What changes in YouTube's new terms of service

What changes in YouTube's new terms of service

From June 1st, advertising in videos increases, even without users receiving new revenue, and the terms of payments coming from the platform change. But there is also room for facial recognition

(photo: Olly Curtis / Future Publishing via Getty Images) From June 1, 2021, YouTube will update the terms of service for its European users, after that in November of the year last had published a similar update for the United States. The portal can decide to monetize any video uploaded to the platform at will, and no longer just those of the creators with the YouTube partnership. Inevitably, this will result in an increase in advertisements within the videos with the advantage, for YouTube, of not having to share the earnings from the views of these advertisements with the creators.

Another important news cuts the wings to all those services that, like the controversial ClearView AI facial recognition system, draw on public photos and videos to feed their algorithms and teach them to recognize people's faces. The new terms of service in fact establish that it is no longer allowed to collect any information that could potentially be used to recognize a person without their permission. Although earlier this rule was already inferable, with the new terms YouTube puts on paper the strict ban on collecting data for facial recognition.

Finally, the third big change will concern the payment of royalties and withholding taxes. The change will affect all creators who earn revenue from YouTube. Any payment will then be treated as royalties for US tax purposes, and Google will apply withholding taxes where required by law.

By continuing to use YouTube after June 1, 2021, users who have a registered profile, regardless of whether they are creators or viewers, will implicitly accept the new terms of service. The same applies to users under 13 who use YouTube Kids: if parents continue to use the service to show their children videos, they will accept the change of terms also on behalf of their offspring.

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