Batman 1989, the best action figures of 2022

Batman 1989, the best action figures of 2022

Batman 1989

Looking for Batman action figures ahead of his big comeback? Batman Day is celebrated today, September 17, 2022. Ask whoever you like but in the collective imagination there is one and only Batman and it is the one played by Michael Keaton in the 1989 Batman movie and its sequel Batman Returns from 1992. Like many of today's cult products it is a child product of the pop culture of the 80-90s and after having created a collection of the best gadgets we decided to select in this special the best action figures and collectibles themed Batman 1989 (but also from its sequel ). From Funko Pop to the very expensive, and now rare, Hot Toys to products for all budgets, we bet you will find your next Bat-purchase below?

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Neca Action figure and Prop Diamond Select Toys DC Gallery Batman 1989 the Hot Toys 1/6 Scale Batman 1989 - S.H.Figuarts Funko Pop "Batman 1989" Lego Batman 1989 Batman 1989 MDS by Mezco Toyz

Neca Action Figure and prop

From neca come the 1: 1 scale replica of the legendary batarang and the grapnel launcher (the bat grapple) used by Michael Keaton in the movie. Made entirely of plastic, it has every detail of the weapon used by the hooded crusader in the fight against crime in Gotham City. Also from Neca are also available a series of action figures with not exactly small dimensions since they are in 1: 4 scale but that will surely make you crazy for quality and details.

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Diamond Select Toys DC Galley

The DC Gallery line by Diamond Select Toys continues to amaze with its incredible realization. These are pre-colored pvc statues with crazy details. Various characters from the first film and its sequel are available. Let's start with The Dark Knight which in the figure proposed by Diamond Select Toys stands above a globe which is itself supported by a sculptural element of a Gotham City building. Although the costume is completely black we can distinguish the details and the manufacture of the sculpt with which the artists of the company wanted (and succeeded) to recreate the effect of the leather cloak.

As beautiful as it is lethal, Selina Kyle aka Catwoman is pictured here in a typical pose over the rooftops of Gotham City holding her whip ready to lash out at anyone who opposes her. Note the effect of the snow which is truly incredible and the bricks of the chimney as they have been meticulously crafted. Impossible not to recognize in the face the features of Michelle Pfeiffer who played the cat in Batman Returns.

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Batman 1989 Hot Toys 1/6 Scale

An incredible scale reproduction of Batman and the Joker with many pivot points and almost 30 cm in height. These action dolls are equipped with numerous accessories and interchangeable parts and have a function that allows them to rotate even the eyeballs to take the most varied and incredible poses. They are now rare pieces and the only way to get them is to rely on sellers with a high rating. Hot Toys also produced a beautiful scale Batmobile with the figures. They are pieces released years ago, so if the price seems too high we can tell you that it is completely normal for this kind of items and, if they are not for you, maybe you should scroll and look for more, these are real pieces for avid collectors. !

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Batman 1989 - S.H.Figuarts

The new S.H.Figuarts of Tamashii Nations is finally available on the market, the legendary Japanese company owned by the Bandai Spirits group. The Batman 1989 action figure is super articulated and stands about 15cm tall. It is made of plastic with the use of fabric to make the mantle. Inside the package there are various accessories including batarangs, grapples and two sticks to simulate the mythical scene of the opening of the cloak to scare the criminals.

Funko Pop “Batman 1989”

We remain in the field of collectibles with a beautiful static dedicated to Batman. This Funko Pop in addition to being well-finished in detail has an affordable cost and for all budgets, also ideal as a gift. It is part of a series of figures dedicated to Batman that celebrate his 80th birthday. Among the various Funko there are also those of the Joker, Catwoman and a special edition with a "Bronze Statue" effect of Batman.

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LEGO 76161 "1989 Batwing" and LEGO 76139 "1989 Batmobile"

From LEGO finally comes the reproduction of the Batwing, after making the Batmobile you can finally assemble the iconic aircraft from the film. With over 2363 pieces, 52 cm long and 58 cm wide, it will be equipped with a special support that will allow you to display it in a horizontal position but also to use it as a bracket to hang it on the wall. Inside it will include three exclusive mini figures: Batman, Joker-Mimo and Lawrence (Joker's right hand man). A practical transparent acrylic display is also available and a kit of led lights compatible with the battery-powered set and activated by a practical remote control.

A set that would not even have presentations but in case you missed it, thanks to the partnership between Lego and Warner Bros this really screaming set for collectors was born. 3300 pieces for a length of almost 60 cm that will allow you to create the legendary (and very black) Batmobile. Of course the cost may seem high but we are talking about a limited edition and large. Inside there will be minifigures of Batman, Joker and Vicky Vale.

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Batman 1989 MDS by Mezco Toyz

Mezco Toys has recently launched a small action figure on the market, Batman Deluxe Edition for the Mezco Designer Series line. This is a caricature of the Batman created by Tim Burton who, thanks to the various points of articulation, can assume various poses. The cape has an iron wire that you can shape to your liking, it has various accessories including interchangeable hands, weapons and ... surprise ... behind the head it has a wheel that allows you to rotate the eyes.

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