Mysterious rumors, a Palantír and other curiosities about The Rings of Power Episode 4

Mysterious rumors, a Palantír and other curiosities about The Rings of Power Episode 4

Mysterious rumors

The Rings of Power Episode 4, of which you can find our review here, showed us a whole series of events and omens that are very slowly preparing the ground for what is to come in the future. Some information is still a mystery, such as the true identity of Meteor Man and Adar, but through some visions it is already possible to guess some future events. In this article, we will take care of gathering all the most important information of The Rings of Power Episode 4.

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From this point on there will be some spoilers about The Rings of Power, so we invite you to proceed with the reading with caution.

Mysterious voices, a Palantír and other curiosities about The Rings of Power Episode 4

The renewed alliance between elves and dwarves The broken sword of Theo and the orcs The omens of Palantír and Isildur

The Renewed Alliance of Elves and Dwarves

After receiving the support of the dwarves thanks to his old friend Durin, Elrond and Celebrimbor watch the construction of a forge, which is part of the renewed alliance of the elves with the dwarves. However, Elrond senses that Durin and his wife Disa are hiding something from him; his search for truth thus leads Elrond to discover in Khazad-dum a secret mine in which the dwarves have found a new metal, incredibly shiny and resistant, but also ultra-light: mithril.

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Theo's broken sword and the orcs

In episode 3 In the series we first met Adar, who claims to be the creator of the orcs and frees Arrondir, so that he can take his message out. Meanwhile, the stocks among the human refugees in the tower of the Wood Elves begin to run low, for Theo he volunteers to recover what he can from the abandoned territories, even letting a friend of him accompany him in the enterprise. While grabbing the broken morgul blade that he has hidden in his house, Theo is attacked by the orcs, who immediately recognize the hilt of the sword. The boy manages to escape by hiding in the village well before being rescued by Arondir and Bronwyn.

The Rings of Power Theo and the others manage to return safely to the tower and Theo, still in possession of his morgul blade, meets an elderly man who carries the mark of Sauron on his arm, and who warns of an impending threat, alluding to the fact that the meteor is an omen linked to Sauron. Back at the orc base, Adar is visibly pleased to learn that his underlings have discovered the whereabouts of the broken sword and that his sinister plans are beginning to take shape.

The omens of Palantír and of Isildur

Meanwhile, however, Galadriel warns Miriel of Sauron's return and offers to strengthen the alliance between humanity and the elves, asking, however, to speak with the queen regent, but with the true king of Númenor. In response, Míriel imprisons Galadriel, who finds himself in the jail with her new friend Halbrand. Galadriel, however, manages to escape thanks to amazing stunts and bursts into the palace, where she finds Míriel next to her father on his deathbed. Míriel reveals that she owns a Palantír and allows Galadriel to look at it; in the Palantír, the elf witnesses the vision of an apocalyptic end of Númenor, the same that Miriel had previously had.

The Rings of Power Míriel claims that the fall of her Númenor is was triggered by the very arrival of Galadriel. Thus, she sends her away, but the only visible result of this act is the fall of the petals from the white tree of Númenor, an event that to define a "bad omen" is a mere euphemism. Knowing that this event is related to the fall of Númenor, Míriel immediately changes his mind about his most recent decisions, and sends his army to liberate the Southern Lands, a mission for which Isildur volunteers.

Just as he is at sea, the young Isildur is also the protagonist of some mysterious omens: a female voice who insistently calls his name and the vision of the sunset west of the island of Númenor. To find out what the premonitions of Isildur might have, we invite you to read our article.

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