The alternative barbecue that levitates hot dogs

The alternative barbecue that levitates hot dogs

An extreme solution to cook a sausage without placing it on a surface

Photo: YouTube -NightHawkInLight After the touchless video intercom unveiled at Ces 2021 that is activated automatically when a guest approaches the door, there are those who wanted experimenting with new hygienic and contactless solutions also in the culinary field.

This is the case of youtuber Ben Cusick, known for his channel NightHawkInLight, who has published a video showing an alternative - if we want to call it so - barbecue , able to cook a hot dog by keeping it suspended in the air.

The invention proposed by Ben exploits the Coandă effect, that is the tendency of a jet of fluid to follow the contour of a nearby surface: in others terms, it is the same effect whereby if we bring a spoon close to a jet of water it will run along its surface or, when we try to pour the coffee from one cup to another, we will notice that, if the movement does not is performed quickly, the liquid will tend to follow the outer surface of the cup.

Thanks to this fluid dynamic phenomenon, the youtuber was able to levitate a sausage inside a red-hot spiral. In fact, in his video titled How to Make a Levitating Hot Dog Cooker, he shows an ingenious device in which a metal coil is wrapped in a spiral heating resistance and a nozzle placed next to it, would send a jet of air on the upper end of the sausage. to keep it suspended in the center allowing it to be cooked: the shape of the end of the hot dog, explains Andrew Liszewski of Gizmodo, would be essential to allow the air flow to be directed downwards and generate a sort of “rocket effect”.

However, although it can be a hygienic but equally extreme solution to prepare a hot dog without placing it on a grill, it is certainly a rather demanding operation to put into practice at home.

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