What future awaits 5G in Italy

What future awaits 5G in Italy

Small businesses are also beginning to understand the benefits of new communications networks, according to a study by Ey on telecommunications

A 5G antenna (photo by Artur Widak / NurPhoto via Getty Images) Engaging 67% of resources allocated by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, digital and ecological transformation are together the major interconnected challenges for a more competitive and sustainable Italy in the post-Covid era. The complete transition to renewable energy of infrastructures for public utility services (54%) and the enhancement of connectivity infrastructures (40%) are therefore the priorities indicated by Italians for the future. This is what emerges from an analysis presented at the Infrastructure 2021 Ey Summit Digital and energy transition.

The study involved over 400 managers and public executives who expressed themselves on the issue of the Recovery Plan. Ample space is dedicated to 5G: in Italy 31% of micro-enterprises say they want to use it instead of fixed internet, while 46% of SMEs say they will use it to improve business processes. On the other hand, an analysis carried out among over 3 thousand families (Decoding the digital home) 25% declare that they do not know the characteristics and advantages of fifth generation networks. Furthermore, despite the assurances from providers and the government regarding the security of 5G, 31% do not say they are comfortable using it.

The research has also taken stock of the distribution of the 5G signal, which already reaches 54 million people and 20% of the company can already count on three operators in its territory. However, only 5% of the population has already activated a subscription of this type, although 24% are convinced that they will soon use 5G as the main network for the family unit. The smaller regions are the best covered: Valle d'Aosta, Basilicata and Molise at 98% are the first three, while Lombardy (87%), Sardinia (84%) and Puglia (76%) the last of the "ranking".

In general, 95% of the managers interviewed believe that the strengthening of digital technologies can make a positive contribution to sustainability processes and among the priorities they indicate the optimization of physical infrastructures, such as fiber, energy electricity on the same pylons, the union of gas and hydrogen in the same pipelines (37%), the construction of waste-to-energy plants (37%), greater efficiency of the water network (32%). Thus, for 46% of Italians, priority must be given to general user literacy and according to 54% of the resources they will have to go to the most deficient areas, in terms of infrastructure. 34%, on the other hand, look to the location of industrial districts and production activities as the main criterion for allocating funds.

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