Coffee tables-purifiers, lamp-projectors and other curious dual-function devices seen at Ifa 2022

Coffee tables-purifiers, lamp-projectors and other curious dual-function devices seen at Ifa 2022

Coffee tables-purifiers

For a long time, smartphones have offered almost infinite functionality at your fingertips. Today, however, more and more technology companies have realized that just one thing is not enough for their tech devices. At Ifa 2022, the great technology fair in Berlin, large and small companies presented a series of new dual-use products. Below, we've rounded up the most interesting.

Lg PuriCare AeroTower Lg PuriCare AeroTower LG This won't be the only time you'll see Lg on this list - it seems the company has really embraced the idea that two functions are better than one. In the past you may have seen fridges built into outdoor tables, but with the AeroTower Lg it chooses to go in a slightly different direction by mounting a tabletop on top of an air purifier. It's a less refined solution than Ikea's Starkvind, but it still remains intriguing. It offers 360-degree air purification capabilities and, as part of Lg's Puricare Objet Collection Aero Furniture range, has bold colors with names like Crème Rose, Crème Yellow and Crème Gray. The device can be controlled entirely through the Lg ThinQ app, has wireless charging and projects mood lights. The price and release date of this hybrid gadget from Lg have not yet been disclosed.

Magic Lamp Xgimi Xgimi Magic Lamp XGIMISif you know the Xgimi brand, you probably imagine what makes this lamp magical. Hidden inside is a projector that creates a 100-inch display, complete with a speaker. In reality this is not a new product for Xgimi: the previous generation of the device was launched in Japan in 2018. This year the lamp arrived in China, while the landing in the United States and Europe is expected shortly. The sober device from Xgimi, however, will not be cheap: for China the price is the equivalent of around 1,178 euros.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold ThinkPad X1 Fold ThinkPad Last week, Asus unveiled its first folding screen laptop, the ZenBook 17 Fold Oled, proudly calling it the world's only 17-inch folding computer. 2020, however, Lenovo was the first to introduce a foldable computer and now, just a day after Asus' big presentation, it has arrived with its new 16.3-inch second-generation model.

Both the devices offer, on the one hand, a smaller laptop and, on the other hand, a PC experience with a larger screen. I've tried both laptops and found the technology to be quite interesting - Lenovo's model, in particular, offers a sleek, portable experience that I can't wait to review in its entirety. Less exciting is the price of the two computers. The ZenBook 17 Fold Oled will start at € 3,300 and will arrive in the fourth quarter of this year. The base price of Lenovo X1 Fold is instead 2999 euros, with the new keyboard and stylus sold separately. The launch is scheduled for November.

Swiss Rig Bresson Mk 093 Swiss Rig Bresson Mk 093 SwissRigThe Bresson MK 093 aims to be "the Swiss army knife for creators": its two main features are the audio function and the thumb control for video shooting. The former includes a small condenser microphone, a high-end cable, a studio headphone jack, and more. The second is instead a 5-axis thumbstick that allows you to precisely control the zoom within the dedicated app. The bright red device also has a built-in battery and, importantly, snaps securely to your MagSafe-enabled iPhone. Neither the price nor the release date are known yet, but it is possible to subscribe to the waiting list.

Refrigerator Lg MoodUp Lg MoodUp LG Let's go back to Lg for another dual-function domestic product. In this case we are talking about a refrigerator that also acts as a device for mood lighting. In addition to all the high-tech functions typical of an LG refrigerator, which allow users to, for example, knock on the door to take a look inside or receive an alert when the device is left open for too long, there are also new features. rather unusual. It is up to you to decide whether a refrigerator that can transform your kitchen into a party room is elegant or tacky; what is certain is that the customization options are remarkable: you can choose between 22 colors for the lights in the upper Led panel and 19 for the lower one, but there are also pre-set themes (Season, Place, Mood and Pop). Lg MoodUp is also equipped with an integrated Bluetooth speaker for music. Also in this case there is still no price or release date for this device, but it should be coming soon.

Enabot Air Enabot Air EnabotThe nice Enabot Air is a gadget that allows you to keep an eye on your home but also to play with your pet remotely. It is also not produced by a data-hungry tech giant. Enabot is equipped with a 1080p camera and can be remotely controlled throughout the house or left free in Auto Cruise mode, all in a sphere about ten centimeters high. Enabot also offers two-way communications, robot-style automatic charging, motion detection and multi-user login. As for the entertainment of pets, however, there is a laser pointer that bounces a light and it is possible to program play sessions when you are away from home.

Lg Oled Flex Lg Oled Flex LG This is not the 2013 LG Flex. This new TV-game-monitor hybrid lets you dynamically switch between curved and flat screens. Even if it is a TV in all respects, LG has no problem showing the gaming potential of the device, equipped with G-Sync and Freesync capabilities and a 4K 120 Hz screen. You can even customize the size of the contents shown on the display to better adapt them to games such as shooters, which require quick reactions. To be clear, the screen doesn't change its physical size (we're not at this point yet), but it does allow you to keep a 27-inch window on a 42-inch panel. The transition between curved and flat screen is done quickly thanks to a remote control that allows you to adjust the curve at various levels between the two settings. LG presents the Lg Oled Flex as a television for all tastes: games, sports, movies, and more. The release date and price have not yet been announced, but Lg pointed out that the display technology is similar to that of the C2 Oled Evo, which costs 2199 euros.

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