The five most affordable electric sedans of 2021

The five most affordable electric sedans of 2021

Buying a latest generation electric car means not giving up (almost) anything compared to an equal car powered by an internal combustion engine. This applies, above all, to some segments: small cars, in particular, but also medium-sized sedans. The latter, by now offering an autonomy in the order of 300/400 km, a high level road and acoustic comfort and a predisposition for fast recharging.

From various points of view, the electric car can prove to be a solution even superior to a common thermal car: the smoothness of travel is superior, the soundproofing is better, the technological integration (usually) is cutting-edge and, at least for now, buying an EV allows access to substantial state and regional bonuses. Here is a list of the 5 most accessible electric sedans on the market today.

5: Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus: 48,990 euros

A decisive acceleration towards the transition to electric mobility on the road , Tesla could really have imprinted it. The American manufacturer has made the production of electric cars its mission: from the beginning the goal was to offer cars that were as complete as possible, but without any use of fossil fuels. Today, after numerous vicissitudes, Tesla is a giant of the entire global automotive industry, and its products are a certainty.

The Model 3, the most accessible and best-selling vehicle of all, is a medium-sized sedan that already in the “basic” standard Range Plus version, offers everything you could wish for. Autonomy of over 440 km, maximum speed of 225 km / h and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds. To these data must be added the integration with the Tesla Supercharger charging ecosystem and a set of driving aids that currently has no rivals with the Autopilot system. List price: 48,990 euros.

4: Hyundai Ioniq electric: 41,200 euros

The Hyundai Ioniq has been designed to accommodate three different engines on its platform: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric. The latter represents an important step forward by Hyundai towards ever more zero-emission mobility. The Ioniq is a comfortable family sedan for a family, technological and equipped with numerous state-of-the-art driver assistance systems.

The 38.3 kWh battery powers a 100 kW (136 Hp) electric motor about). The starting is good and the fluidity of travel is truly remarkable; also excellent soundproofing, thanks to a body that was developed following a specific aerodynamic study path. The autonomy with a full tank of electricity is about 270/300 km, Ioniq supports direct current charging up to a maximum of 100 kW. Prices from 4 1,200 euros.

3: Kia e-Soul: 39,850 euros

Kia Soul is now available only in the electric version: e-Soul. The latter can be equipped with a 64 kWh battery that powers a 150 hp electric motor and 395 Nm of maximum torque. The very personal (but easily recognizable) aspect is flanked by an excellent technological equipment, with the latest generation of driver assistance systems and a rather complete functional infotainment.

Excellent dynamism and smooth running. exceptional autonomy: with a full tank you can easily travel more than 400 km in the mixed. The fast-flowing sections are also tackled and overcome with great ease. Here too, the range is convincing: at 110 km / h we are over 380 km while at the motorway limit it is not difficult to reach 300 km with a full tank of electricity. Prices: from € 39,850.

2: Mini Electric: € 34,900

The electric Mini still wanted to keep faith with one of the most famous and appreciated features: the go kart feeling. The Cooper SE is the zero-emission application of this concept, which does not betray expectations: compact dimensions, a 32.6 kWh battery that powers a 184 Hp engine for 270 Nm and 7.3 seconds to reach the 100 km / h. The maximum speed, on the other hand, is self-limited to 150 km / h.

The capacity of the accumulator involves some sacrifices in terms of autonomy: if loaded, it is unlikely to exceed 250 km of travel. To the rescue, however, comes the fast charging in direct current up to 50 kW, a solution that allows you to reduce the waits at the column. The image is typical Mini, with that aesthetic addition as a reminder that it is a battery-powered model. Prices from 34,900 euros.

1: Opel Corsa e: 32,750 euros

Opel's entry into the PSA universe (now part of the Stellantis group) has brought numerous benefits to the German brand , both in terms of content and technologies. Thus, the sixth generation of the Corsa icon also comes with a fully electric version. The structure relies on an electric motor of 136 Hp and 260 Nm of maximum torque, powered by a 50 kWh battery; if loaded it allows you to travel around 300 km.

Small dimensions, low driving positions and reactivity of the electric motor, allow the Opel Corsa to be dynamic and versatile, having fun and taking away more than a few satisfaction from the driver. The internal image is very sober and clean, with an infotelematics system screen with a tactile surface, which is quite intuitive to use. Prices from 32,750 euros.

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