16 days 16 bit: Day 13 - Quackshot

16 days 16 bit: Day 13 - Quackshot

16 days 16 bit

I'm Chris, the editor at PC Games, and I love the 16-bit era. That's why I use the current Saure-Gurken-time to catch up on games from this era or to relive them. I will share my experiences with you here at 16 days 16 bit.

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Day 13: Quackshot

If you ask about special games on the Sega Mega Drive, you very often hear Sonic, Golden Ax or Streets of Rage 2, but the name Quackshot keeps coming up. A Jump & Run with Donald Duck in the lead role, in which the adventurous drake is in search of a legendary treasure and therefore travels around the world.

16 days 16 bit: Day 13 - Quackshot (2) Source : PC Games With its pretty graphics, fantastic music and general creativity, the Disney title is an absolute classic on the Mega Drive. And I missed it back then. It pains me a little to admit this, but Quackshot was never in my collection. Fortunately that has now changed. I can finally find out for myself whether the game is really that good.

I won't keep you waiting long for it, but prefer my conclusion. Yeah it's that good Even today.

As soon as I waddle through Duckburg for the first few meters, nicely animated, and the great music is playing, I know for sure that I will really enjoy this game. I need a moment to check that I only incapacitate opponents briefly with Donald's butt, but then it works.

I especially like that I don't just run from start to finish in the levels, but often has to travel to other countries first to find special items with which to get ahead. This actually creates a real treasure hunt flair even today.

Although you have to travel back and forth between different places and countries, Quackshot did without annoying backtracking, as there is always a checkpoint in front of the obstacles which you can also call the plane directly with tick, trick and track and then fly to the place where the solution to the riddle is slumbering. Step by step you approach the treasure and roam through beautifully designed and varied levels.

16 days 16 bit: Day 13 - Quackshot (4) Source: PC Games Among other things, during the adventure you will explore Mexico, Transylvania, the South Pole, a Viking ship, a Sphinx in Egypt or the palace of a Maharajas. In each section you have to adjust to different opponents, skill passages and puzzles. In addition, every level really has its own music theme that goes straight to the ear and doesn't come out again so quickly. When do you still have to sit in front of the screen whistling the melody of the game music?

In addition, there is always variety in the course of the game. Sometimes you have to time jumps exactly, sometimes you have to hurry up as hell, sometimes you fall back on the various items that you find as Donald in the course of the adventure. For example, you shoot nasty snake charmers into the afterlife with the popcorn gun, dissolve obstacles with the bubble gun or reach new heights by using the improved pompel cannon.

16 days 16 bit: day 13 - Quackshot (1) Source: PC Games Typically for this era of gaming, there are also a few unfair moments in which it is assumed that you already know the game, but fortunately these are limited. Otherwise I probably wouldn't rave about Quackshot that much. After all, my patience breaks faster than Karlheinz Rummenigge in an interview with something stupid. Even the bosses are not unfair. You just need the right tactics. And if one blesses the temporal, there are fair checkpoints and infinite continues.

I'm really surprised how well Quackshot has aged. In terms of play and technology, the title is still really great. Even almost 30 years after its release, the game hardly shows any weaknesses. It's just fun! I decide: Every gamer who can still sing along to the Ducktales theme song today should have played Quackshot.

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