iOS 16 has actually been present on the Korean company's Galaxy smartphones even before the latest iPhone update was announced. Samsung allows all users who own a Galaxy with One UI 4 or later software to customize their lock screen in depth, including clocks of various types and colors, widgets and sizes! Did Apple copy Samsung then? Most likely not, both brands wanted to offer this feature to their users and inevitably fell back on similar solutions.

How to customize the Samsung Galaxy lock screen

Setting the dynamic lock screen

Samsung's One UI interface features an improved dynamic lock screen that makes it easy to customize. You can always keep a new look by showing different images every time you turn on the screen, instead of always having the same wallpaper.

Go to the phone settings and then Wallpaper and style Go to Personal wallpapers Click on Services for wallpapers Tap Dynamic lock screen Finally, tap Apply If you are activating the dynamic lock screen for the first time, you will automatically be taken to settings where you can select an image pack. You can return to this screen by tapping the gear icon next to the dynamic lock screen item. Tap an image pack to download it and the dynamic lock screen will automatically be applied as wallpaper.

Select a carousel of personal images or videos

If you are not interested in choosing among the images proposed by Samsung, you can choose from your personal gallery up to 15 images and / or videos to make appear in rotation on your smartphone's lock screen.

Go to your phone's Settings and then Wallpaper and style Go to My wallpapers Select Gallery From here select up to 15 personal photos and / or videos to rotate on the lock screen

Adding widgets to the lock screen

Like Apple with iPhone, Samsung also offers users the ability to add widgets to the lock screen. However, you must activate them from the Settings menu as follows:

Go to the phone settings Scroll to the Lock screen section Select Widgets The default widgets to add to the lock screen will be displayed. The list includes music, weather, program of the day, next alarm, digital wellness, Bixby recorder and routine. It is also possible to activate the display of widgets on the Always On Display. By tapping Reorder at the top, you can reposition the widgets according to your preferences.

You won't find any lock screen widgets immediately but you will need to double tap the clock and swipe up on it (always on display) or turn on the screen and tap once on the clock.

Customize clock type, color and font, shortcuts and more!

Don't be jealous of your friend who now has a stylish clock on his iPhone's lock screen, you don't even have to be content with keeping the boring clock chosen by Samsung by default.

To customize your watch, you just need:

Go to the phone settings Scroll to the Lock screen section Tap once again the item Lock screen From here you can change or delete various elements such as the clock, notifications, contact information and quick links p resent in the lower corners of the display. The watch can be customized not only in style and color but also in font and size!

Who owns a Samsung Galaxy smartphone updated to Android 13 and One UI 5.0 can reach the lock screen customization screen by simply holding down for a few moments the finger in an empty space of the screen (long press).

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