Halo Infinite fans do split screen co-op on their own

Halo Infinite fans do split screen co-op on their own

After the various news spread over the week by 343 Industries, we have learned not only that Halo Infinite season 3 will be postponed again but also that the title may not officially have split screen cooperative mode. However, the players did not lose heart and managed to find an alternative solution that still allows them to play with their friends from the comfort of the same console.

The discovery was made by Zeny_IC and later disseminated by HaloCreation. Obviously, since Halo Infinite does not officially support split screen, it is possible that this process could lead to some technical problems and general instability during the game. However, according to the tests carried out so far, the glitch does not even seem to create problems with in-game cutscenes or character spawns.

Follow-up on this, here's a quick tutorial on how to play #HaloInfinite Splitscreen Coop using a menu glitch found by @Zeny_IC!

(Kinda low effort, but it's 2AM, I'm tired, and it does contain everything you need to know to DIY!) https://t.co/I1Cxx7YXqk pic.twitter.com/x0VAYW2tUh

- Halo Création (@HaloCreation) September 3, 2022

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