Resident Evil Village: walkthrough with tips

Resident Evil Village: walkthrough with tips

Resident Evil Village

In our solution for Resident Evil Village we provide you with all the secrets, explain puzzles to you and provide locations for weapons and important items in the action shooter. If you don't want to spoil yourself, you should use our Resident Evil 8 beginner tips on basic mechanics. This complete solution therefore deliberately dispenses with a general gameplay guide. Instead, we will guide you safely through the individual sections of Resi 8. We also recommend our Resi 8 test with many impressions of the horror action.

Page 1 Resident Evil 8 Village: Solution - Starting the game in the village Page 2 Resident Evil 8 Village: Solution - Dimitrescu Castle - Lady, first mask, piano puzzle Page 3 Resident Evil 8 Village: Solution - Dimitrescu Castle - 3 masks, treasures, boss fight Page 4 Resident Evil 8 Village: Solution - Second village visit - Well crank, Dukes Feinkost Page 5 Resident Evil 8 Village: Solution - House Beneviento Page 6 Resident Evil 8 Village: Solution - Third village visit and Donna's grave Page 7 Resident Evil 8 Village: Solution - Moreau at the reservoir Page 8 Image gallery for "Resident Evil Village: Complete solution with Tips "Some passages offer a lot of action through waves of opponents. It is your task to survive for a certain time or to wipe out all opponents in these kill areas. On the normal level of difficulty, the game does not present die-hard shooter and Resident Evil fans with any unsolvable challenges. Neither ammunition nor healing items should present you with greater challenges on sensibly planned forays through Resident Evil 8 Village (buy now € 64.99).

Resident Evil 8 Village - Complete Solution - Welcome to the Village

At this point we offer you an introduction to the village and provide initial tips on items, opponents, puzzles and more.

Resident Evil Village - Solution - Welcome to the village

1 Resident Evil 8 Village - Complete solution - Welcome to the village 1.1 Babysitting and uninvited guests for dinner 1.2 Arrival in the village 1.3 Find the bolt cutter 1.4 Shotgun and wave of opponents 1.5 In the village of Luiza's house looking for

Babysitting and uninvited guests for dinner

Get Rose to bed before the game really picks up speed. Source: You don't necessarily have to look back at the events in Resident Evil 7. However, you can start the video at any time in the bonus options if necessary. Resident Evil Village starts with the story Village of Shadows recited by Mia. Then Ethan grabs the baby and is supposed to put him to bed. You take advantage of the opportunity to walk around the house while Mia prepares dinner. Use the different popping up points in the house, which give you access to photos, diary entries, book titles and more. Ethan's daughter is called Rose and her bedroom is upstairs on the first floor. Put the child in the cot and take a look around.

By the way: You will unlock an achievement or a trophy, provided you take the ball from the bedroom to the study. We also found it more pleasant to switch off camera swaying in the camera options. In the extras, for example, you can also switch off the display of weapon accessories. In our version, the trauma package also contained tags for the pistol and shotgun. Once these have been installed, they may unfortunately no longer be removed. You switch off the display at this point.

Chris interrupts the scenario. Source: After you put Rose to bed and looked around the house, you return to the kitchen. A video sequence for dinner starts and uninvited guests in the person of Resident Evil icon Chris Redfield and the Squad Team storm your booth. After all of the video sequences, you find yourself on snowy ground next to a van that has been involved in an accident at night. Examine the cell phone and the documents on the ground before you advance further in the direction of travel through the dark forest.

Arrival in the village

On your way through the dark forest you will receive a few gameplay Tips as overlay. You can't get lost at this point, but use the map if necessary. You will reach a house where you can examine a few items. Here, too, the game takes you straight to the basement and from there back again. As soon as you leave the hut, the path leads you straight to the village. You land in the western part of the village. The village is an atmospheric setting. Source: Right in the first house it looks like someone has plowed through the living room properly. Here you will only find a locked drawer. In the stable next door, the path leads you behind the house. You cannot operate the fountain yet, but it will be noted on the map. The backyards at this point also offer no items or hints. You are still allowed to examine a crumbling house, but the path inevitably leads you along a path with hanging goat heads to a house with a lantern in front of it.

Enter the house and you will find a knife. Unlike in Resident Evil 2, the weapon is indestructible. By the way: There is an achievement for playing through with the knife. The easiest level of difficulty is recommended here. After you've picked up the knife, turn around and destroy the box. This works fine by pressing the X button (A button on Xbox). You can find first aid medicine here. Further back in the kitchen-cum-living-room you will come across a resident who is equipping you with a pistol. Then your first encounter with a werewolf opponent awaits you. As soon as he catapults you out of the hut, you kill him with a few pistol shots. You use L1 to block, and again to kick your opponent away.

Find the bolt cutter

The villagers hide from the werewolves. Source: After the first werewolf is on the ground, you grab the bolt cutter in the chamber from which the villager came. You will use this to open the courtyard gate later. But take the chemicals and herbs with you in the shed next door to craft a healing potion. You can enter the building opposite via the courtyard gate. Enter the house and it is best to block the entrance with the shelf. collects all items below and above. A werewolf will get into the house that you kill with the gun. Then the first wave is waiting for you outside the house.

Shotgun and enemy wave

After the encounter with the werewolf, the creaking radio tells you to come to Luiza's house, in the Near the fields. Leave the house by pushing the closet back to the side and keep to the left. You can see more werewolves crouching up on the roofs

. If you shoot them, you will trigger the first wave of enemies in this "kill room". Over time, more and more werewolves pour into the area and you flee and avoid them all. A larger opponent with a hammer also appears. However, we recommend that you do not shoot at the enemy at first, but follow the blood trail to the left in the direction of the stairs.

Here you destroy a box and take the stairs up. If you enter the house, the wave of opponents also triggers. Push another cupboard in front of the door, take the items out of the room and especially the shotgun from the table. Further back you also take items in and take refuge in the basement. Here you can still find crafting material and slip through a broken wall. Take the stairs to the next house, turn right into the house, which you barricade again with a cupboard. Collect all items in the room and load your weapons.

Nasty werewolves make your life difficult. Source: Then go to the front corner next to the shotgun ammunition opposite the barrel. As soon as the enemies enter the house, you wait until they are near the barrel. Blow up the thing with a pistol shot and run outside. Now run down the slope to the right and then left towards the red gate. Turn around quickly and wait again until there are enough werewolves next to the detonator. Chase this up in the air. Now you always run along the river, avoiding the opponents until you are hit in the leg by an arrow in the video sequence after a certain time. You can theoretically kill all opponents here, but without ammunition it will be difficult in the first playthrough. After the sequence you plunder the area for all treasures and enemy drops and then follow the mysterious old lady into the center of the village.

Look for Luiza's house in the village

When you arrive in the central part of the village, you look take your time to look around again. The werewolves are gone and you go to the map. If you walk up the hill you will see a wooden goat in a small shrine. Shoot this down. This replaces the football figures from Resident Evil 7 or the collectible bobble dolls from the remakes for Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3. A total of 20 goats are scattered throughout the game. There you find a frightened village community in Luiza's house. Source: gives two achievements, one for the first wooden goat, one for every 20 pieces. Further up you will find a locked door for which you need 2 symbols. The church and the cemetery are on the right. The first "maiden fragment" is on the altar of the church, the other is according to the map in Luiza's house. Save on the typewriter in the church and then take the open exit towards the field. In the buildings on the left you will find ammunition, gunpowder, mines and crafting stuff. Then run up the field through the scarecrows, turn around and kill the enemy. If the opponents are done, run to the big door. Then Elena lets you into the little hut next door. Leave the hut through the window, loot the box and then go over the broken wall into the garden of Luiza's house. Here you open the big gate and let both characters in. After the video sequence you first save and examine the room. Then follow Luiza into the main room. If you have played the demos, you already know this area.

Search the garage and the adjoining rooms for herbs and ammunition. You can find the car keys in the drawer on the far left of the kitchen. Examine the car keys for the screwdriver. Now return to the car and start the car. Step on the gas to escape the fire. Then climb up. After the video sequence, you leave Luiza's house via the balcony. below you get the second fragment "Demon Fragment" in the showcase to the right of the entrance gate to open the gate in the center of the village. Now go there and loot all possible houses along the way. You are not allowed to own lockpicks yet, so you keep such drawers for later. Now open the way to Dimitrescu Castle with the two emblems. Saves again in the church if necessary.

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