Wandavision, sixth episode: all references and quotes

Wandavision, sixth episode: all references and quotes
Featuring Brand New Halloween Scary! the adventure of WandaVision continues, the Disney + series dedicated to the two Marvel Avengers. The strange familiar ménage of Wanda and Vision was beautifully rendered by Scaheffer, showrunner of the series, who decided to rely on an innovative narrative spirit full of interesting ideas. The metalanguage used for WandaVision is one of the winning keys of this series, which has become a perfect way to play with the viewer, inserting Easter eggs and Marvelian quotes, both comic and related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The research of these small references has become a tradition for WandaVision viewers, as happened with the other major Disney + production, The Mandalorian. The Marvel serial relies on a double level of quotes, relying on both the comics of the House of Ideas and the cinematic declination of Marvel methumans. Above all, WandaVision presents itself as an important element of the continuity of the MCU, considering that the consequences of what is seen in this series will have future repercussions, as for the announced Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

But back to WandaVision, what easter eggs have been included in Brand new scary Halloween! ?

ATTENTION: The following contains a series of important spoilers on the sixth episode of WandaVision

WandaVision in the middle

Faithful to the metalinguistic tradition of the series, even the sixth episode of WandaVision continues its evolution within American seriality, arriving in the period between the years' 90 and the early 2000s. With the presence of the teenage children of the superhero couple, the choice of the sit-com to pay homage is the famous Malcom (in original, Malcom in the Midlde). Both the theme song and the directorial setting of this show, which aired between 2000 and 2006, were honored with a dialogue between children and spectators that breaks the fourth wall.

Halloween and costumes

At the heart of All-new scary Halloween! , as the title of the episode suggests, we have the most popular overseas holiday in the world: Halloween. Occasion used to stop everyday clothes and wear costumes suitable for the occasion, a tradition that the happy family Vision does not escape from.

The two parents, to the surprise of the spectators, wear the traditional costumes show off in their classic comic book adventures. Wanda claims to be dressed like a Sokovian fortune teller, while Vision suggests that her clothing is inspired by Mexican luchadores, although it is undeniable that the look is a homage to her traditional costume in comics.

two little ones of the house respect the tradition of Halloween. Billy has a look that recalls that of Wiccan, his comic equivalent, while Tommy chooses to show off a costume that recalls that of Speed, his alter ego of comics, which is inspired by that of his uncle Pietro, alias Quicksilver, who appears with I'm wearing her famous costume.

Curious how Agnes is also dressed up for Halloween, and what better costume than a witch? It could be the confirmation that the woman is really Agatha Harkness, the sorceress who became a kind of guardian for Wanda.

Little heroes grow up

It seems like yesterday (but it was two weeks ago) that Wanda and Vision held newborns Billy and Tommy, yet in Brand New Halloween Spooky! the twins are already pre-teens. In this episode, the two little ones begin to show their powers, with Tommy showing off his super-speed and Billy seemingly struggling with his first experiences with his powers.

Who is the villain of the series?

The question of who the villain of WandaVision is has been going on since the first episode, with a name that seems the most popular: Mephisto. Marvel's consideration of the devil, Mephisto in Marvel comics is the father of Tommy and Billy, even if it is a rather strange authorship. A reference to this familiar relationship may have also come within the series, although it is most appreciated in the original audio of the series. While in Italian Pietro refers to the reckless nephews with various nicknames, in English you can distinctly hear the sprinter calling them 'demon spawn', translatable as 'infernal progeny'. Given Pietro's role in this episode, which makes him a sort of voice of truth for Wanda, it's a not inconsiderable detail.

Equally important is the inevitable spot, in which a hungry castaway receives from a shark animated of Yo-Magic branded food (which stands for Your Magic, or your magic?), after having expressed the desire to eat anything. The feeling is that it may be a reference to Wanda's desire to have the life she has always wanted, a lack that she evidently is making up for with her own powers. Also note the shark's joke 'Yo-Magic, the survivors' snack', which seems to refer to the fact that Wanda has outlived everyone she loves. But above all, the merciless end of the little castaway could be a reference to the dire consequences of Wanda's actions, and the shark could be the representation of who is really driving Maximoff's choices. And Mephisto continues to be the most considered choice.

The world has moved on

Once again, WandaVision refers to the world after the Blip, the event it canceled for five years half of the galaxy's life forms at Thanos' finger snap seen in Avengers: Infinity War. Also in this episode, mention is made of this event, when Monica is accused of not understanding today's world as she is banned and returned after five years. The feeling already seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home is that the world is still dealing with the aftermath of the brutal Blip experience. Those who remained, in fact, seem deeply marked, to the point of having little sympathy for superhumans and inclined not to leave them too much freedom.

Everyone in the cinema

In the scenes where Wanda and Pietro wanders around Westview, passing in front of the Coronet cinema, where two well-known films are screened, Parents in the Trap and The Incredibles, both films by Pixar, which is part of the Disney universe. Basically, Pixar has just been introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

WandaVision: Brand new scary Halloween!

The new episode of WandaVision doesn't feature many easter eggs, making more of allusions to things already mentioned like Avenges: Age of Ultron, but it's interesting in that it presents itself as yet another breach in Wanda's security and in his mania for control. We begin to see the truth behind Westview's idyllic life, thanks to Peter's presence and his role as a breaker in Wanda's armor, which falters under the targeted attacks of this unusual depiction of the lost brother.

WandaWision reconfirms itself as an excellently managed series, thanks to a careful care in finding the right narrative times, with a precise alternation between the world in the dome and the events outside, which coincide in moments of high emotional rate. Schaeffer has found a perfect alchemy, giving life to a narrative that alternates dynamism and reasoning, with a progression that, two episodes from the end of the series, is preparing to reach its climax, demonstrating how this first step of Phase Four of Marvel Cinematic Universe was a winning choice.

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