The conflict between Israel and Palestine, seen by social networks

The conflict between Israel and Palestine, seen by social networks

The conflict between Israel and Palestine

From Instagram to Twitter, via Snapchat and TikTok, today information on the conflict in Israel comes from social networks.

(image: Snapchat) The First and Second World Wars were announced through nine-column headlines on newspapers of the time. News about the Gulf War and the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia spread with live television images. Today, it is social networks that tell what is happening in Israel. While the fighting between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian militants finally seems close to a truce, Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok and Snapchat have become the go-to for those who want to learn about the conflict. With the right forethought and paying attention to fake news and the date of online videos, social networks are a useful tool to stay updated on the situation in Israel.

Snap Map, interactive maps of Gaza

Among the social networks to follow during the Israeli conflict, Snapchat stood out thanks to constant and live updates. In particular, the Snap Map section, which through an interactive map allows you to view the stories posted in the chosen location, made it possible to closely observe daily life in the places of conflict. By selecting the city of Gaza on the map, for example, it is possible with a click to observe the buildings destroyed by Israeli rockets in the days of guerrilla warfare. Yet just browse the next story or move the icon on the map a few centimeters to see Palestinian citizens drinking tea in a bar or a user showing off their cat. The variety of posts may seem inappropriate at first, but until now it has never been possible to find out how the routine of ordinary citizens proceeds during a conflict.

Expanding Snap Map to Tel Aviv, here are the stories of Israeli citizens: here the war seems less in the foreground and more videos of outdoor evenings or gatherings on the beach. Snapchat's localization system allows you to make sure that the videos are really from that area and are not from the past.


- Ayman Odeh (@AyOdeh ) May 10, 2021

Instagram and Twitter in Israel

On the other most famous social networks, hashtags play an informative role. If the most used and generic ones such as #GazaUnderAttak and #Israel can be populated mainly by material from abroad, the hashtags in Hebrew or Arabic offer a more localized view of events in Gaza. Constantly trending in recent days in the Arab world is فلسطين_تنتصر, or "Victorious Palestine": in the midst of propaganda content it is not difficult to find recent videos and discover the details of life in Gaza today.

TikTok users , as well as those of other social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, are using the hashtag # SaveSheikhJarrah to tell the story of the Palestinian neighborhood of Jerusalem. In addition, some verified channels dictate local trends on social networks: a video shared by the Israeli politician Ayman Odeh in which citizens with kippahs are seen cheering for a fire near the Al-Aqsa mosque has been viewed 14 million times. The one posted by the Muslim channel on TikTok showing the start of the bombing in Gaza reached a record 40 million views. - שיטת הפעולה מזכירה רשתות השפעה איראניות.

# שרשור

- פייק ריפורטר | FakeReporter (@FakeReporter) May 16, 2021

It is important to follow verified journalists and fake news accounts trying to clarify what's going on in Israel. Among these stands Fake Repoter, which daily undertakes to unmask false news and to indicate which social accounts are not reliable. Also in this case the language used is Hebrew but thanks to the automatic translations offered by browsers and the social networks themselves, it is not difficult to understand the messages. Precisely due to the gravity of an event such as war, even a simple navigation on social networks requires attention and the will to go back to the original and verified facts. Therefore, not a simple scrolling, but a more mature and aware use of social networks, so as to make these innovations a useful and informative tool for observing and trying to understand conflicts in the internet age.

Social Network - 20 hours ago

On Twitter it is again possible to request the blue tick

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The co-founder of ByteDance (that of TikTok) has resigned from the role of CEO

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What's happening in the company that developed TikTok


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