The Mandalorian: Cara Dune's future

The Mandalorian: Cara Dune's future
The Mandalorian, the live action Star Wars series available on Disney +, has lost one of its most beloved characters: Cara Dune. A break that was in the air, since some comments on social media signed by Gina Carano, interpreter of the character, had shaken and irritated the Star Wars fan base, to the point of giving life to a hashtag (#FireGinaCarano) that bounced on the Network until today, when Disney officially took a position: Gina Carrano is no longer part of future Lucasfilm projects.

Net of the opinions on this decision, which should be analyzed elsewhere, this choice of the entertainment giant also has a direct impact on the future of The Mandalorian. Cara Dune, who appeared for the first time in the Sanctuary, immediately asserted her charisma, so much so that she reappeared in the second season with a central role, becoming an integral part of Din Djarin's circle of adventure companions. For her, a new future had been built, interesting prospects had opened up for future productions related to Star Wars, but these potentials now seem to stop. Or rather, they no longer contemplate Gina Carano.

Dear Dune and the women in The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian has shown, especially this season, that it wants strong and exciting female figures alongside of the Mandalorian. In the second season we not only saw Cara Dune in action again, but also Fennec Shand returned to the scene, Ahsoka Tano and Bo-Katan Kryze made their live action debut, giving life to a rich presence of well-structured female characters, culminating with the all-female action sequence seen in the last episode.

In this context, Cara Dune had a precise relevance. Since her first appearance, fans have immediately appreciated her role, thanks to the excellent performance of Carano, and her role was apparently destined to expand. In the latest episode of The Mandalorian, Cara Dune was given the law enforcement badge on behalf of the New Republic, and the announcement during Investors' Day of the Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic series seemed like confirmation that Carano would played Alderaan's surviving granite in this new series.

However, in the end of the relationship between Disney and Carano there is no talk of firing, but of a more generic 'there are no plans for her in the future'. The disagreements between the actress and the community had already been solid for some time and it seems that Disney was only looking for an excuse to permanently end an uncomfortable collaboration, an opportunity exploited in the last few hours due to some tweets over the top. Disney's statement, however, suggests that the major has for some time been evaluating new possibilities for its productions that do not again include the figure of Cara Dune.

Within the Canon, Cara Dune does not have a importance such as to make its presence indispensable. In addition to her appearances in The Mandalorian, she appears in the Star Wars: The Mandalorian Junior Novel stories and as a playable character in the mobile video game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. However well defined and appreciable she is, therefore, Cara Dune is not fundamental within the new serial context of Star Wars.

A narrative dimension in which there are several first-rate female figures, which we already know they will be worthily valorised in the coming years. Bo-Katan will likely be central to The Mandalorian's future, where Din Djarin will address her Mandalorian heritage, and Ahsoka Tano will have a serious all of her, while Fennec Shand is expected to be Boba Fett's faithful companion in The Book of Boba. Fett. Cara should have (or rather, could have) been the link between The Mandalorian and Star Wars: Rangers of the New Republic.

Recasting or non recasting?

Having an appreciated figure from fans within a new production is always a plus. But having to do with Star Wars, one of the most loved science fiction settings ever, is not so essential, also counting the deep cross-media of the saga, often used as a launch of different narrative strands. An advantage that makes it even easier to absorb the possible lack of Cara Dune.

Let's say possible lack because today we know that the presence of Gina Carano is no longer expected, and not that of Cara Dune. It is not excluded, in fact, that we may witness a recast of the character, with a new face for the junonic soldier, who could therefore continue to be part of future Star Wars productions. The idea of ​​recasting, however, is dangerous, because the fans are familiar with a certain face, the character is characterized by the movements of those who played it first and they now have a precise image of what it should be like.

In the case of Cara Dune, is it really necessary to risk a recasting? The fame of the character was born from the interpretation of Gina Carano, it was her rigid expressions and her muscular physique that defined her. Imposing now a new vision of Cara should be a purely narrative need, it must be linked to the imperative need to have her on stage, as a link for other stories, whether they are internal to The Mandalorian or a starting point for new series.

New horizons

It is therefore much easier to think differently, that is to give life to a new figure. The new character will still have to suffer the rivalry with Cara, he will be initially seen as a 'substitute', but will also have the possibility of being interpreted in a more free way by an actress, who will not have to repeat the movements of others in order to maintain an identity characterized by others.

These are the points to unmark for Disney and LucasFilms, now that the collaboration with Carano has been officially concluded. Given what we have seen with The Mandalorian, it is legitimate to hope that once again the right solution will be found, relying on the golden couple Filoni-Favreau, who today are the true architects of the future of Star Wars. It will probably be up to them to make decisions about Cara Dune's future and evaluate a departure of her from the life of the Mandalorian or a recast of the character. And the Force be with them.

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