Amazon: less than 5 euros for these 10 unmissable products!

Amazon: less than 5 euros for these 10 unmissable products!


UPDATE 11/22/2021: we have replaced the camping knife with an excellent quality kitchen glove.

The best discounts do not only involve ultra-expensive products, such as large appliances, and that's why we inform you that Amazon often collects a huge amount of great cheap items and places them at practically ridiculous prices. In this regard, we have recently reported some products available on the e-commerce giant for less than € 1 and now we want to inform you of a series of goods with a slightly higher cost, but still available for less than € 5. , thanks to the offers of the portal.

Just like in the article mentioned above, we have selected products from the most desperate categories and we are sure that many of these will entice you to purchase. Since we are talking about negligible figures, our advice is to sign up for Amazon Prime, so that you can benefit from free shipping, although it must be said that, in some cases, shipping costs due to third-party sellers may apply.

Black Man by Lisciani Giochi

Let's start this “anomalous” list of products with a perfect game to entertain your children while traveling or at friends' homes. It is a board game based on logic and memory, in which players will have to discard duplicate cards and be careful not to catch the black man. A fun game suitable for everyone, especially for those who want to test their memory.

»Buy Uomo Nero di Lisciani Giochi for only € 4.79

Naval Battle of Teorema

If card games are not for you, we recommend Teorema's "Naval Battle" which, thanks to Amazon's excellent prices, you can buy it for less than 5 €. Again this is a game that children will love, allowing them to spend happy moments. The game needs no introduction, since it is one of the most popular games ever, able to guarantee maximum fun.

»Buy Battleship of Teorema for only € 3.50

Mini bluetooth speaker

Let's now move on to another type of product, highlighting this small bluetooth speaker with a ridiculously low cost and unique design, thanks to textures and bright LEDs. The quality will be better than that of the smartphone, despite the negligible size. In addition, it integrates a MicroSD port so that you can play your music files directly from your memory without the need to connect the speaker via bluetooth. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery, whose autonomy will be about 3 hours and you can recharge it with a simple USB cable. Compatible with any bluetooth device, this little speaker is sure to be a great buy.

»Buy m ini bluetooth speaker for only € 1.99

Warming coaster

Powered via a USB port, this warming coaster will be able to keep your cup of tea and coffee warm. The round base is made with anti-corrosive and durable material over time. In addition, there is a print of a cute little elephant on it, which gives the product a unique look. Being a low energy product and powered via a simple USB port, you can connect it to your tablet, notebook and so on, and always have a hot drink at your fingertips, ideal for colder days.

»Buy p ad heating for only € 4.72

Kitchen glove

If you are tired of waiting for the oven to cool down before taking out the food at the end cooking, a kitchen glove like the Rayher will be of great help. Hangable and one-size-fits-all, this glove boasts a cotton lining and a polyester lining and will allow you to take your freshly prepared items out of the oven without burning yourself. Thanks to its qualities, it will also prove to be excellent for barbecues and grills. Furthermore, the smooth surface will allow you to color it and customize it to your liking.

»Buy kitchen glove for only € 3.99

6-in-1 keychains

Who said keychains can't have other roles? This specific tool, in fact, will allow you to use it also as a Phillips screwdriver, normal screwdriver, flat head screwdriver, as well as a bottle opener and cutter. Portable and practical, it will be perfect for outdoor use. In addition, it is foldable so it does not take up much space, despite being equipped with various functions.

»Buy 6 in 1 key holder for only € 4.90

Sports watch

If you think that there were no stainless steel and waterproof watches for less than € 5, you were wrong. The model we have selected not only boasts excellent resistance and a discreet overall quality, but also a modern dial with a surprising design. Obviously, we are not dealing with a device with the typical functions of the now well-known smartwatch, but at this price it is certainly an interesting product.

»Buy or sports watch for only € 4.98

Wireless mouse

As you know, the mouse is essential to use the Desktop PC but it could come in handy even if combined with a notebook, since it will be much more immediate and easier to click on the icons, select text and move windows of the operating system. If you are satisfied with an economical solution, what you see on your right will certainly be for you, also because it is a wireless model equipped with an optical sensor. It runs on 2 AAA batteries and is incredibly accurate when you consider the price.

»Buy wireless m ouse for only € 3.50

(Shipping costs: € 2.00)

Wireless magnetic headphones

Raise your hand if you do not prefer to listen to music while relaxing or while traveling by train. These wireless headphones are specially designed for this purpose, with a magnet that will allow you to wear them around your neck without falling out when not in use. Furthermore, their structure will allow you not to worry about tangled cables, making them comfortable and light. The connection is made via bluetooth 4.2 with a maximum transmission range of 15 meters.

»Buy wireless magnetic c offie for only € 1.82

USB multimedia keyboard

To finish this particular list of purely cheap but useful products, we would like to point out a multimedia keyboard with cable, whose power supply obviously takes place via a USB cable. The layout is Italian and it is a model with a numeric keypad, as well as several keys dedicated to the multimedia part, including those reserved for pausing or skipping to the next song. Despite the low price, the construction is robust and the keys are quiet. In short, a model not bad for those who do not have big pretensions.

»Buy multimedia keyboard for only € 4.45

(Shipping costs: € 2.00)

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