Batman 1989, The best Gadgets of 2022

Batman 1989, The best Gadgets of 2022

Batman 1989

Batman Day is celebrated today, September 17, 2022. If Batman has always been your favorite super hero and you believe that Tim Burton's film is one of the best transpositions of the hooded crusader, this article, dear friends, is for you! We have selected the best Batman 1989 themed gadgets, a cult film where the legendary Michael Keaton was hidden under the cloak worn by Bruce Wayne, who at the moment seems to be in talks to return to wearing the black costume for future DC projects at the cinema. Let's not forget that this film is remembered as such also thanks to the incredible interpretation of the great Jack Nicholson and therefore among the various products that have been added to the list we have decided to give space to him too.

Batman 1989: The Best Gadgets

Bluetooth Headphone Wall Clock Doormat Welcome to the Batcave Bat-Logo Belt Cappuccino Cup Logo Keychain Hoodie and Logo Logo T-Shirt Bat-Slippers Christmas Sweater Fabric Mask with Logo Pillow with Logo Batman Anthology 1989-1997 (Box 4 Br) (Vinyl Edit.) Batwing (Batman 1989) Snapback Table Lamp New Era Batman 1989

Bluetooth headset

We have found this beautiful wireless headphone and we could not not include it in our list of the best gadgets dedicated to the dark knight. Its black color of the main structure in contrast with the soft yellow parts make it a must have purchase for any self-respecting fan. Obviously on the sides we find the inevitable round logo, the same that is projected by the Bat-Signal.

Wall Clock

This cute wall clock seems to have been made on purpose to decorate your secret corner dedicated to the bat man. It is dominated by dark colors that harmoniously contrast with the white numbers and hands and the parts of the various logos represented in yellow. It is battery powered and is a real atomic blast! Don't miss it, there aren't many!

Welcome to the Batcave Doormat

A nice carpet to show your friends and visitors who are entering the home of a true Batman fan. The wording “Welcome to the Batcave” is a real touch of class!

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Bat-Logo Belt

Ok… ok… it's not really the Bat belt, everyone knows it's yellow and full of gadgets and super technological tools but even this is not bad at all ! It is made of polyester with metal buckle and shows the classic black bat logo on a yellow background.

Cappuccino cup

Black, like coffee, like night and like revenge ... the Bat-Cup ... ok, it's not funny but the cup is really beautiful and deserves to forcefully enter your pantry in the kitchen.

Keychain with Logo

A small object, not too expensive, that you can use for your keys personal Bat-Cavern or as a gift idea. The plate with logo measures approximately 4.8 x 3 cm and is made of metal.

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Hooded Sweatshirt with Logo

Finally a nice Batman sweatshirt with the same colors as the logo. The central part is total black while the sleeves and hood are the same yellow as the symbol. Available in various sizes.

T-Shirt with Logo

A“ classic ”, inevitable in every drawer of a self-respecting nerd, as you say? don't have a Batman shirt yet? What are you waiting for? find it below, 100% cotton, in various sizes.

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There is nothing better than going home after a day of work and sitting on the sofa with a nice pair of warm slippers ... and if they are Bat- Slippers… even better. They are in soft black fabric with embroidery on the toe and yellow writing on the footbed. Excellent as a Christmas gift (but also as a self-gift).

Christmas Sweater

In united states is a real trend, to wear "ugly sweaters" during the Christmas holidays. Over the years, this habit has taken on a completely different meaning when companies in the textile sector began producing "Nerd" Christmas-themed sweaters. This is how the Christmas Bat-Sweater comes into our selection to amaze relatives and friends during dinners.

Fabric Mask with Logo

In a particular period like this a mask is essential, attention, this is not certified anti dropplets and is not a medical device but you can wear it over a classic surgical mask and look much cooler. After all, any object is better with a Batman symbol… right?

Pillow with Logo

A soft pillow, excellent for decorating your living room, we decided to add it because it reminded us of the scene from the film when the Batwing stood in front of the moon. Love at first sight.

Batman Anthology 1989-1997 (Box 4 Br) (Vinyl Edit.)

A collection of the first cinecomics dedicated to the dark knight from the first films directed by Tim Burton to the last two by Joel Schumacher. What captures the attention of this special bluray edition is the particular vinyl-shaped packaging (hence the name of the collection which also includes other titles) and the logo of the very first Batman embossed on the cover. Must have at all costs .. but here we are talking about less than 15 euros ... compulsory purchase for fans!

Batwing (Batman 1989) Table Lamp

If you want to give that "nerdy" touch to your boring desk, here is a nice and nice lamp in the shape of a Batwing. The Batwing is obviously that of the film dated 1989 that we see in the final scene when to prevent the Joker from spreading his gas on Gotham City with the help of his flying vehicle, Batman cuts all the threads of the balloons containing the gas passing in a scenographic way in front of it. to the moon thus forming its iconic logo. At the moment it is discounted at only 25 euros, to be taken "on the fly"!

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Snapback New Era Batman 1989

A beautiful black hat with the classic bat logo on a yellow background. there are also other colors but the charm of the classic logo always wins. A timeless symbol that is part of pop culture produced by New Era, synonymous with guarantee.

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