When does the fiber arrive? How to check the status of the works for the ultra-broadband

When does the fiber arrive? How to check the status of the works for the ultra-broadband

Do you live in one of the areas not yet covered by ultra-broadband Internet connectivity and want to know when the optical fiber will reach your home or workplace?

Fortunately, as part of the Ultra Broadband strategic plan, the Ministry of Economic Development provides a practical and intuitive platform that allows you to follow the progress of the work, take charge of the construction sites for optical fiber and much more.

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The Ultra Broadband Plan: all the details

The "Ultra Broadband - Towards the Gigabit Society" strategic plan was initially approved on March 3, 2015 by the Italian government with the aim of reducing infrastructural and market gap still present in the various areas of the country in relation to the development of both fixed and mobile telecommunications structures.

Ultra broadband: what are white, gray and black areas?

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The objective of this strategic plan, updated on the basis of the recent National Recovery and Resilience Plan, is to develop an ultra-broadband network on the whole national territory, so as to create a public infrastructure in accordance with the most recent objectives of the European Digital Agenda such as to bring connectivity to 1 Gbps throughout the national territory by 2026.

In its most recent version, dating back to May 2021 and publicly available in its entirety , the Italian strategy for ultra-broadband is divided into seven action areas:

Completion of the "White Areas" Plan "Italy 1 Giga" Plan "Italy 5G" Plan "Connected Schools" Plan "Connected Health Plan" "Plan" Minor Islands "Plan" Voucher to support the application ".

How to check the progress of the works

Checking the progress of the implementation of the fiber optic network has never been easier: the Ministry for Economic Development is making available, starting from 2020, a dedicated platform to the address bandaultralarga.italia.it.

Inside the site you will find the most updated data on the status of the construction sites in progress and completed. As soon as you enter the platform you will find an interactive map that represents the status of the works expressed as a percentage of the entire Italian territory: by clicking on a region you can narrow the field and check the actual sum of the construction sites completed for the fiber and wireless connection.

Alternatively, the platform of the Ultra Broadband plan is equipped with practical tools that allow you to check the status of the work directly in your home or in the Municipality of reference.

Search by address

In addition to a series of infographics summarizing the status of the work updated to the latest report, the homepage of the Ultra-broadband Plan presents a button at the top left that allows you to check the coverage of the ultra-broadband network infrastructures in a specific real estate unit .

Once you have entered the dedicated page, simply fill in the fields relating to the address in question and the data will be returned to you related to:

Type of intervention (area where the address is located and operator who took charge of it) Peak speed usable in 2021 Number of private operators active in 2021 (when present) Information on infrastructure interventions in the Municipality of reference (when present).

Search by Municipality

Starting from the search by address, just click on the button “Go to the municipal page” to view the data relating to the interventions in progress on the single Municipality. By clicking on the pop-up menu you can also explore the timing of the work plan and its progress.

You can also check the state of the work of a municipality from the map state, orienting you with the legend which, based on the color chosen, will indicate the taking charge of the intervention (planned, in planning or in progress). In this way you will be able to understand if the construction site you are interested in is:

In final design In executive design In execution Closed works In testing Completed.

How to download complete data

The Ultralarga Band Strategic Plan platform is already reworking the dataset relating to the status of the works in a series of infographics available directly on the website homepage.

However, if you need to view or download the complete data, you can do so by accessing the Documents and data section> Construction sites dashboard. Here you can explore the dataset from your smartphone or download it for free in .csv format in its most updated version, so that you can use it for further processing or visualization.

Ultra-broadband coverage: what does it mean?

The goal of the Ultra Broadband plan is to provide the entire national territory with an Internet connection with a Next Generation Access (NGA) network, a term that indicates connections with download speeds of at least 30Mbps, where simple broadband reaches a speed maximum of 2Mbps.

However, a further distinction must be made between two different types of ultra-broadband, which always differ in relation to the download speed: up to 30Mbps we talk about "fast broadband", while the European Digital Agenda prefers the adoption of the so-called "ultra fast broadband" above 100Mbps.

This last type of connection allows us to introduce a further re acronym often present in the telecommunications field: NGA-VHCN, or “Very High Capacity Networks”, very high capacity networks capable of providing the best performance on the market ever, even exceeding the 1Gbps download threshold.

FTTC and FTTH, what are the differences?

The state of work: the latest data

The latest data relating to the progress of the Ultra Broadband plan, updated in December 2021, were published a few days ago. Infratel has made available in a report, freely accessible by all, the latest statistics, which bring to over 5300 the construction sites opened in the last year. end 2021:

Since the operational launch of the BUL Plan, 3,230 municipalities have been on the market (1499 more than in December 2020), 1,845 municipalities tested positively (1216 more than in December 2020), 5,366 construction sites open (1,651 more than in December 2020). In December 2021, the cumulative amount of the works ordered to the Concessionaire from the start of the Plan is equal to 1,673,890,140.45 euros, of which 32,867,266.42 (of the funds allocated for the strategic plan, ed.) Committed in the month of December . As of December 31, 2021, Infratel has successfully tested 1,845 FTTH municipalities and another 49 with prescriptions. The Ministry has also made available the documentation containing the list of Municipalities that are part of the Plan up to December 2021:

Municipalities positively tested from the beginning of the Plan to December 2021 Municipalities in marketing from the start of the Plan to December 2021

Open Fiber ultra-broadband: how to check the status of the works

If you want to know when the optical fiber will arrive in your municipality or in your home, you can rely, in addition to the platform of the Ministry of Economic Development described above, on services made available by the individual companies that manage these network infrastructures.

To check the status of the Open Fiber ultra-broadband works, you must go to the dedicated address, where you can navigate in an interactive map , discover the municipalities already reached and those in which the construction sites are still in progress, as well as technical information relating to the execution of the works such as:

U I (Real Estate Unit) PAC / PAL (Central Public Administration / Local Public Administration) Amount Contractor Supplier Construction Supervision / Site Safety Coordinator (CSP-CSE).

Fibercop ultra-broadband: how to check the status of the works

Also for areas contracted out by FiberCop it is possible to consult a practical map that highlights the construction sites where the FTTH network is being built, as well as the infrastructures already existing in a given Municipality.

Compared to the previous platforms, the one provided by Fibercop presents a lower level of detail on the status of the works, but still allows for an overview of the areas which will soon be joined by the service.

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