Immortality is the game of the month for August 2022

Immortality is the game of the month for August 2022

Although it is a month usually not too full of news, representing the peak of the summer, this August 2022 brought with it several interesting games, which made the traditional election of the most significant game of the month quite lively, however. which ended with a unique and indisputable result: Immortality is the game of the month of August 2022 for both readers and the editors of On the other hand, even the evaluations of the game speak for themselves, with many international newspapers that have defined it as the new masterpiece of Sam Barlow, which makes it an event of a certain importance in this last part of the videogame summer. In any case, there was no shortage of competition and the catalog of games released during the month showed once again a certain vitality of the market.

It was an August full of new proposals, but also of important returns. , including conversions, re-editions, sequels and remakes, in general providing games aimed at a plurality of tastes. In the midst of all this, it was also the month of Gamescom 2022, therefore a period certainly full of news even beyond the mere question of market releases.

All this has made the torrid summer a period very active on the video game front and this was also reflected in the election of the game in August, which despite the univocal result still gave rise to a rather close fight between the numerous competitors in the race. So let's see how things went.

The choice of the editors

Immortality is all built on live action footage There was a considerable head-to-head up to a certain point during the internal vote, but in the end the result was clear: Immortality emerged clearly as the game of the month of August 2022 for the editors of On the other hand, even our review of Immortality speaks clearly, bringing out all the uniqueness and depth of this particular videogame experience.

Like Sam Barlow's previous works, it is an adventure entirely built on the need to investigate by viewing clips of live action films, looking for clues and details to be explored in order to compose a complex puzzle of evidence, traces and elements that can reconstruct the story of the mysterious disappearance of actress Marissa Marcel. It is a strange and fascinating mechanism, which really deserves to be tried.

Second place came at the end of a close fight, decided by a handful of votes: we find Cult of the Lamb, which has revealed itself one of the most interesting games of the month of August 2022, as it had also emerged in the period of approaching its release. The particular action roguelike with management elements by Massive Monster immediately attracted everyone's attention, and the preliminary test phases added further hype to its wait. Finally, the final version turned out to be really valid and this strange hybrid has established itself as one of the best games of the summer, surpassed only by Immortality.

The third position emerges a bit surprisingly, but not that much to see the subject in question: it is Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation, a game that manages to perfectly capture the spirit of summer and merge it with the melancholy notes of certain classic Japanese anime, giving rise to a truly fantastic experience.

Readers' Choice

Marvel's Spider-Man is finally here also on PC Even the vote by the readers of was rather fought, as shown by the results of the poll. In the end, even in this case Immortality turned out to be the game of the month of August 2022, but not without giving rise to a heated rivalry between different competitors, confirming only by a whisker in first place. There wasn't much time to try it out, having been released practically at the end of the month, so the vote was probably a mixture of curiosity, expectations and charm that emerged from the first hours of the game, with the launch on Game Pass that probably contributed. to broaden the audience of this very particular title, but the victory is certainly deserved, as we have been able to see. The animosity of the clash is also evident from the fact that in second position we find an equal merit between two games, separated by only two percentage points from the first place.

On the second step of the podium we find both Cult of the Lamb and Marvel's Spider-Man in PC version: the first therefore replicates the same result obtained also in the editorial vote, confirming itself as one of the most popular games of the month of August 2022. The peculiarity of its composite gameplay, which combines hack and slash clashes with management elements given by the construction of a sort of distorted cult, disturbing but also irresistibly "kawaii", it has also been successful with readers.

Two Point Campus is deservedly among the most popular games of the summer On the other hand, it was difficult for Marvel's Spider-Man not to emerge when it arrived on the PC platform, given the enormous success achieved by the public. already on PlayStation.

Finally, another title absolutely not to be underestimated has arrived in third position: Two Point Campus, the new strategic / management strategy from Two Point Studio which has further perfected its formula with this excellent title.

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