Captain America and Black Panther according to Amy Hennig

Captain America and Black Panther according to Amy Hennig

So in the end it was all true, the leaks and the insiders were right: Amy Hennig was really working on a Marvel video game focused on Captain America and, as leaked in recent days, Black Panther. Video game that still does not have a title, but only a slogan: "Four Heroes. Two worlds. One war".

Announced during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, the Skydance New Media project was shown in the form of a computer graphics teaser. Basically we know almost nothing, if not what little we could deduce from the teaser and that Hennig herself revealed in subsequent interviews. This makes us think that the game, not having even a potential launch window yet, could come out not earlier than a few years: in the meantime we can only speculate about the kind of adventure it will be.

From the comic to the video game?

Black Panther in a scene from the teaser And it sure won't be multiplayer. Amy Hennig was very clear about it. She specifically stated that it will be a cooperative experience from a narrative point of view, not from a playful one, and then she explained it better with a reference to Uncharted. In case you didn't know, Hennig wrote the stories of the first three Uncharteds, was their creative director, and worked as a consultant on the making of Uncharted: The Golden Abyss. All this before she left Naughty Dog in 2014, after having played in their ranks for years. Hennig was already well known in the industry, having written and directed the excellent titles in the Legacy of Kain series, including the award-winning Soul Reaver. She may or may not like her style, for heaven's sake, but there is no denying that she has talent, nor that she has a respectable resume.

Speaking of Uncharted, Hennig explained that he discovered, a bit by chance and a bit not, that the players lived the adventures of Nathan Drake in a cooperative, but without necessarily holding a controller each. It was simply the story and the structure of the game that involved those present, players and spectators, in a form of shared experience.

This is exactly what this new title should also be, centered on four characters who will share a single one. countryside. We do not know, however, how many of them will be playable, although we are convinced that all four are a bit. We can safely bet on Captain America and Black Panther, which, moreover, will not begin the adventure in excellent terms, if we are to believe the scratched shield that you see in the teaser, or the very short scene in which Black Panther "welcomes" Cap uncovering the claws.

It is important to point out that the Black Panther in question is certainly not T'Challa, given that the game takes place at the time of the Second World War, and therefore before Steve Rogers ends up hibernating for fifty years . The ruler of Wakanda at the time was Azzurri, also known as Chanda, T'Chaka's father and T'Challa's grandfather. His story is mostly told in a 2010 comic miniseries, Black Panther / Captain America: Our Fathers 'Flags.

Our Fathers' Flags

Obviously we will have to defeat the HYDRA Nazi It is clear that the four-issue miniseries, written by Reginald Hudlin and drawn by Denys Cowan, greatly influenced Amy Hennig's screenplay. The other two protagonists in the game play an important role in those stories as well. Gabriel "Gabe" Jones is a member of the Howling Commando who always accompanied Cap in battle and, in fact, also appears briefly in the film Captain America: The First Avenger of 2011, played by Derek Luke. In the comics, Gabe will save Azzurri's children, even earning an honorary citizenship in Wakanda, which he will never accept.

Nanali should be the "spy" mentioned in the teaser. In the comics, Nanali was Azzurri's wife, therefore the queen of Wakanda, but it is possible that in the game she becomes a Dora Milaje, that is, a warrior in the service of the king. She is probably the character who will most distance herself from the original stories.

The game should also take place in Paris If it is true that the Skydance New Media game will be inspired by The flags of our fathers, then, it is likely that we will find ourselves fighting first in France and then in Wakanda, when Hitler himself will send his henchmen on the spot to get their hands on the Vibranium. It will be this track that will lead Cap to the hidden kingdom, crossing two very distant worlds. We still don't know anything about the antagonists, but it would be absurd to play a Captain America videogame tie-in, in the middle of World War II, without an antagonist of the caliber of the Red Skull.

The comic stories, however, involved also types of the caliber Arnim Zola, Baron Strucker and Fritz Klaue: the latter was a Nazi soldier who would change his surname to Klaw shortly before fathering his son Ulysses, that is the same Klaw who was played by Andy Serkis in the films and who gamers know for having appeared in Marvel's Avengers by Square Enix or Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3.

A scene from the teaser They will hold their hands, in short, but not only, because if Cap and Black Panther possess superhuman powers, the same cannot be said for their allies. It is likely that in the role of Gabe the game will turn into a third-person shooter, while the more stealth moments will be dedicated to Nanali. To connect the various gameplay sessions will be an extremely cinematic and introspective story, which will leverage dialogue and interactions. We seriously doubt that the Skydance New Media title has an intricate combat system, perhaps from RPG aspects such as skill points to distribute and the like. Hennig herself spoke of an intuitive game in dynamics, designed to please a wide audience and not necessarily just comic fans.

The setting has great potential, especially because the narrative shifts the focus to two superheroes, without necessarily bothering the usual Avengers. We do expect, however, a slew of major cameos, such as Howard Stark, who also helped Cap against HYDRA in the film, or agent Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers' long-time sentimental interest. Amy Hennig, in short, has a lot of material to put together a convincing story, and different from the usual comic tie-ins, but will she distance herself from Uncharted, or will she simply translate the adventures of Captain America into that language?

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