Switch Pro comes in 2021, so does Starfield and Sega buys Microsoft: "Leaks" in the gaming world

Switch Pro comes in 2021, so does Starfield and Sega buys Microsoft: Leaks in the gaming world

Switch Pro comes in 2021, so does Starfield and Sega buys Microsoft

Last week my column was about Uncharted 5, a few weeks earlier I was writing about the Nintendo Switch Pro. Both texts agreed that the triggers for them were circulating "rumors" or "leaks", although both the game and the console do not really exist, at least not officially.

Rumors in the gaming world, a fascinating subject ! Well, at least it intrigues me. Sometimes without a really recognizable trigger, some half-baked assumption rocks so high that suddenly everyone is talking about it becoming a fact for a broad group of people, more often than not followed by great disappointment when the supposed disclosure turns out to be hot air.

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1 Everything can (be), nothing has to be 2 Too good to be true 3 The troll in you 4 Market screamers 5 Is there anything else coming? So are rumors the damnable evil? No, I definitely don't think so. I think they are a wonderful and actually fulfilling pastime, if you approach it with the right attitude and enough residual skepticism.

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Switch Pro comes in 2021, so does Starfield and Sega buys Microsoft: "Leaks" in the gaming world (1) Source: Lukas Schmid Lukas Schmid has been working at various functions since 2010 Computec Media and thus at PC Games, first as an intern, then as a freelancer, then as a volunteer, editor and now as chief editor for pcgames.de, videogameszone.de, gamesaktuell.de and gamezone.de. He loves action, adventure, action adventures, shooters, jump & runs, horror and role-playing games, you can hunt him with strategy titles, most rogue likes and military simulations. Every Saturday at around 9 a.m. he tells you in his column what is annoying or happy about him. Hate comments and love letters are welcome in the comments under the column, to [email protected] or on Twitter to @Schmid_Luki.

Everything can (be), nothing has to

The problem is that some people approach it with too much seriousness. Let's be realistic: only a fraction of the supposed sensational reports ultimately turn out to be true. As often as GTA 6 has already been released or will appear soon, half of Germany has to be an insider at Rockstar Games.

Then this or that doesn't happen or at the wrong time, and many waiting fans remain disappointed, in the worst case Fall back angrily.

First of all, video games shouldn't be considered more important than they are. They are an entertainment product, and ergo you shouldn't react with excessive reactions to announcements or in this case just non-announcements.

Too good to be true

Switch Pro is coming in 2021 , Starfield too and Sega buys Microsoft: "Leaks" in the gaming world (3) Source: Sony If a rumor goes around on a topic that means something to me personally - be it Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, the Nintendo Switch 2 or a Successor to Primal, which Sony is finally supposed to announce - then I don't want to get involved. I see this more as an invitation to deal with a topic that I like to think about.

I indulge in memories, set up theories, paint with on the basis of rumors and supposed leaks, like this one or that game or this or that console.

Important: I realize that these are just a pipe dream. And should a rumor turn out to be true - all the nicer! But I don't get lost in despair either, because that's not the case.

The troll in you

The question, of course, is: Why is there this huge world of leaks and "secret information" at all ? There is probably the part of human nature behind the fact that people like to present themselves, even if it is with false information - and apparently just as happy to poke fun at other people If I personally cannot really understand this drive of the Internet trolls, it is not the greatest evil in the world, and therefore hatred is also inappropriate there. You should always be aware that information is to be regarded as potentially incorrect until it has been officially confirmed.


Switch Pro is coming in 2021, Starfield also and Sega buys Microsoft: "Leaks" in the gaming world (2) Source: Nintendo You should always check, in terms of media competence, where information comes from before you unhealthily buy into it. Is it someone actually linked to the company they're spreading gaming rumors about? Has he proven himself before by making correct predictions, is he an industry insider? With Jason Schreier, for example, given his excellent reputation, you can be pretty sure that there is something behind his leaks, a new user without a profile picture on Reddit may be a less credible source.

And yes, I know at on pcgames.de you also often read about rumors, and sometimes the verification is not done enough, for example if a leak has already turned out to be definitely wrong. That shouldn't happen, but sometimes it slips through.

But in principle I can't find anything wrong with reporting on alleged leaks and co. If they are classified as not confirmed and not presented as facts. We find them interesting, you find them interesting, and especially in the gaming world, in which many people associate strong emotions with the products, in my personal opinion it doesn't always have to follow the dry formula "XY was announced and here are the basic facts" .

Is there anything else coming?

And last but not least, rumors that are started can even be positive, even if they are not true. For manufacturers, the reaction of the fans to a "leak" is ultimately always a good indicator of how great the interest in a topic or a game is, and accordingly a lot of positive feedback on a false disclosure can subsequently ensure that the wish becomes a a few years later actually comes true. You see that, for example, in April Fools' Day jokes, which later become real games - Pokémon Go started here.

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