Amazon gaming chairs | The best of 2022

Amazon gaming chairs | The best of 2022

Did you know that the average gamer spends 2 to 5 hours a day sitting in front of a screen? It doesn't seem like it, but at the end of the month they start to be many, especially if the other hours of the day are spent working sitting at the PC. The back suffers a lot, which is why it is recommended to have a comfortable seat and above all built according to the rules of ergonomics. A gaming chair that doesn't make you perch like birds on a perch and perhaps with an attractive design that doesn't look like grandma's orthopedic chair. For this reason we have made a selection of the best Amazon gaming chairs, chosen for ergonomics, design and functionality.

Before starting, we remind you that we have already made several other articles on gaming chairs, such as that of the best chairs ever, but we also have an article dedicated to the best gaming desks and one to the best gaming desks available on Amazon, perfect products to accompany your new gaming chair.

That said, here's our selection on best Amazon gaming chairs sorted by increasing price.

Amazon gaming chair, the best

CLP, the economical DX RACER, the best with DIABLO X-One 2.0 supports, the best for quality - RAZER ISKUR price, the best in design AROZZI VERNAZZA, the best for professionals Other Amazon gaming chairs

CLP, the economy

Generic photos Let's start with CLP, a really cheap product (under 100 euros), but no less valid. It is a product with a large and comfortable seat (50 x 66 cm with 71 cm backrest) perfect for both the office and for gaming. It is upholstered in both fabric and eco-leather, while the seat is filled with a layer of thick high-density foam, an elastic but not easily deformed material similar to the memory foam that is so fashionable in mattresses and cushions (and makes also good, try it for yourself). Thanks to the star support with 5 wheels, the chair holds up to 120 kg in weight and can be raised in height by means of the pneumatic lifting of the backrest. There are also armrests (not adjustable) and a small head support. Unfortunately the backrest is not adjustable. CLP is the Amazon gaming chair recommended for those who do not have particular needs for an ergonomic or design tool and simply want to renew their PC workstation while containing expenses.

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DX Racer, the best with back, neck and leg supports

Generic photos We go up with the price to propose the DX Racer chair dedicated to those who need posture supports and to those who love to lie down when playing. In fact, this Amazon gaming chair, in addition to having both the upper support to support the neck and the lower one at the bottom of the backrest to help the column, offers the possibility of adjusting the armrests in 3 dimensions. In addition, the backrest can be reclined up to 135 ° (similar to a deck chair). The chair is naturally also adjustable in height and can support up to 150 kg of weight. In terms of upholstery, the metal structure of the chair is covered with fabric with imitation leather inlays and numerous finishes for a unique design. Each ergonomic support is filled with high-density sponge which then adapts to the weight of the user. It is a 360 degree chair dedicated to gamers who want to be extremely comfortable and do not mind a nap from time to time, but it is also an extremely elegant product that could liven up your office.

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Diablo X-One 2.0, the best for quality-price

We now come to a product that for the price at which it is offered manages to achieve a quality seen only in the higher ranges. Diablo X-One 2.0 is the Amazon gaming chair dedicated to design lovers who want a fresh and colorful product, as well as comfortable and ergonomic. The back of the chair is in fact tiltable up to 140 °, can be adjusted in height and offers elbow rests which are also adjustable in height. The upholstery, in addition to offering a great variety of colors and patterns, is made with HDS imitation leather. A luxurious type of leatherette that remains shiny over time, fresh and resists the numerous rubbing due to everyday wear. The interior of the chair consists of a memory foam cushion that adapts perfectly to the player's body and weight, preventing lower back pain and offering an almost perfect seat. It is also available in several sizes (S, L and XL) to satisfy any type of height and lower back of the user. If you want to play it safe and buy a gaming chair with great quality in both design and ergonomics, this Diablo offer is the one for you.

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Razer Iskur, the best in design

Generic photos If you have no budget problems and are looking for a truly luxurious and elegant product, we recommend the Razer Iskur, a chair that is part of Razer's gaming product series. This gaming chair is also fully adjustable: the backrest can be reclined up to 150 °, the seat can be adjusted in height and the elbow rests can be set in 4 dimensions to support the arms in any type of seat. The materials are exceptional, certified by the high quality of Razer products and covered with elegant and resistant multilayer synthetic leather. The same goes for the supports, one for the head and neck and the other for the back. These cushions integrated into the chair are shaped and composed of a high-density foam similar to memory foam that adapts to the player's body. It's too good a chair not to have it in front of your desk. Although it may seem expensive for an average gamer, you have to bear in mind that it is a product made to last for years. Buying such a chair you can rest assured for over 10 years minimum.

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Arozzi Vernazza, the best for professionals

Generic photos Finally we arrive at a recommended product for gaming professionals. Arozzi Vernazza is a real dream for all esports players, designed to facilitate gamers' movements and make every session comfortable. This Amazon gaming chair is equipped with both neck support and lumbar support both made of dense elastic memory foam that does not deform but helps maintain posture. The upholstery, on the other hand, is a mix of fabric and faux leather finely sewn together. Seat and back are made of the same materials as the supports and offer the maximum level of adjustment. The backrest can be comfortably reclined and the armrests are also adjustable to support the arms in any position. If you are a professional player and you want a comfortable, ergonomic and adjustable chair to follow you in all your endeavors, the Arozzi chair is the one that can help you win every game.

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How to choose a gaming chair

After this selection it is natural to ask yourself "but how do you choose a good gaming chair?" This section of our guide is here for that and will help you understand which are the essential features that you really don't have to give up, the best materials for each type of player, the perfect adjustment functions and also how to make a targeted purchase while staying on budget. .


Let's start with the materials, the gaming chairs can be made of fabric, leather or imitation leather or a mix of these materials. If you are one of those players with an armpit always on a war footing and sweating rivers just to face a goomba in Super Mario (believe me I know what I'm talking about) then leather chairs are to be avoided. Although they are easier to clean and more beautiful to look at than fabric ones, they heat up more easily and in the summer it's like placing the backside on a barbecue.

Fabric chairs are cooler because unlike of the skin do not redden with prolonged use. However, they tend to get damaged earlier and are often not really beautiful to look at. The best solution, therefore, to stay cool and have a design product to keep at your desk, is to choose leatherette products that offer the best of fabric and leather and are able to withstand over time. If you want to take a look to better understand the potential of each of the two materials described, we have also created a guide to the best fabric gaming chairs and one with advice on the best leather gaming chairs of the moment.

Of course there are also hybrid chairs, built with leather and fabric inlays or vice versa. They are an excellent alternative if you are undecided on which material to use. However, you must keep in mind that as the merits of the two materials remain, so do the defects and in some cases you may find yourself with chairs that wear more in specific points.


The second instead, the characteristic to be evaluated concerns the adjustments. To avoid being nailed to the chair like Frankenstein's monster, these must be adjustable both in height, to be adaptable to the screen and your desk, and in inclination, to avoid being too slack and lighten the load on your back. Remember that the recommended height from the ground varies according to your height and must always be between 38 and 55 cm. The back must maintain an angle of 90 degrees while sitting and the recommended distance between eyes and monitor is between 50 and 80 cm.

It is also good that the chair also has an elbow rest that can always be set in height (although in 4D with 360 degree adjustments it's better). The arms must be supported because the elbow weighs and tends to drag them down along with the shoulders and, consequently, the back. An adjustable elbow rest is essential on a gaming chair to avoid assuming the same position as a tyrannosaurus beating on the keyboard with its arms.

Remember then that the chair is not enough to save you from back pain and it is It is necessary to take breaks between a game / work session and the other but above all to equip yourself with a gaming desk to obtain a perfect balance. An ultra-adjustable gaming chair in front of a common static desk loses most of its functionality because it will always and in any case be linked to the fixed height of the desk.


For maximum comfort, it is perhaps better to spend a few euros more for posture supports. Both the lumbar pillow for the back, which lightens the load on the spine, and the one for the head that works just like the elbow rest but with the head. After several hours on the PC, the head begins to weigh and the neck suffers from keeping it always standing in the same position.

A headrest helps to reduce the load on the cervical and to rest the neck. There are different types and shapes, from the simple pillow to the more performing horseshoe-shaped one with an alcove for the neck. If you already have a chair do not worry because you can also buy it separately, try to take a look at these headrests that can be easily inserted into any chair.

The supports can be of two types: integrated inside padding of the chair or removable. Removable ones are better because in many cases you may want to take them off to try other types of seats or to clean them separately. Those inside the padding, however, are often made with an adaptive foam, similar to the memory foam pillows for the neck used in the bed. This type of support adapts, supports and protects the player's balance and posture, helping him to remain in the correct position without effort and making sure that the back grows in the right way.

Amazon Store

You all know Amazon. This guide is dedicated to the best gaming chairs that you can find on the famous Bezos store. We chose Amazon because it is synonymous with quality and speed and we created this selection to provide you with a guide to the immensity of the store. The products offered on the platform are many and gaming chairs are available in all types, colors and sizes. What we have tried to do with this article, however, is to offer only the best of the best in the store. Amazon often offers some products that are not quite the best in the industry, even if they carry the "Amazon choice" label. In our selection you will find instead only the products that really deserve, so you can be sure that the one that will arrive at home will be a really quality gaming chair.

Also, remember that on Amazon there is always the possibility to subscribe to Prime which not only gives you the opportunity to receive the gaming chair of your choice with one-day deliveries but also gives you access to a large amount of offers and content. The Prime Video catalog, hundreds of books and comics for the Kindle, all the music you want. All this and much more simply by signing up for the Prime service.


We close with an important variable for each product and not just for Amazon gaming chairs. I'm talking of course about the price as no one likes sitting in a chair that probably costs more than the computer in front of them. In this case we have selected a wide range of products ranging from cheap chairs around 100 euros up to professional products that are under 400 euros. Speaking of the former, these are functional products but often made with materials that have a low durability and that tend to spoil quickly, while speaking of the latter we can tell you that they are the best and most comfortable products you can find on the market. Chairs built to create over 10 years and keep their functionality and materials intact.

The truth (or price quality in this case) lies somewhere in between. If you want to take home a gaming chair worthy of the name, made of excellent materials and fully adjustable, we have chosen some of the 250 euros that are able to keep you company for a very long time. They are chairs that have all the features of a high-end chair and just give up some gems such as memory foam or some added adjustments such as 4D armrests. However, they are acceptable sacrifices given the significantly lower price than the high-end or even if you don't want to waste too much time lost in the gaming chair market. The final choice, of course, is up to you and your wallet. Remember, however, that an inexpensive product pays for itself in terms of durability, while an expensive product pays immediately but always remains.

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