The most beautiful animated comedies ever

The most beautiful animated comedies ever

Adults or children, cinema lovers or not, those looking for laughter and those who find it by chance, there is a genre that probably manages to bring everyone together, even the most serious souls: animated comedies. Animated cinema has more or less always produced films that fascinate the public and introduce them into fantastic worlds where the impossible becomes possible: animals can speak, objects can move and communicate, man is not limited. by the very boring laws of physics, while magic exists and technologies allow you to do anything, even fly among the stars. Furthermore, animated films open the doors to all possible emotions, thus narrating human relationships, dramas, dreams and desires, sometimes touching on social or political issues, even quite complex ones.

What interests a we here, however, are the most beautiful animated comedies specifically. Because while it is true that sometimes it is not easy to make someone laugh lightly and without vulgarity, some films of the last few years have not only managed to bring both young and old together, but have earned a prominent place in the history of cinema. We have therefore tried to draw up a short list: discover them here, with us.

The most beautiful animated comedies

Shrek Ice Age Hens on the run Despicable Me Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me…

It is with these words that one of the most beautiful animated comedies ever begins and if reading the word Shrek made you want to sing the song All Star by Smash Mouth, it is only because this film has become so famous that over time it has created a whole series of easily identifiable motifs and quotes. Today, in short, everyone knows Shrek well and you just can't do without it, although the characters of the homonymous protagonist can't say the same.

The animated film is in fact about a lonely green ogre who has escaped and feared by all those who dare to even approach the swamp in which he lives by chance. Shrek is considered, like all orcs in fairy tales, ugly and evil: in reality under his "onion" layers that show a grumpy type, there is a kind soul that leads him to make friends with a talking donkey, Donkey, and to fall in love with a young girl named Fiona. The "bad" ogre is a theme that will recur more or less always in all the films of the franchise, consisting of four titles and a spin off dedicated to Puss in Boots.

Shrek owes part of its success in fact, also thanks to the presence of numerous references to other fairy tales and folklore characters, as well as citations to today's pop culture: Matrix, Spider Man, Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Alien, without counting famous musical pieces such as I'm a Believer by The Monkees, AC DC's Immigrant Song or Ricky Martin's Livin 'La Vida Loca. An animated comedy that has managed to captivate the audience thanks to its quotes and its small parodies, put together by a respectable cast.

In the original version of the film the characters are voiced by Mike Myers (Shrek), Eddie Murphy (Donkey), Cameron Diaz (Fiona) and Antonio Banderas (Puss in Boots); directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson behind the D reamWorks Animation label, the film also earned the Academy Award for Best Animated Film in 2002. Not everyone knows, however, that Shrek was not born as a film: it is based on an illustrated fairy tale published in 1990, written by William Steig, entitled Shrek!

The Ice Age

A few days ago the news came that Blu Sky Studios, the production company that made The Ice Age, has been closed from 20 th Century Fox with great regret to all the fans who enjoyed the animated film series. However, it is undeniable that the work done with the five films set during the Ice Age was noteworthy and gave birth to a successful franchise that is loved today all over the world.

Composed by five films, the saga began with the iconic Ice Age in 2002, while the last film entitled Ice Age - Collision Course is from 2016; among the most beautiful animated comedies of our day, it is directed by Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha, based on the screenplay by Michael J. Wilson simply entitled Ice Age. The basic theme of the film is in fact the struggle for the survival of living creatures during the glaciation of the planet which took place thousands of years ago, with comic implications made famous by the friendly protagonists involved.

They are the mammoth Manny, the tiger Diego and the sloth Sid, with the squirrel Scrat to accompany the events with his personal vicissitudes in pursuit of an acorn that does not want to be caught. A curiosity is linked to the latter character: Scrat does not speak, but the verses he produces are voiced by the film's director himself, Chris Wedge. And still speaking of dubbing, in Italy the Ice Age saga has been a huge success also thanks to the cast of professionals who give voice to the characters: Leo Gullotta as regards Manny, Pino Insegno dubbing Diego and Claudio Bisio for Sid.

Ice Age received the 2003 Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Film, but although it did not win the award it has been awarded several other awards over the years also for what concerns the sequel titles. Although today we can count it among the most beautiful animated comedies, it was actually conceived at the beginning as a rather dramatic film: Diego in fact was destined to die in the original version of the film, but to the test of the public the children present in the room they burst into tears, directing the creators to a totally different ending and the comic streak we all know today.

Hens on the Run

Not just CGI movies , in our list containing the most beautiful animated comedies. In fact, a film that has conquered audiences all over the world is Galline in Fuga, made with the stop motion technique, or step one, that is the realization that involves the shooting of moving objects frame by frame. In this case, plasticine characters. Among the best-known examples of stop-motion films is Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Werebunny, directed by Nick Park himself who signed Hens on the Run in collaboration with Peter Lord, for DreamWorks Animation.

Distributed in the hall in 2000, Galline in Fuga tells of the attempts of a group of hens to escape from the farm where they are confined, forced to produce eggs from morning to evening. Led by Gaia, the most resolute hen in the hen house, they devise several plans to gain freedom, especially after discovering that the Tweedys, owners of the farm, intend to kill them all to produce chicken pies. The situation seems to turn in favor of the protagonists when a new member joins the gang: Rocky Bulboa, an athletic American rooster who claims he can fly and can teach chickens to do the same.

An animated comedy that, with irony and funny-looking characters, recounts intensive farming and winks at the cinematography of concentration camps or escapes from detention centers, Galline in Fuga is a brilliant film that, against a budget of $ 45 million grossed $ 225 million globally, making it the highest grossing stop motion animated film ever. Among his voice actors we even find the famous Mel Gibson (Rocky) and in 2000 a video game entitled Galline in Fuga - Chicken Run was also made. Twenty years later, a possible sequel to the Park and Lord film was recently announced by Netflix UK & Ireland with a tweet. Finally!

Despicable Me

Even the bad guys can be the protagonists and show their softer side, as the Despicable Me film series teaches us. Released in theaters in 2010, the animated film directed by Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud for Illumination Entertainment is the first of a franchise that currently includes a total of three films and a spin-off titled Minions (with a Minions 2 coming coming soon).

A successful franchise costing 69 million dollars that has earned a whopping 545 million worldwide. It's easy to understand how Despicable Me has become one of the most beautiful animated comedies in cinema: a well thought-out plot and a basic irony that brings together young and old, as well as the presence of iconic characters able to give the more comical moments, like the minions in the service of the protagonist Gru. The latter is the villain referred to in the title, super villain who performs bad deeds around the world and takes pleasure in teasing others.

We meet him for the first time in Despicable Me Committed to ' implementation of a new venture: stealing the moon. To do this, however, he needs nothing less than a loan from the Bank of the Bad Guys, which is denied to him because Gru is not yet in possession of the shrink ray useful to shrink the Moon and steal it in the best way. The object is also stolen from him by another super villain, Vector; Determined to implement his plan, Gru then decides to steal the beam from his rival, devising a new idea: to adopt three orphaned girls who, under the pretext of selling cookies to Vector, can break into his home. Gru does not know that in reality the three girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes, will become his dearest affections, melting the tough rind that distinguishes him.

Even in the original version of Despicable Me we find a cast of stellar voice actors, consisting of Steve Carell, Russell Brand, Jason Segel, Julie Andrews and Kristen Wiig. In Italy, instead, among the names of the voice actors we find Max Giusti, Arisa, Nanni Baldini, Neri Marcorè and Paolo Ruffini.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

One of the first films to use mixed media with surprising results, today Who Framed Roger Rabbit is probably one of the most beautiful animated comedies to have made the history of cinema. In fact, it combines the presence of real-life actors with animated characters designed specifically for the story told or taken from different cartoon worlds (like Disney or Warner Bros., for example). Released for the first time in 1988, today it represents an iconic title for those who grew up between the 80s and 90s and is still appreciated by the new generations today.

Based on the novel by Gary Wolf entitled Who Censored Roger Rabbit ?, the film is directed by Robert Zemeckis (the Back to the Future saga, Cast Away and Forrest Gump) and produced by Amblin Entertainment in collaboration with Touchstone Pictures. Within its cast we find Christopher Lloyd and the late Bob Hoskins, flanked by characters who over the years have become true symbols in the world of animation: we are obviously talking about the rabbit Roger Rabbit and his seductive wife in red, Jessica Rabbit.

Zemeckis' film is set in the Hollywood film studios of 1947, where humans and cartoons coexist and work side by side. Here private detective Eddie Valiant is hired by film producer R.K. Maroon to investigate the suspicious behavior of the beautiful Jessica Rabbit, who is probably cheating on her husband and leading actor of the Roger Rabbit studios. Valiant discovers the woman in ambiguous attitudes with Marvin Acme, owner of the ACME industries, confirming the suspicions that are thus communicated to Roger. However, Acme is found dead the next day and the rabbit is accused of the murder: Eddie Valiant will then have to investigate to discover the truth behind the series of strange events that are affecting Hollywood studios.

In 1989 Who Has Framed Roger Rabbit even took home three Academy Awards and at its release was included in the ranking of the most profitable films in the history of cinema. Made with real actors and mannequins on the set replaced in posts by characters inserted in CGI, the film is regarded as one of the most innovative products of the time and one of the most brilliant animated comedies ever.

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