5 movies to recover absolutely after The Gray Man

5 movies to recover absolutely after The Gray Man

On July 22, the new film by the Russo brothers finally arrived on the Netflix catalog: The Gray Man. It is a real concentrated action in which the presence of a script is easily replaced by everything else. Adrenaline and anxiety keep the whole story going, pushing the cast from event to event, from city to city. An extremely classic structure therefore, even if not confirmed by the writing. In the event that you liked it, or were attracted to stories of the genre, perhaps with better narrative care, below we recommend 5 films to absolutely recover if you enjoyed The Gray Man. All the most classic features of this new film derive from previous projects, projects that have also been able to innovate the genre itself, affirming itself in the history of the medium and even making it memorable.

Going back to understand the past of a genre can be extremely rewarding in the light of all contemporary and future works. The Russo brothers also drew heavily on the films that you will find below, further confirming their importance and a certain type of imprint that is still relevant today.

5 films to recover after The Gray Man

Nikita John Wick Saga The Bourne Identity 007 Saga Mission: Impossible Saga


Among the 5 films to recover after The Gray Man certainly could not miss Nikita. It is a 1990 cult film by Luc Besson. Nikita was so successful at the time that it is still cited and honored continuously today, continuing its same story with the public through two television series. At the center of Nikita we find this young woman (played by Anne Parillaud) addicted to drugs, who at the beginning of the story finds herself embroiled in a robbery in a pharmacy. The goal of her, her and her gang of hers, is to obtain, with the shot, other drugs. The criminal act, however, goes wrong, and with the subsequent intervention of the French police the girl will be forced to kill one of the policemen on the spot. Once arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, the French secret services will stage her death, and then make her disappear. At this point in the story, Bob's character will impose two choices on the young woman: death, or training to become a killer.

The second choice will change her entire life, projecting her into a training center, with very hard trials, until the objective of the French services is achieved. From this moment on, a new path will open for Nikita, no longer a problematic drug addict but a professional killer for the government, in a succession of events that will continually mix her identity, playing with what she feels and all her violent duties.

The Gray Man 5 films

John Wick Saga

Thinking of The Gray Man and 5 films that remember him, it is almost impossible not to think of John Wick. The saga of films at the center of which we find the character who gives his name to each of these (played by Keanu Reeves), a legendary retired cold-blooded killer. In the first film we know him in this phase of his life, alone and in a moment of tranquility apparently far from his identity. The disappearance of his wife from a terrible disease has brought a dog into her life, the woman's last legacy. John appears, initially, as a lonely and peaceful type, at least until a young and spoiled criminal decides to attack him in his house, killing the animal in front of him. This act of extreme and gratuitous violence will awaken all the anger of the former killer, who will immediately return to work driven by a blind anger towards the aforementioned young man.

One of the most interesting traits of John Wick lies not only in the violence with which each single event is drawn, but in the world itself that emerges from film to film, as the killing progresses. Moving within these stories means walking in a real parallel and secret world in which killers from all over the world routinely move. Not just the story of a legendary killer, but the gradual construction of a saga that still has something to say today.

The Gray Man 5 films

The Bourne Identity

2002 film, directed by Doug Liman. Even The Bourne Identity remembers, for many things, The Gray Man, resulting central in a list of 5 films to be recovered. Based on the 1980 novel "A nameless face" by Robert Ludlum, we are talking about another film that has made school when it comes to the action genre. The Bourne Identity is the first in a film saga that ended with Jason Bourne in 2016. At the heart of the story is a man about whom absolutely nothing is known. His body is found, by chance, in the Mediterranean Sea by an Italian fishing boat. Although alive he has no memory of himself and why he was at sea. From a total loss of his own identity, a narrative begins at the center of which Jason (Matt Damon) will find himself reconstructing his previous life and up to that moment, piece by piece, brick by brick.

With the passing of events, his incredible skills in hand-to-hand combat and in the use of weapons will emerge. A real professional of violence with no idea of ​​his real task and goal. In the meantime, the CIA is investigating the disappearance of one of their men at the time considered "burned". Having been, Jason, one of the members of a special team of assassins of the aforementioned agency, named Treadstone, soon becomes a target of his previous bosses who, driven by fear, try in every way to eliminate him.

The Gray Man 5 film

007 Saga

We cannot talk about The Gray Man without mentioning at least once 007, especially in a ranking of 5 films that closely resemble him. To talk about James Bond it is central to at least mention his literary origins. Son of the pen of Ian Fleming, he is one of the most famous characters not only in the paper dimension, but above all in the cinematographic one. Over time, many films have been made focusing on the story of the legendary British secret agent, stories that have remained more or less etched in the memory of the general public. In The Gray Man the quotes to this particular character are many, starting from the very name with which the protagonist Six (played by Ryan Gosling) is identified. The number six will certainly have some corporate significance within the lore of the film (in reality it is never explained, joining the general superficiality with which they wrote the film, but in relation to what is shown in the story it is still a with a certain weight) relating directly to the dark dynamics to the public.

With the James Bond films, 007, we find ourselves in front of an iconic character who has made school both in all the spy stories released so far, and in the characterization of their protagonists. Presenting himself as an agent with a license to kill, he actually introduces us to a world in which the very meaning of death takes on a completely different value from the one we all know. A narrative universe made of luxury and opulence, but also of a violence that remains deeply etched. Over the years this character has always adapted to the characteristics of his present, while maintaining his classic canons coined by Fleming himself in 1953, with the release of Casino Royale. The sense of fit remains one of James' most fascinating characteristics, dramatically increasing his cinematic longevity to date.

Coldness, detachment from others, troubled family history and a new path through a government agency are just some of the commonalities that dear James builds with The Gray Man's Six. Theirs is a complex story shaped by a series of successive events to make them what they are when we cross their path.

The Gray Man 5 film

Mission: Impossible Saga

You can't help but think of Mission Impossible when watching The Gray Man. We are talking about another film saga that has made history both on the big screen and its genre, changing its canons and raising its level forever. Taken from the 1966 television series conceived by Bruce Geller, the first film was released in 1996, directed by Brian De Palma, and then continued over the years until 2018 with Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

The Gray Man 5 film This film saga is currently underway, with the forthcoming release, in the course of 2023, of Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part one, subsequently followed by part two arriving in 2024. Center of all we find the character of Ethen Hunt (historically interpreted by Tom Cruise) member, at least initially, of the so-called IMF (Impossible Mission Force), a secret section within the CIA whose forces are reserved for the most complex and apparently impossible missions solve.

Over the course of the films we will learn about the protagonist of the saga, involved in increasingly extreme and dangerous actions to be measured against. The traits in common with the protagonist of The Gray Man, also in this case, are many. They both specialize in the art of war and never back down even during the most dangerous pursuits. Theirs is a coldness outlined by moments of humanity, and by a courage that never falters. Ethan Hunt, although originating from some stereotypes of the action genre, has been able to establish himself and stand out over the years, becoming iconic first and human later. Six has a lot to learn from him.

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