All the initiatives for One Piece Film Red at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

All the initiatives for One Piece Film Red at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

There will not be only the Italian preview in the presence of the director Goro Taniguchi but, as previously anticipated, there will be many initiatives that will concern One Piece Film Red at Lucca Comics and Games 2022 for what is configured as the most great event of One Piece ever made in Italy.

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All the initiatives for One Piece Film Red at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

One Piece Film: Red brings pirates, fans and sailors to the island of Elegia for a great festival. Likewise, all One Piece fans who will be at Lucca Comics and Games 2022, in cosplay or without, will be able to enjoy the festival experience through the presence of One Piece Film: Red throughout the city and have fun with all the activities scheduled, made with many partners.

In Japan, the film is to all intents and purposes the most profitable ever of the franchise, has grossed more than 86 million euros to date with over 8.6 million tickets sold ; scored the second-best debut in the history of Japanese cinema, and is the best-grossing anime of 2022. The film also recently opened with a very good box office in France, with almost 900,000 admissions and is still in just under 600 theaters in its fourth week of programming.

We believe it is the best time to realize this event in collaboration with Lucca Comics & Games. It will be a very important moment of the festival as well as for One Piece and One Piece Film: Red. It is also our way to express our gratitude to our fans and to celebrate One Piece, one of the biggest entertainment brands in the world, with them.

Exclusive events:

October 28: special screening in collaboration with Crunchyroll of three special episodes of One Piece dedicated to Luffy, Uta and Shanks. At 19:30 it will then be the turn of UTA live from Budokan night projection 29 October: Italian premiere of One Piece Film: Red at Cinema Astra, Piazza del Giglio. The Italian premiere of One Piece Film: Red will be in the original language with subtitles and will be in the presence of: Goro Taniguchi: Director; Masayuki Sato: Animation Director and Character Designer; Hiroaki Shibata: Producer. The screening will be preceded by the official red carpet in the presence of the Japanese guests and part of the Italian cast, as well as celebrated with gadgets and special effects. For all the details on the preview, read our dedicated article. The Red Carpet will start at 3pm. The cost of the ticket for the premiere of One Piece Film: Red is included in the Lucca Comics & Games 2022 ticket valid for Saturday 29 October. October 30: interview with Goro Taniguchi at the Teatro del Giglio. In parallel, Masayuki Sato will be the protagonist of a live drawing session. At the Luffy Balloon guarding the city walls of Lucca there will be the greatest One Piece karaoke in history! Cosplayers or simple sailors are welcome to sing and send a special message to sensei Oda to thank him for creating our dream. The event will count on the presence of the great guide of Emanuela Pacotto, aka NAMI, while a musical parade will lead everyone to the One Piece stand. The event will start at 2.30pm. October 30: Goro Taniguchi and Masayuki Sato signing autographs at the One Piece Film: Red booth. The event will be a 45-minute session. The autographs will be signed on a special shikishi prepared by Toei Animation on a drawing by Sato san.
Photo booth at the One Piece Film: Red stand and on the walls. Treasure Hunt One Piece Film: Red x Lucca Comics & Games. Hidden Character Hunt - Where are Luffy, Uta and Shanks? An additional treasure hunt in three secret locations within the city. Spot the pirates! (and tag One Piece on social media!) Search and choose your favorite One Piece Film: Red character from 38 street lamps! Shop for exclusive products: a shop inside the One Piece Film: Red stand, with special and exclusive products directly from Toei Animation together with a selection of products from Bandai, Funko, Abysse Style, Clementoni, Panini and others. Challenge the pirates! Play with One Piece characters and win raffle tickets! Only inside the One Piece Film: Red booth! Lottery: Enter the lottery at the One Piece Film: Red booth to win lots of prizes! Watch exclusive videos on One Piece Film: Red, Uta, Ado and interivste with Taniguchi-san and Sato-san about the new blockbuster movie! Only inside the One Piece Film: Red booth! The One Piece Film: Red treasure hunt at Lucca Comics and Games 2022. Every day, fans will receive a map of Lucca Comics & Games 2022 branded One Piece Film: Red x Lucca Comics & Games 2022. On the map, each partner stand of One Piece participants will be represented by a member of the Straw Hat Crew + special guests. Fans must go to each participating booth to receive a stamp on the map. Once finished, they will have to post on Instagram a photo of the One Piece Film: Red movie poster that will be on one side of the One Piece Film: Red booth to receive an exclusive redemption. Redemptions will vary depending on the number of stands and stamps collected.

For those who complete the treasure hunt there will be an exclusive One Piece Film: Red x Lucca Comics & Games gadget. In addition, they will participate every day in the draw for 3 mega bags with One Piece products worth more than 300 euros. All attendees will receive, along with the map, a cardboard straw hat to wear.

The map and straw hat will be distributed alongside the One Piece Film: Red booth, and at the One Piece partner booths. present in the Japan Town area.

Spot the pirates: in addition to the Treasure Hunt map, another map will be distributed featuring 38 characters from One Piece Film: Red. By photographing and marking the 38 banners on the map, one for each character that will be hung on 38 street lamps within the city walls, just go to the One Piece stand and request a prize or photograph your favorite pirate and post it online with the One Piece hashtags!

Emanuele Vietina, Director of Lucca Comics & Games, concluded by saying:

Everything that revolves around One Piece, but in particular the preview of One Piece Film: RED, has to do with hope, HOPE, the theme of the 2022 edition. Hope in a better future, hope in the next, the hope of being together with other fans like us, all in the same place, to celebrate the same passions, to share moments and experiences with enthusiasm and a great sense of gratitude, one of the five founding values ​​of Lucca Comics & Games. Those values ​​that communities, more than anyone else, are able to appreciate and amplify. It is with this spirit that we are honored to host in our cultural program not only the preview, not only the great international guests, but above all the One Piece initiatives and fans that will certainly make this vintage unique.

About One Piece: Film Red

One Piece Film: Red, awaited by the most avid fans and not only, is the first episode with a strong musical component (with the suggestive interpretation of the Japanese star Ado) and also sees the return of one of the most iconic and interesting characters created by Oda: Shanks the Red, one of the four emperors, as well as the pirate who inspired and pushed Luffy as a child to become a pirate and the father of the new character Uta.

Here is the official synopsis:

Uta, the most beloved singer in the world, whose voice has been defined as "otherworldly", is also famous for hiding her true identity and another secret: Uta is Shanks' daughter! For the first time ever, she has decided to reveal her face to the world during a live concert! The concert arena, held on the island of Elegia, fills with all of its fans, including notorious pirates, members of the Navy and the Straw Hat Pirates led by Luffy, all determined to enjoy this highly anticipated singing performance. The concert begins and the audience discovers that the exceptional power of Uta's voice hides a danger that could change the world. It will then be up to Luffy and Shanks to take action. Among so many twists, the battle for freedom is about to begin…

One Piece Film Red will be released in Italian cinemas on December 1st and will premiere on November 7th and 8th in the original language. If you are looking for the numbers of the manga or other One Piece themed gadgets, make your purchases on Amazon following this link.

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