Isonzo, the tactical FPS on the First World War | Review

Isonzo, the tactical FPS on the First World War | Review


Blackmill Games is a company focused on the development of video games dedicated to the First World War, Isonzo is in fact the third chapter of the WW1 Game Series conceived and developed by the Dutch team acquired by Focus Entertainment.

Being an online FPS I wanted to take some time to properly try the game, so as to avoid playing only against bots that could hardly have guaranteed me a clear indication of the product. In general, Isonzo is not a game that everyone could enjoy, but among the FPS titles on the First World War, it remains undoubtedly among the best and now I try to tell you why.

A few historical notes

The twelve battles of the Isonzo were fought between 22 July 1915 and 7 November 1917, culminating in the tragic Italian defeat in the Battle of Caporetto and the consequent expulsion of General Luigi Cadorna in favor of Armando Diaz. | ); }
Isonzo, the FPS game by Blackmill Games, tells the story of these twelve battles through historical hints between the loading and the other of a match, proposing dates and events that occurred in a respectful and culturally highly appreciated way.

Conquering the Isonzo

After the western front of Verdun (2015) and the eastern one of Tannenberg ( 2017), a title focused on the Italian side, one of the most important fronts of the First World War, was definitely expected.

It didn't surprise me, therefore, that I found myself in front of maps chosen specifically with the idea of ​​recreating historical battles such as those of the Karst or simply the taking of Gorizia. The game scenarios are not very many, but enough to make the game varied, alternating fights on the plains and at altitude.

If you have played Verdun or Tannemberg you will know that we are not dealing with a casual FPS video game, but on the contrary, Isonzo prefers a more hardcore concept like his predecessors, where a single shot is enough to die. This means that the concept of “wear and tear” comes into play, the real focal point of the First World War; running in front of the enemy with unsheathed weapons is never the best choice, the more important it becomes to work as a team to try to bring home the victory.

Despite a less frenetic game model, Isonzo still has fun thanks to it to his "tactics". Circumventing the enemy by cutting barbed wire with shears, setting up sandbags for defense or communicating with companions for how to sabotage enemy lines, make the whole gameplay sector satisfactory, even if with very few changes compared to the others. two chapters of the WW1 series.

The various classes available, therefore, become much more important than in a title like Battlefield. To give you a complete example, the Officer is the only class that uses the gun and that allows you to request bombings and guide your team to specific points on the map, perhaps suggesting when and how to advance with a whistle attached. The Rifleman and the Stormtrooper are the two most dynamic and balanced classes both in the offensive and defensive phase, while the Sniper is more important in the defense phase.

In any case, all categories can increase in level, gaining experience by completing matches or certain specific objectives. Leveling up allows you to unlock new weapons, cosmetic changes and equipment. In terms of content, the game is perhaps a bit limited, partly justified by a budget price (€ 29.99) but on the other hand perhaps it can be improved by adding new maps or armaments.

In the field of battle

Visually, Isonzo is an extremely enjoyable game. The settings are well recreated and even without offering particular technical characteristics, it lets itself be seen. It should be emphasized that the team flew directly to the specific areas in the clashes, studying the environments and recreating them as faithfully as possible, something not everyone does.

If on the visual side we can still remain convinced , on the purely technical issue, I unfortunately found several bugs, glitches and tearing visible on the screen (especially with the frame rate unlocked). All things that can be improved with a patch, but which I prefer to highlight to prevent you from buying a product that is not in line with what you are looking for.

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