Slayers Cafe arrives in Tokyo and Osaka

Slayers Cafe arrives in Tokyo and Osaka

Slayers, known in Italy by the name: A spell unlocked among the petals of time, has opened its first thematic cafes in Tokyo and Osaka! The cafe is called Slayers Cafe and could not have a branch in Akihabara, the mecca of otaku!

Slayers Cafe: let's go to the discovery of this wonderful café!

For the uninitiated Slayers was born as a novel divided into episodes in 1989 and owes its popularity mainly thanks to its first television anime adaptation in 1995. That success led to several series of sequels, feature films and direct-to-video installments and, after an 18-year hiatus, author Hajime Kanzaka restarted the main line of the fantasy novel series in 2018 , giving new life to the franchise with the latest book published last October.

What was missing then? Of course a thematic cafe! In fact, it is not unusual for Japan to open a café dedicated to a particular anime franchise, let's just think of the latest ones from Evangelion and Sailor Moon.

Announced just after the start of the new year, the Slayers Cafe, officially called Slayers Cafe Doramata-tei, was born from the collaboration with the Good Smile Animate Cafe chain and the Tokyo branch is located in the Akihabara district, on the fifth floor of the Akiba Cultures Zone building.

In the Slayers Cafe you can find an infinite variety of merchandise dedicated to the main characters of the anime as well as works of art on display, with large banners, placemats and monitors:

Not only. The cafe features a comprehensive musical selection of themed songs from across the franchise, many performed by Lina's voice actress Megumi Hayashibara. Some songs also have their own English version.

What will we find on the menu? Of course, food inspired by the series! For example, the Black Dragon's Tribute (980 yen) is a nod to the novel Slayers Special 4. In reality the meat is not dragon but pork, stir-fried with cabbage in a sesame miso sauce. The Running Mushroom dish (980 yen) instead refers to the chapters of the A utumn Taste Competition of Slayers Special 7.

The drinks are also dedicated to a specific character and created in such a way that reflect tastes! Like the Gourry Gabriev (600 yen), dedicated to the owner of the Sword of Light, known in Italy as Guido. Gourry is considered so stupid that he has jellyfish for his brain and for that reason the ingredients of the drink (which comes with a bright ice cube) are: soda, blue syrup, hyuganatsu citrus ice cream, whipped cream and jellyfish, which is not other than whipped ice cream, covered with a pinch of marine invertebrate.

Dedicated instead to Amelia is the Amelia Wil Tesla Saillune, tea with royal milk (because Amelia is the princess of the sacred kingdom di Saillune / Seyruun) topped with strawberry whipped cream and dragée candies. There is also a biscuit with the symbol of Saillune, which you can eat alone or with a little whipped cream.

Inside the Slayers Cafe there is not even a dedicated corner to the merchandise:

There is also a guest book where customers are encouraged to write messages and draw fan art.

Before going to the Slayers Cafe you need to remember two things: firstly, the Slayers Cafe does not take reservations. For this, to enter you have to buy a ticket from the staff at the entrance. Secondly, the merchandise shop can only be used by customers eating at the bar.

The Slayers Cafe is open until February 17th.

If you are a Slayer fan I recommend you take a look at this nendoroid from Lina!

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