Miitopia preview: Nintendo wacky RPG

Miitopia preview: Nintendo wacky RPG

Miitopia preview

When Miitopia appeared on the 3DS, it was in the evening hours of its life cycle. The Switch, on the other hand, had just seen the light of day and was only two months old. This is probably one of the reasons why the extraordinary role-playing game Miitopia did not get the popularity it deserved, but Nintendo gives the title a second chance, this time on the Nintendo Switch and with new content compared to the adventure from 2017 . Of course, still the stars in the game are the Miis, the self-made avatars that once found their way into the Nintendo cosmos on the Wii.

Table of contents

1 Losing face 2 What's a hero without a horse? 3 Simple, fun fun At first they served as simple, personalized characters in Wii Sports and Co., but later in Tomodachi Life, a simulation on the 3DS, they developed a considerable life of their own. Miitopia continues this trend towards more Miis with an agenda and chooses the good old RPG genre as the foundation on which all this is based.

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Lose face

For good! In the inns, the gang celebrates the successful course of the adventure. Source: Nintendo Miitopia (buy now € 49.99) is in turmoil, because the evil and sinister lord has stolen the faces of the inhabitants of the fantasy realm. What a scoundrel! Your Miis come to the rescue, and you decide what they look like yourself, as usual. That means you can play with virtual counterparts of your family or friends, or even organize a party with your favorite stars. This is exactly what makes Miitopia so amusing, in our test 2017 in our Nintendo magazine N-ZONE for the 3DS, for example, the Mii version of Johannes took over the part of the prince, the pixel image of the former editor-in-chief Wolfgang slipped into the role of the king.

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The Nintendo Switch eShop is currently attracting again with many great offers. Here you can find the best deals from the current sale! var lstExcludedArticleTicker = '1372136,1371960,1371882,1371857'; Since you can personalize your crowd of Miis with self-determined exclamations and sayings, no two adventures in Miitopia are the same, it is always your very own hero's journey. The game doesn’t take itself very seriously, but rather pokes fun at some established role-playing clichés and creates amusing and absurd scenarios over and over again Party with different attacks. The round fights are pretty simple. Source: Nintendo Especially since you also have control over the personalities of the Miis, so you can turn your stubborn best friend into a stubborn character in the game - and then you may have to find out that he just doesn't feel like one Fight and simply refused to serve! The interactions between Miis are always worth a laugh, intimate friendships develop, or a duo rattles against each other all the time. In addition to the typical RPG roles that your Miis play such as magician or thief, there are more extravagant classes such as the pop star who attacks with singing or the cook who is armed with a frying pan. Just as weird is the horde of enemies, all of them henchmen of the dark lord: noses on two legs, hamburgers, goblins, and much more.

What is a hero without a horse?

What a beauty! Of course, you have control over who plays the role of the magical princess. And yes, that can also be a male Mii. Source: Nintendo uf the Switch, Miitopia's heroes are growing by a four-legged friend, because you can now also have a horse - which you can of course also adapt to your own taste. From the night-black horse with mohawk hairstyle to the magical pink hoof bearer, everything is conceivable. We assume that there will also be more options for character creation and embellishment that were not yet available on the 3DS, and by scanning in matching Amiibo figures you will gain access to more design options.

And what else do you do in Miitopia if you don't experience the sometimes ludicrous interactions between the characters? You dedicate yourself to relatively classic role-playing food, at least as far as the gameplay is concerned, because it is obvious that the title relies heavily on comedy. With a party of a maximum of four selected heroes you roam through the lands of Miitopia to defeat monsters, level them up and finally put the nasty Obermotz down so that the inhabitants of the realm can finally get their faces back. You shouldn't expect an extremely complex RPG experience, but Miitopia is accessible and therefore also suitable for younger players or family evenings.

Simple, nice fun

On top of that there are mini-games ( It is not yet known whether there will be more to those of the original 3DS version) and the possibility to better adapt fellow campaigners and heroes to the challenges with various weapons and items of clothing. You dedicate yourself to maintaining the relationships within the characters in your party in the inns; put groups together and see how the relationships between the characters develop! The whole thing is presented in a simple look, of course, because the game comes from a handheld console and has not been reprogrammed. The fact that you don't get any high-end graphics here makes up for the joy of involving friends and family. Definitely try the free demo in the eShop!

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