The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: when and where to see them on TV and streaming

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: when and where to see them on TV and streaming

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II of England died on 8 September 2022. The official news of her disappearance arrived at 7:30 pm, Italian time, via the official twitter account of the royal family. The queen was 96 years old at the time of her disappearance, following a reign that lasted 70 years (a faithful portrait of the queen can be found on Netflix through dedicated documentaries and TV series). Now all eyes are on the so-called "Operation London Bridge", the code name of the queen's funeral linked to a scrupulous set of decisions and details to outline the next days to come: here's when and where to see the funeral on TV and streaming of Queen Elizabeth II.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: when and where to see them on TV and streaming

This particular operation, and therefore the funeral, will be divided into 11 days characterized by events unique and distinct, crowned by the official ceremony in Westminster Abbey. During the first day after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, the upper echelons of the government (ministers and officials) will be notified, with the subsequent release of the Whitehall flags at half mast. Subsequently, the Foreign Ministry office will have the task of alerting the 51 member states of the Commonwealth of the matter.

Queen Elizabeth II

Both the main media and the media will be involved in Operation London Bridge social media, with unanimous adherence to black and the relevant symbols (black screens or banners of the same color, with the stop of all less relevant content). At this point, the various BBC channels will also interrupt the various broadcasts to tune in exclusively to the news regarding the disappearance of Queen Elizabeth II, with continuous and real-time updates (a similar attitude will also involve British radios).

On the second day, the new monarch will be proclaimed through the Council of Succession. During the third day, Elizabeth II's body will be brought back to London (in the event that she is elsewhere). Furthermore, starting from this day, the new king will have to move around the country on the basis of official condolences. On the sixth day the body of the missing queen will be taken to Westminster and on the eleventh day the solemn funeral will be held and then buried in the Memorial Chapel of King George VI.

The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrated in the course on Monday 19 September, at 12 noon, at Westminster Abbey. As far as the broadcasting of the ceremony is concerned, this will be handled by the BBC in England, while in Italy we have the main television channels to deal with it. Rai1 will cover the event with a special dedicated during Tg1, hosted by the director Monica Maggioni and also available in streaming on RaiPlay. Canale 5 will also dedicate a space to everything, during the day, with a live broadcast in real time led by Silvia Toffanin, with the possibility of following everything, in parallel, on MediasetPlay. With SkyTg24, on the other hand, we will have a fruition of the queen's funeral both in the clear, both on the satellite and in streaming, assisted by a work on the total day, and perpetually live, without pauses, from 10 to 18 also on Discovery +. To frame the long live broadcast we will have the comment of Francesco Vicario, of the presenter Flavia Cercato and of the writer Federica Brunini.

There will be over 2000 guests on site, including some important world exponents (heads of state and government and the monarchs), with the stop of all activities due to national mourning. The doors of Westminster Abbey will open around 8:00 (in Italy it will be 9:00) with the progressive entry of those who are admitted to the church, all three hours before the start of the funeral, scheduled for 12:00 (Italian time). At 10am Big Ben will ring out with its last tolls of the day, then cover the bell hammer with a leather pad to cushion subsequent blows as a sign of respect. Through a ceremonial consolidated over the years, the queen will be transported to the abbey in a tank, around 11:45 am, also used in previous similar events, linked to the English royal family. The end of the funeral service will be followed by two minutes of national silence, with the coffin being moved to Wellington Arch at 2:00 pm. From here she will be driven back to Windsor to St George's Chapel, where she will arrive at around 4.15pm, with the burial next to her husband, Prince Philip, in the Royal Vault (immediately after removing the scepter and jewels from the coffin) crowning the all with the final blessing of the body by the Dean of Windsor.

The ceremony will end at 8:00 pm with King Charles and the closest family members, celebrating a private funeral service, with the new monarch who will only have one last goodbye through the scattering of the earth on the coffin of the queen.

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