Hasbro Green Goblin - Marvel Comics Spider-man: the review

Hasbro Green Goblin - Marvel Comics Spider-man: the review
In the comic book universe of The Amazing Spider-Man Hasbro Green Goblin is simply Spider-Man's sworn enemy. But who is really behind this super villain? In our case, since we are talking about the original created by Stan Lee and Steven Ditko, it is none other than Norman Osborn, chemical industry magnate and father of Harry, one of the best friends of Peter "bimboragno" Parker.

Powered by the chemicals developed by his company, Oscorp, he goes mad and starts terrorizing New York aboard a kind of hoverboard and throwing explosive halloween pumpkins… a classic in the comic book universe.

Madness or power?

Norman Osborn appears in the Spider-man series of books in 1964, precisely in the number 14 issue. His character is despotic, obsessive, evil and willing to do anything. As the head of Oscorp, one of the largest multinationals in the Spider-man universe, he has contacts with many companies that lead him to experiment on himself various serums that strengthen his intellect, however, driving him to madness.

By exploiting military patents he creates a particular suit, an innovative armed hoverboard and very original weapons Osborn creates an alter-ego that allowed him to have even more power: Green Goblin. Archenemy of Spider-man, he clashes with him several times and in one of these Norman loses his memory.

He will find her some time later to start over with the crimes until the kidnapping of Gwen Stacy, the daughter of a captain of NYPD and Peter Parker's girlfriend. The kidnapping ends with the death of Gwen at the hands of Osborn and Spider-man, traumatized by the event, begins to hunt down the Green Goblin.

After finding him, he engages in a battle to the death that ends with the killing of the Goblin with his own hoverboard. However, the healing factor of the Goblin's toxic blood will revive it, giving birth to a new era of evil.

The action figure

Breaking the Hasbro Green Goblin box (if you can open it without damaging it you deserve an Oscar, a David or any other award you like), you will find in your hand the Green Goblin figure (obviously) and some accessories: the hoverboard, a pumpkin bomb, a shoulder strap and the optional head of Norman Osborn to replace that of Green Goblin.

A very respectable endowment for the last (in chronological order) figures of the Hasbro series dedicated to Spider-man. Like all Hasbro creations, Green Goblin also makes use of excellent sculpture and very sturdy materials.

The bright colors of the Green Goblin costume and the scales that cover the shapes of our figures are perfect for resuming the original costume Spider-man's enemy number 1; if we add to this excellent mobility and one of the best posability of the entire line, we are faced with one of the best creations ever, regardless of the product line.


The proportions, shapes and volumes of a Hasbro figure are precise and accurate. Even Green Goblin does not derogate from all this. The body is athletic, with large muscles entirely covered in green scales and a trunk covered with what resembles a purple canvas.

The drapery of the latter, accompanied by gloves and boots of the same color and texture , but the green scales covering the limbs are surprising. The structure and the arrangement, in addition to the coloring, mean that their appearance is almost iridescent with the light that varies the tonality and the shadows with each movement.

Excellent heads, regardless of whether you decide to use the "stock" one with wild eyes, ears and tip and hood, or Norman Osborn's. In both cases the sculpture expresses a unique personality and transmits madness or decision depending on the choice.

The same can be said of the accessories that are included in the package. The hoverboard is perfectly corresponding to the first version as well as the pumpkin bomb. Here, too, we note the passion for detail of Hasbro sculptors who have perfectly reproduced what was created by the mind and pencils of the Lee / Ditko pairing. All the extras, in fact, are accurate and detailed not only in the shapes but also in the colors.


Focusing on the available poses we can only appreciate the Hasbro Pinless technology, which uses the pins by integrating them into the materials and joints of the figure instead of just inserting them. The 30 joints present allow Hasbro Green Goblin to assume any type of pose and maintain it for a long time without losing it.

The support surface provided by the boots is excellent and allows the Goblin to balance even in the most daring poses. but the best comes by exploiting a pivot or, better, a pedestal that allows you to balance the hoverboard so as to simulate its flight.

This allows you to integrate the Hasbro Green Goblin figure in many situations ranging from single combat on the “reconnaissance flight” waiting to hit Spider-man hanging from some cobweb


With Hasbro Green Goblin we are faced with an excellent figure. The colors, the materials, the accessories are perfect and respond perfectly to what was described in the first comics of the 60s and we are sure that this little masterpiece will not fail to show off in the collections of the fans of the most loved wall climber by the people of Marvel comics.

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