The Universe you Live in, review of the Jundo original comic

The Universe you Live in, review of the Jundo original comic

The Universe you Live in

From Jundo, the Italian webcomics platform, comes the paper edition of the original comic The Universe in which you live, by Giuseppe Battery. A title between sci-fi and fantasy that from digital also reaches that pool of readers who prefer print, The Universe in which you live is an excellent example of indie comics with the potential to reach even the most mainstream market, if we consider the title detached from all those aspects that can certainly be improved to make it a complete work without flaws due to probable inexperience. What struck us about Giuseppe Battery's comic? We talk about it in our review.

The Universe You Live In…

Kappa lives on one of the 77 planets conquered by King Fidelio in his expansion of his own kingdom in the universe. Here the use of magic is part of normal daily life and Kappa uses it to work at the King's Excavations, in search of ancient artifacts from other planets to know their extent and continue with the expansion work. During his research, Kappa comes into possession of a mysterious object, a sort of dark and thin parallelepiped, which does not react to magic, but lights up and seems to establish contact with someone else: a smartphone.| ); }

... and the universe you think you live in

The value of a title that from a subscription-based web platform with a certainly greedy cost, such as Jundo, passes on to a paper support with a certainly (and rightly) different price, first of all in being able to intrigue the reader, to capture their attention and keep it steady. I am waiting for The Universe in which you live its own through a plot that does not follow a flat and linear path, but develops with digressions and different POVs, introducing us into a narrative that knows how to ignite the curiosity of the reader. , disseminates clues and allusions to relevant past events, implies a vast universe full of mysteries.

The screenplay does not support the narrative, since the structure of The Universe in which you live is rather confusing, disrupted also due to chaotic illustrations and palettes (as we will see later) and can certainly be an aspect that can be improved for the purpose of greater understanding. Furthermore, the protagonists do not show relevant signs that can determine an outburst of empathy towards them. Kappa above all has a smoky personality, one-dimensional and still too vague to bond with the reader at this stage. On the other hand, as mentioned, there is no doubt that The Universe in which you dress is intriguing, full of narrative ideas with a potential that could promise a much more articulated success series, designed according to a solid and less chaotic, with a greater focus on the protagonists, their past and their future intentions.

The galaxy in a world

What is the first mental association that arises from reading The Universe in which Do you live ? That of a galaxy, of a science fiction place linked to the mysterious beauties of the universe. The palette is therefore made of purple, lilac, light blue and green, in different combinations of fluo and pastel, but always dominant on each page. These colors are applied on always stylized illustrations, often reduced to essential outlines and without details, with large and expressive "brushstrokes" that give a certain movement to the figures.

Jundo represents in this sense an excellent launching platform for all those authors who intend to publish their content and expand their audience. At the cost of an attractive subscription, the platform that hosts webtoons, comics and manga also adopts a philosophy aimed at the synergy between digital and paper, also allowing access to "physical" content in a handy paperback (in this case), excellent in materials , comfortable and essential. The Universe where you live is one of those original Jundo titles that we believe is worth having in your library, as long as its true potential is exploited in a more structured way with the next volumes of the work.

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