Attack on Titan: Akemy.Sama's Annie Leonhart cosplay is perfect

Attack on Titan: Akemy.Sama's Annie Leonhart cosplay is perfect

Attack on Titan

Let's go back to The Attack of the Giants as a topic of the cosplay proposed today, in this case by Akemy.Sama, who manages to reproduce the character of Annie Leonhart practically to perfection, as we see in the photo set below taken from her Instagram page.

Annie, as anyone who follows the series knows well, is a rather complex and multifaceted character, who emerged as a valid fighter from the selections for the 104th Recruit Training Corps and subsequently joining the Gendarmerie Corps. She is a lonely and cold girl, withdrawn and difficult to approach, but she is also able to express her feelings with sincerity, as clearly emerges in the course of the story.

She is however a character who emerges as charismatic all of the cast of The Attack of the Giants, both for its sense of duty and justice, and for the decision that characterizes it in combat and outside but also for the fact that to keep a fundamental secret, which emerges during the story and that we avoid reporting here in order not to run into any spoilers in case you are not on par with the events.

Annie also has a rather particular aspect: despite being often the object of cosplay with even sensual characteristics, the starting subject is not exactly a standard aesthetic beauty canon and also for this reason it is reproduced with great fidelity by Akemy.Sama. The model in question is undoubtedly a beautiful girl, but her particular profile makes her very close to the appearance of the original character, far more than we have seen in many other interpretations.

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Have you noticed any errors?

‘Attack on Titan’: The final chapter

The renowned Japanese manga series Attack on Titan officially came to a close April 9 with the release of its 139th chapter. The series, which began in September 2009, contains 34 volumes and has gained a large and enthusiastic fan base. With the series wrapped up, many are left piecing together the story, which finally received the ending it deserved.

At first glance, Attack on Titan may look like yet another throwaway action story, but it is so much more. The story starts by introducing viewers to the land known as Eldia, where the last of humanity is said to live. It is a kingdom enclosed by three rings of gigantic walls formed to protect its inhabitants from the outside threat, titans. These gigantic humanoid monsters stand at varying heights, at least double that of humans, and are known for their diet of people.

From the onset, the story has a diverse cast of characters; Attack on Titan is one of the few mangas that contains characters of color, LGBTQ+ representation and strong female roles. Along with that, each character has a unique personality and backstory that provides insight into their own mind and vulnerability.

If the story isn’t already enticing enough, Attack on Titan begins to draw on serious themes, becoming a story about racial discrimination, the blurred lines between good and evil, and human nature. In today’s political climate, many parallels between the two worlds can be found. The series is known for its skilled balance between entertainment and complex storytelling that combine for an enjoyable experience.

The fast-paced timeline of the story makes for an edge-of-your-seat feeling. Not only that, but the twists of the story are often compared to that of Game of Thrones. The detailed writing of the story is also intriguing.

However, if reading isn’t your style, the series has been adapted into an anime that is streaming on many platforms. Although there are a few differences between the two, the anime is equally as great.

Though many are sad to see the series come to an end, it has yet to be enjoyed by newcomers. From the writing to the visuals, Attack on Titan has something for everyone. Although the genre may be a turnoff, Attack on Titan is a must read and a must watch.

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