16 days 16 bit: Day 11 - Super Back to the Future 2

16 days 16 bit: Day 11 - Super Back to the Future 2

16 days 16 bit

I'm Chris, editor at PC Games and I use the current time, when hardly any large games appear, to catch up on games from the 16-bit era or to experience new ones. I will let you participate in 16 days 16 bit.

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Day 11: Super Back to the Future 2

I can't say how many times I've seen the three parts of Back to the Future. The adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown excited me as a child and I still love to follow them today. At the time, I especially wanted a clever video game adaptation of the films, because the games for NES, Super Nintendo and Mega Drive were absolute grits.

Only a few years ago I found out that it was actually a great game for the second part of the Film series existed, which for some reason only appeared on the Super Famicom in Japan. In the context of this format, I now played the supposedly only good back-to-the-future game of the Bit-War era for the first time.

16 days 16 bit: Day 11 - Super Back to the Future 2 (9) Source: PC Games As you can imagine, you take on the role of Marty McFly, the old dung fly, and follow the story of the second film. The levels themselves are not always thematically appropriate, but there are enough elements that are reminiscent of the template.

By the way, you are always on the hoverboard and can only perform two actions: get momentum and jump. If you jump, Marty performs a flip with which he not only defeats opponents, but also fends off their projectiles. If you drop from a platform and land on an opponent, however, this is not considered a jump, so you get a hit. This takes a bit of getting used to and at first it annoys me extremely.

In addition, the jump control is quite imprecise. Some actually quite simple hopping passages take a lot longer than they actually have to because you keep falling down. Since I'm not the most patient person, I curse out loud to myself, but I keep playing because the game is still in a good mood.

There are numerous references to the films, the cartoon graphics are charming and Above all, the flair of the template is captured great despite some freedom. The cutscenes in the game in particular add a lot to the atmosphere. When you see the DeLorean take off or Marty is out in Biff's Pleasure Paradise, you really feel like you are in a movie. So exactly what I absolutely wanted as a child.

16 days 16 bit: Day 11 - Super Back to the Future 2 (12) Source: PC Games A special highlight of Super Back to the Future 2 are the Boss fights that are sometimes based on certain scenes from the film, but sometimes also made up. Just like in the rest of the game, the balancing is sometimes a bit problematic. The level of difficulty in some sections and bosses varies greatly. Despite the imprecise controls that still get on my mind, I find some boss opponents far too easy. The final battle with Biff in particular is far too easy.

Despite my criticisms, Super Back to the Future 2 is a good game that actually still manages to exude the flair of the original today. In any case, I watched the complete Back-to-the-Future trilogy for the no-idea-how-many times immediately after playing it through. So I would say the game hasn't lost any of its impact. So fans of the films will have fun with the Super Famicom game, but Super Back to the Future 2 is not a must-have for the retro collection.

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