How to follow the iPhone 14 launch live

How to follow the iPhone 14 launch live

That every September Apple announces the latest iPhone model is now a fact that we can take for granted. This year's event is almost upon us: in a few hours the company is expected to unveil its line of iPhone 14 and at least a couple of new Apple Watches during a presentation that will be broadcast in live streaming. In addition to the new phones and smartwatches, we can also expect software announcements and perhaps some news on accessories and hardware goodies.

The event will begin on Wednesday 7 September at 7pm Italian time. You can follow it directly on the Apple website, on the company's YouTube channel or on Apple TV + (by opening the app, the event should appear in the foreground at the top of the page and should also be visible to those who are not subscribers to the streaming service. of the company). Italia will follow, however, the event with continuous updates and the contributions of the journalist sent to Cupertino on the site and on the social channels.

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Apple has been organizing its launch events regularly in September for a decade now, specifically since the 2012 iPhone 5 unveiling. It is now a sleek, well-oiled showcase designed to prepare fans for the fall launches of Apple. 'agency. However, this regularity has made ads easier to predict. Also in this case, the rumors and leaks have already anticipated the probable announcements. So here's what to expect from the event.

iPhone 14 The highlight of the presentation will undoubtedly be the new iPhone line, which will probably be renamed iPhone 14 (unless Apple indulges itself and decides to give the phones a different name). According to rumors, there will be four new iPhone models, each with slightly different specifications. Variations from previous designations are expected, with the suffixes “Pro” or “Max” that should go to higher spec devices. There are rumors on the net that Apple could abandon the Mini version of the iPhone line to focus on the 6.1 and 6.7-inch models.

The new smartphones will see some changes also in terms of design. Apple could eliminate the notch - never too popular - at the top of the iPhone screens, replacing it with a hole similar to that of the Google Pixel along the top edge. More sophisticated models may have titanium frames and always-on displays. Apple should include its A16 chips inside smartphones.

Another now taken for granted aspect of the company's September events are the release dates of the next versions of iOS and iPadOS. Apple is also expected to highlight some of the new features coming in the next versions of its mobile software, iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

Apple Watch Series 8 Apple is likely to announce at least two updated models of its Apple Watch. The standard version of the Watch 8 is expected to be limited to a small update over the Series 7 design, while the biggest change could come in the form of the rumored Apple Watch rugged. This device may feature a more robust and durable design, with improved weather resistance and a shatterproof screen.

Last year the Wall Street Journal reported that upcoming features in the Apple Watch line may include skin temperature and traffic accident detection. While the battery life of Apple's smartwatches has always been below average, it is possible that full charge will last longer during the day in the Pro models. It is unclear whether we will see these changes in both the normal Watch 8 and the possible rugged version.

No headsets Unfortunately, there is little chance that Apple will reveal anything about the expected virtual and augmented reality headsets, which for the moment remain relegated to rumors. Almost certainly a device for mixed reality is already in the works, considering also that this week a news has spread that Apple has filed several brands related to the term "reality", probably intended for viewers. However, there will hardly be any announcements this month: the company's viewer is more likely to be unveiled next year.

Of course, there are no certainties in this regard. Over the years, Apple's launch events have become increasingly refined but also repetitive; it is therefore not to be excluded that the company decides to mix up the cards a bit and present something new.

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